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Shiba Inu Names
  • now that we've put down our deposit. we're trying to decide on names.

    what are your shibas named and why? did you pick a random name? or did you pick a name to suit your dog? or did your shiba pick its own name and make you think you picked it?
  • okironokiron
    Posts: 735
    My grandma's shiba was named Momo, short for Momoko (named after her mother). Mine was named Gen, short for Genzaburo (named after my great-grandpa). My aunt's was named Musashi after Miyamoto Musashi - All 3 dogs came before their names and each one of suited the dog.
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    We named all three of our shibas Japanese names out of respect and homage to their breed's heritage.

    Tsuki means moon, a good friend of ours from Japan calls her Tsuki no Hikari which we are told means Light of the Moon because her beautiful shiny personality is just bursting with love all the time.

    Kitsune is Japanese for fox because I can't think of a better description for him, he looks JUST like a fox to me!!!

    Hachi was going to be named Ichigo, because it's the strawberry cousin in Katamari Damacy (ps2 game) and it just sounds like a great term of endearment, but we went with Hachi Mitsu which to us means Honey bee because her black and tan markings make her look like a cute little honey bee.
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  • kojichankojichan
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    Only considered Japanese names. We picked "Koji" for our male Shiba. Three reasons: 1) We liked the name, 2) short and simple to pronounce, and 3) the meaning fit. Koji means "happy second son", second after our one boy.
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    We picked Kieko (blessing) after we had back luck with two litters (the first litter dies of Parvo - the name of the puppy was biscuit, and we were going to keep that... )

    Keiko is our little blessing... even if she's a terror 80% of the time lol. Plus we wanted to try to find something that did pay homage to her breed history.
  • For a while I was contemplating either Hattori Hanzo or Sasaki Kojiro instead of Michelangelo. My two previous akitas were Galileo and Mona Lisa
  • tobyshibatobyshiba
    Posts: 1121
    I named Toby cause I liked the name? :D There wasn't much thought behind it. I thought it sounded cute, and went with it.
  • LoveMyMylieLoveMyMylie
    Posts: 331
    I decided to give Mylie a hand in choosing her name, we named off a bunch of names for about 20 minutes before she barked at us, and landed with the name Mylie... I know it was completely random and she really doesn't care what we call her, but we had fun in the process and let's just say I'm thankful she didn't respond to some of the other suggestions. Most of the time we call her Mylie Monster... It's cute and fits her well.
  • dawn and i just decided on a name Katsu as in Ton-Katsu or that japanese dish, deep fried breaded pork cutlet. now if any of you have ever eaten tonkatsu, it has an underlying whiteness (urajiro) covered by a layer of golden brown panko. since i always think with my stomach, it's only logical that i see food when i look at a shiba. let us know what you think.

    dawn and joe
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
  • Katsu sounds great to me!
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    Ton Katsu is delish~ Although, Katsu, as a name - means Victorious! Great choice! Im sure the little monster will live up to that!

    We named Portia after Porsche - Since she is a boxer and it sounds similiar to boxster - that is how she became our Portia Boxer :).

