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How does YOUR pup greet you?
  • When you return home from a long day's work, a trip to the grocery, or just from being outside, how does your pup greet you?

    When I get home from work Honey will bow and then wave her paw at me. Then she usually jumps up to get kisses and scratches. (The kids and hubby are already home when I get home, so she's out of the crate.

    But when the whole family is gone and Honey has been crated, when she is let out she goes NUTS!!!!!! She grabs the FIRST thing she can find and carries it around to each of us. Almost like she's presenting us with a gift. She ALWAYS flattens out her ears and her rear end is just going a mile a minute. And she makes these Funny GRUNTING sounds! lol It's probably the cutest thing I've EVER seen! hahaha I've tried to get some of this on camera but it's kinda hard! I do have a few pics but no video.

    In these pics the first thing Honey could find was one of the kids wool hats. lol In the last one she KINDA had her ears flattened but not all the way. :D
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Awwwww! Honey is too cute! :D

    Well my pup greets me by...I'll get back to you on this :p

    Well, all the birds will scream their heads off before I even get to the door, they do this when they see my car pull up. It's always how my dad knows when I am home.

    Shinra gives me a head shake / bob. "Welcome home slave. Now bring me dinner. "

    :) ~
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  • hondruhondru
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Ike does the grovel and bow and arm wave, with his ears pinned all the way back and his bushy tail wagging all over. He then searches for a toy and presents me with his gift while he begins his pitious seranade (he was debarked) so he whisper howls and grovels at the same time. He's such a silly boy.
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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    How Nemo greets us depends on the situation. When I get home from work, and I am the only one there, he doesn't react too much. Jumps down off the bed, stretches and then lays on the floor in the living room while I sort through the mail and do a few other things. After I change into my dog walking clothes, I will call him over and give him some pets. This is how I prefer it, I don't mind a dog jumping on me or being excited, but I like a few minutes to get ready. He does the same thing for Jennifer if she gets home and I am not there.

    However if one of us is home, and then the other gets home, he goes crazy. Starts crying and wagging his tail and running around a bit, then jumps up on whoever got home. It's like he is saying "Alright the gangs all here!!!"
  • Miso and Sake both bum rush me when I get home. Jumps, licks, crying, whining, ears flat, bums going a mile a minute, curls wagging all over the place. Then they both run to the back door like "okay we said Hi, now we gotta PEE!". After they go do their business in the backyard they come back in and we usualy snuggle on the couch for a bit. Then the whole thing happens again when my husband gets home. It's pretty hysterical. I will have to remember my camera one day and get video of it.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • I've never seen other dogs do this..."presenting a gift" thing before. When Honey does this she WONT let you actually HAVE the "gift". If we try to take it she runs circles around us.

    Those of you who have had/now have other breeds, do they do this?

    Casey, I think "a little roar" is a GREAT way to explain what Honey does. It's almost like a bear cub calling it's mom. LOL
  • Tsuki greets with uninhibited, blissful exuberance. She is hilarious - her tail goes a mile a minute, she 'waves' and does this 'errroooogh' thing with her vocals.
    Kitsune rubs on us like a cat.
    Hanzo starts acting like a puppy, mouth wide open - tongue flailing - jumping and running all over the room.

    Coming home is heaven, each and every day.
  • Katie - the basset we fostered would bay like he found what he was hunting for then run for a tennis ball and gave chase. I don't know that he was presenting so much as wanting to play ASAP because he was just so overjoyed to find us again. It was a lovely little gesture!
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Beebe gets overwhelmed when she realizes, Yes, I am home and does the "eerrooo-roo" mixed with screamy thing. Neither of the dogs will let me actually have the toy either until they calm down.
  • LOL how cute. These furry little guys Sure do make coming home from a long day at work SO AWESOME!

    Would the basset GIVE you the ball to play??? Honey doesnt care WHAT she grabs, it could be her bone, a sock, a random kid toy, a shoe. ANYTHING. But she WONT give it up. lol She carries it around to each person and kinda prances with it. I've GOT to get it on camera. lol
  • Well First of all we pull up and there is a shiba in the window. Sasha is in there somewhere but we just cant see her (too dark). They then run to the garage door and if we arent in quick enough they run to the front door again looking to see what is taking so long. Chad often pulls in the garage and then pulls back out to repeat this process as I am whining telling him to quit teasing him. We hear Sasha barking throughout the house pacing. We open the door to Sasha with the biggest wiggle butt (remember raised around boxers) and Niko trying to get near us but cant because Sasha's tail is lethal. So Niko is backing up with her eyes closed (tail right at eye level for Niko). Then Sasha runs into the dining room because all is right with the world. If it is just me coming home Sasha will whine and cry incessantly until I open the door and Niko wonders what the big deal is. If I am home and it is Chad coming home, Niko greets him at the door and Sasha stands back waiting for him to crouch down and then runs up to him.
  • OMG! HAHAHAH TOO CUTE! And CHAD! LOL Teasing those poor pups!!!!!
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  • Poop pups?
  • LMAO oops! going to edit that NOW! hahahahaha
  • I think the most he has done it has been about 6 times, and they kept running back and forth.
    Meeting Chad you would never know what a pain in the butt he is, but once you get to know him...Im sorry!
    : )
    Not many people get to know what he is really guys get to have a glimpse!
  • Mika will simply stand up (a trick i taught her) on the side of my wheelchair and start flicking her tongue out, licking me wherever she can, lol. Her ears are flat and her little tail falls over from one side to the other, resembling a wag, haha. She usually only grunts when she plays. Normally she just licks, wags her curly-q, flattens her ears, and walks cricles around my wheelchair. Once she settles down she either paws at me and then the leash (signaling she wants to go out) or she presents a toy at my feet and sits. She will stare at me until I get the toy and play fetch with her. This dog LOVES some fetch, lol.

    I agree with everyone. Coming home to Nihon Ken is a joy each and every day!
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • kektikekti
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    when ever anyone comes home she goes and grabs a toy and does the grunting with her tail wagging and ears back, then if no one has been home in a while she'll go sit infront of the couch wait for one of us to sit down then start trying to "talk" to us its kinda like a whine bark growl wookie noise mixed together, telling us she wants to ethier go out or go for a walk, then she gets super hyper if we even mention the word walk.
  • LisaWLisaW
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    Sophie is freaking out even if Im only 5 minutes gone... she tries to jump, wags her tail like she wants to fly and the whole dog is wagging :), and tries frantically to lick my face espacially my ears.. sometimes she needs to bite soft in my hands or legs, running circles...and yes..funny typ of grunting :)

    but interestingly she doesnt howl or whines when i leave her..just these eyes telling you: what your leaving your little poor girl again!!
  • wliu003wliu003
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    if kelly is sleeping, then she stays asleep and does not greet me. if she is awake she would run to the door and sit there.
  • Kiyomi always picks up her rabbit toy and does the grunting thing at the door of her crate. She knows we go outside as soon as she comes out of the crate, so she'll hold on to the rabbit until I step outside with her at which point she drops it. But it's the most adorable thing to see her with that bunny stuffed in her mouth, tail wagging when I greet her.
  • ncieloncielo
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  • emmyemmy
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    Toby comes to meet me at the door. His tail wags so fast and hard it's like it's trying to shake his whole body! And he has his shiba grin on. He usually just tries to sit to get petted, and then we immediately go to the back door so he can go outside. Occasionally he still jumps, rarely he bites at the bottom of my coat. He was a serious jumper when I got him, so really he's made amazing progress. I actually come home earlier now from work because he's so adorable when I get home!
  • @ Honey's mom, Mori does the same thing!
    He will grab one of his chew toys, and run circles around me with the toy in is mouth and make the little grunty-yodel with his ears flat out and tail wagging.
    By this point I will usually have sat down on the floor to greet him and he will bury his face in my lap with his bum in the air and the tail still wagging away, and him still making his grunty-yodel sounds.
    When he's happy and done with that he'll roll over for a belly rub.
    I love coming home to this everyday. :)
  • LosechLosech
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    Conker will do a small group of short "bruh bruh, BRUH!" barks as we open the door, then he'll wiggle, wag his tail and stand on his back legs (no leaning, unless we tell him to) and try to lick us. Every once in a while he'll get a bit too excited and grab our clothes. He'll also throw in a bunch of random sits since we trained him to sit before he gets to come out of the kitchen, kennel, etc.
  • HIme waits at the back door and when the garage door opens, she bursts out of the doggy door and sits patiently waiting for me to get out of the car. When she sees me, she continues to sit, then wags her tail and expects some loving from me. Then she lays down, rolls over and waits for a good tummy rub. She's so sweet about it that even if I'm carrying groceries or other things, I'll put it down and give her a rub. Then she is happy and all is right in her world.

    But when I come back from an out of town trip, she will rush me and go crazy trying to lick my face and mouth my hands while barking excitedly. What a great homecoming for me.
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    I wanted to ask this question but I see someone has already :) I bet this changes with age but Kiba will usually grunt a lot and press his head against my legs and kinda wiggle around pressing his head against me. Its adorable. Then he'll usually want to mouth on my hands for a while. =P
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • tatonkatatonka
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  • zandramezandrame
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    @tatonka, awww, I just want to hug him! :( But I know he wouldn't like that either, lol.