    It took a bit longer for us to give Ninja a name. About 4 days. We just couldn't think of anything that matched him. Then one night we were like "hey where's the puppy?" and he was right there...and my boyfriend was like "he's like a Ninja!" and then we looked at eachother and said "NINJA!" He is starting to live up to that name...which is a little scary for me!
  • JessicaRabbitJessicaRabbit
    Posts: 2217
    I think that is a great name! Also very funny. You will see a couple threads about a dog that was named "Porkchop". He was an akita puppy at my shelter that Barbara (Sujewel) was wonderful enough to foster until he went to his forever home. He ended up becoming Koji but I LOVE that we have had to pork product Akita puppies in the Nihon Ken family.
  • My boyfriend named our puppy Shinra. This is the name of the evil corporation in the Final Fantasy games. I am not a gamer so I don''t get it but I think the name suits him as he can be a evil brat at times. :) I secretly wanted to name him Shogun.
  • Djhyper66Djhyper66
    Posts: 50
    My story : I got my dog at the mall, I hear it the worst place to get a dog from he was there and my girlfriend found him and she like him so i had to get him. I have been searching for a shiba inu for months!! so I got him at the mall and the mall was called tyler mall in riverside. so long story short my shiba inu is name tyler!!! one of kind dog name hahah!!!
  • Well this is how it went, me and my bf were looking at pictures of shiba puppies on the internet and I said" Oh what a cute little fur face!" and so when we decided to finally get a shiba he remined me of what I had said so we named our shiba FurFace! It gets alot of laughs.
  • thanks romi, i like the name even better now. if we limited register him his akc name could be Victorious Panko Breaded Porkchop.
  • My little terror is named Orion after the constilation Orion the hunter...I am an astronomy buff and wanted to name him after something astronomical...and being a hunter i thought it fit.
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Shimaura - I LOVE the AKC name :o) We actually registered Keiko as 'Keiko, Destroyer of Worlds' (partially stolen from the name of a sword in a video game hehe). I think we're going to register our Dachshund as 'Belle, Eater of Souls'.
  • i'm sure those names are fiting when your shibas show teeth, i think that suprised me the most, that such a little dog could have such big teeth.
  • JessicaRabbitJessicaRabbit
    Posts: 2217
    That is so funny because my chinchilla is Yaphet Koto destroyer of souls. Ah well I guess he can destroy them and then Belle could eat them.
  • SangmortSangmort
    Posts: 1361
    Arthemeties - Shinra is my 7-yeard old Iguana's name :D Though I don't remember why I picked Shinra at the time, I guess I was just obsessing on that game...~
  • Sky's dads name was Hibiki, I taught it was such a pretty name for the breed
  • kektikekti
    Posts: 256
    well I wanted to give roxy a Japanese name but my parents didn't want to so we finally desided on roxy because my mom said oh she looks like a fox... oh foxy toxie roxy because the father of roxy had a name and it was like hotsy totsy ( and then his name which I don't Remeber ). ya it's weird I know
  • my shiba name is Mui Mui. She got that name coz my GF likes it.
  • Leo is my little mans name...i liked it because its short,my star sign also, my parner didn't like the name leo so we tried to think of others but leo still stuck with me,i thought ill get my way, so the day came my shiba arrived i took one look at him and thought ITS A LEO gotta be...then i looked at his certificate and his registered name was vousami Leo closed i got my wish...what a coincidence that was!!!
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
  • liwanagaliwanaga
    Posts: 11
    Our Mochi came to us at 11 months. She was called Tenshi (angel) but I had promised my son he could name the new dog. He loves the sweet rice dessert served at Japanese restaurant called mochi so that is what he decided. In any case she is not really a tenshi at all....she is more like a smart little demon. Sometimes she can be sweet and we all love her so much we could eat her up. It took her about one dog treat to answer to her new name.
  • hondruhondru
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  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
    Posts: 2728
    We got the name Niko after much searching of Japanese names. Niko means above the law and cat like, which fits everything we have read about the shiba's. She is DEFIANTLY above the law, but not so cat like other than clean.
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
    Posts: 101
    Haha Tojo... great name. People over here would either break out laughing or find it very offensive, either way, good for giggles.
  • Moto is short for Masaharu Morimoto one of my most favorite chefs.

    and while she is a shikoku I like to share her name, Himiko was named after a Japanese "shaman queen" Himiko from around 2AD. I wanted a tough spiritual magical name and I thought this didn't get any better.
  • AndrewAndrew
    Posts: 55
    Jessica: Great name! Morimoto Rocks! I ate at his restaurant in Philadelphia it was the best food I have ever had hands down! Have you ever been there? I highly suggest it.
    I saw him on the street once in Philadelphia as well as I was on my skateboard going down center city were he lives and waved crazily at him from my board, He gave a me a quizzical look. He probably went around telling people about some nut job on a skateboard he saw that day.

    Kenshin: it can mean several things depending on the Kanji, but basically Loyal, diligent, obedient and humble. (probably jinxing myself). It is also from the anime Rouroni kenshin.
  • hondruhondru
    Posts: 529
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  • TeamLaikaTeamLaika
    Posts: 188
    Time for a Laika hijack! ;)

    The Laika Trio was born in WI, USA but their dam and sire are from Estonia. They have Estonian or Russian names.

    Tuli by itself means "fire" or "burning". Her entire name is Tulitekitaja which means "mischief-maker" or "troublesome" (Too Lee Tek i taiya)

    A "Triepak" is a lively a folk dance. (Tree-Pock)

    Guska is another abbreviation. His name is Tunguska. The Tunguska event was a meteor blast in northern Siberia in 1908. (Tongue-Goose-kah)
    (There is also the Tunguska River)
    learn more here...
    We refer to his bed as the 'Tunguska Crater"!