    I went on a week long business trip a few weeks ago and was curious to see how Kouda would welcome me back.... well, he didn't. I entered the house and he walked up to see who it was and then walked away! I was so sad. I get a better welcome when I join him late for a walk, then he will prance and jump up and give lots of kisses.

    When we get home from work, his normal routine upon waking up is to stretch and yawn and shake, and then sit in front of us to get some scratches on his neck and shoulders. He leans into it and does the Shiba "haaah haaah" sound with his mouth half open. Then he will either want to play, or sit on us and lick our hands/arms.
  • PeppaPeppa
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    Peppa gets very excited when she sees us. When she knows that I'm outside she would wait for a bit and if I'm not in to see her she will start to cry. When she sees me she would jump up and eventually roll over to be tickled. She knows that we don't like it when she mouths so she would run around trying to find something to put in her mouth and run over to us. She also makes funny sound and shows her airplane ears. Depends on who it is she occasionally wees :)
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  • BootzBootz
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    @Tatonka, Bootz does that sometimes...but I don't think its anxiety or anything like that.

    A majority of the time she'll do airplane ears, mouth my hand and make these weird grunting noise lol.
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • Tira does this funny talking thing and then howls a couple of times once we get home. After that she usually proceeds to race around and jump on us while snorting at the same time. It's really cute and entertaining to watch her zoom around wagging her fluffy tail. The only times this isn't cute is if we try petting her and she starts peeing from the excitement. Because of this we have to stand still and let her do her thing to calm down before we can proceed to greet her back!
  • RikkaRikka
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    Posts: 1507
  • When Percy and I come home Onyx runs straight to us and gives us SOOOO many kisses and jumps on us and acts like we haven't seen in him in years, his ears become horizontal and he starts crying (happy crying) and then he ALWAYS lays on his back and waits for us to scratch his little belly and he starts kicking his leg because he LOVES belly scratches :) Then he will follow us around the house and is glued to our leg.
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    Kiba rushes and jumps full speed into my chest (35lbs too). His ears fold back and he'll look for some toy to bite on immediately and start grunting through it like a pig. Then he'll run from one end of the house and back over and over with his tail wagging and rub his body against my legs as he passes me. sweet boy.
  • I haven't had Alex for that long, but when I get home she wiggles her butt and tail, sits and starts jumping all over me. Then she'll run around me for a while and give me kisses. :)
  • Copper does the airplane ears, jumping like crazy, wagging tail, mouthing, squealing, and lots of kisses. As soon as I get home I get changed right away to take him to the dog park, which is incredibly difficult because he's so excited he just jumps and mouths everything, usually resulting in a game of tug of war with the pants I'm putting on...

    If he meets anyone more than once, he instantly loves them and always greets them with jumps, airplane ears, and a wagging tail. But he still gives me the best and most dramatic greeting so all is right with the world :)
  • Dexter is so funny. I've never seen him wag his unless he's trying to patronizing his older sister, pepper, with a toy. When he greets me, he'll have a high shrill, airplane ears, and jump on me with kisses. It's adorable! Pepper is more patient. Her tail wags at a 100 miles per hour, howls, and then she lays down and turns over to shows her under belly. Is that normal!?
  • Ginger is usually very mellow. She doesnt really come "greet" us. She just kind of looks at us like, "oh, you're home. Ok."
    Every now and then she will come over and hop up on my leg and sniff me, as if to say "you smell interesting where did you go?"

    Kiba on the other hand, loses his damn mind. That tail goes at a million miles an hour, lots of running around the living room, and wooing, and hopping up in the air, and wanting pets and kisses.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    So at 6'ish this morning Rhyz woke up and needed some pets, so he woke everyone else up to make sure he got some. After a few minutes he went back to sleep. What a jerk.

    I did get some crappy cell phone video of his beauteous butt wiggle and squinty smile, though.
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  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    @spacedogs at least he likes being petted :)) Mochi doesn't like petting...the only time she likes being petted is when she says good morning and sometimes when she comes over to lay in my lap with a chew stick...but even then that only lasts for a min or two.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    If he hasn't seen me in a few hours and about, he gives airplane ears and tail wagging. We are working on teaching him to not jump.

    Actually, that is his standard for anyone--new people, seeing someone he knows unexpectedly...
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    @anjyil same here :) she gets super happy when she sees me and my family after a while and likes to be petted but other than that, nope don't like petting
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    haha so cute! @Mochi920

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