    Their other brother is named Tolik. If I remember correctly, it is some sort of precious metal. (Toe-Leek)

    My parents have a naughty terrier (a black Patterdale mix likely) and they call him Kage ('shadow" in Japanese) or simply Mr. Dog! He is a most ungracious host when Team Laika visits in Illinois!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    the laika names are awesome! and thanks for the pronunciation! I was definitely saying triepak wrong!
  • AndrewAndrew
    Posts: 55
  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
    Posts: 2728
    OMG Andrew, that is too much! That is to hilarious.
  • Wow, his eyes are crazy (in a good way)! He's very cute. :-)
  • He is a really pretty cat.
  • KaddyKaddy
    Posts: 1248
    Awww I want a cute kitty in a crate and barrel box!
  • My shiba inu is named Kiba. I wanted to give him a Japanese name and I also wanted it to be easy for my parents to pronounce. I decided to name him Kiba after a character from one of my favorite anime shows: Wolf's Rain. Kiba apparently means "Fang" in Japanese. He's a hunter and a chewer so I thought that it was a perfect name for him. My friends some times call him Kiba the shiba or Kiba inu.
  • DoGoatDoGoat
    Posts: 28
    Gnocchi is named after the pasta :)

    I wanted to name him after a food really bad, he just looked like he had a name that dealt with food (It was originally Reno).

    I wanted to go with Panko, Noodle and one other name I can't remember. I ended up going with Gnocchi after my family finally gave up on trying to name him lol.
  • At first I was supposed to get a female and I had planned to call her either:

    Nikka (after one of my favorite Japanese whiskys) or,
    Miko (which is some kind of Japanese warrior princess battle maiden)

    Anyway, it turned out that we were getting a male so I figured the closest thing I liked was Nikko which is a common proper noun in Japan (a city, a park, a name, etc)
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • DoGoatDoGoat
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  • MojoMojo
    Posts: 77
    Mojo was chosen for multiple reasons. A childhood cartoon for myself and my sister was "The PowerPuff Girls" that had a "villain" in it that was a trouble maker but not pure evil, often misunderstood, obnoxiously smart, could be quite mouthy, and independent. The breed was introduced to me by a past love, we were discussing what qualities I would love in my perfect dog and she told me a Shiba would be perfect for me. I used to create a ton of weird nicknames for her and one of them was "Minjo" which was supposed to be my Shiba's name because I originally wanted a female dog. However after researching the differences between male and female Shiba's I went with a male and decided to use the root name "Mojo" for my pup as well. I think it fits him perfectly!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Gah I'm inspired by your name choices guys haha. Mojo is awesome btw, as is the powerpuff girls xD

    I'm having the hardest time deciding on a name. I've been preparing for my pup for about half a year and it's finally getting close to time to getting it! Been talking to a breeder and if all goes as planned, we'll hopefully get our pup in a few months. I'm so impatient xD so excited. So the thing I've spent the most time on is trying to find the perfect name.

    At first I was set on a Japanese name. I think there are so many interesting Japanese names and found a lot that I liked decently. But there's just no personal attachment to them for me... I'm still struggling to find a name that I love. I've got it figured out if it's a girl, but I would really like a boy, and I have no idea what I would name him xP

    Anyway I've been lurking this thread for inspiration for a long time xD I love the names everyone has chosen!
  • OrangeOrange
    Posts: 123
    We are thinking


    Marceline is a character from my family's favorite cartoon Adventure Time. She is the Vampire Queen, very smart, sneaky, funny, a total prankster with a attitude, whom can be portrayed as misunderstood and evil. Sounds Shiba like? ;) My 2 year old daughter can already say the name because she watches the show like crazy. The name also has cute nick name potential. Marcey, Mar Mar... ect. However it doesn't click 100%, for some reason it doesn't quite seem like a Shiba name, or it doesn't just fall into place like previous pet names have.

    So we are still brainstorming. Most of our other pets have real human names, so we have been looking into old fashioned pretty names.We are considering Eloise.

    We are also considering cutesy names, some with Japanese relation. Like Sushi, Katsu, Emoji, Turnip, Fish... ect.

    We already have or have had in the past... Evelyn, Margaux, Leoben (Battlestar Galactica name), Fionna & Cake (Adventure Time names), Poe, Tucker (came with the name), Freyja (Human).

    A big requirement for me is a name that has good nick name potential, or is too short to nick name. We where considering Kimchi pretty heavily at one point but she would be called Kim and I dislike that for example.

    Naming a pet is like naming a child for me. lol I have been on pet naming sites all day.

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  • Naming can be tough.

    So at my house, the cats get named after cartoon characters and the dogs were named after bands. However, with our youngest Shiba, I changed it up to be Tiki Gods (I'm a big Disney fan and I LOVE the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland.)

    So our cats are..

    Roscoe (Named after a Doberman in Oliver & Company)
    Olivia (Named after the little girl mouse in The Great Mouse Detective)
    Amelia (Named after the Captain on Treasure Planet )
    FlapJack (Named after the lead character on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)

    The Dogs..

    Moxy Fruvous (a long gone Canadian band)

    PJ-Pearl Jam ( no need to explain. haha)

    Our youngest is named Tangaroa, but we call him Tang for short.

    I like the name Marceline. We have a rabbit named Simon the Ice King. ;)

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