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My shiba just had two seizures
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    If you browse a bit / search google for results in the shiba forum, I think there are some posts around about seizures that might be helpful to you. I haven’t had experience with dogs having seizures, but I definitely think a Vet trip is in order. Maybe you can move the cat box to a place that isn’t within your shiba’s reach, like up high or get a baby gate that had a small cat door, block the door with something that can be climbed by a cat but keeps shiba out of the room that it’s in...

    I’ve never heard of diet change causing seizures. I would expect that to cause more digestive upset rather than something neurological unless they were consuming something toxic. I don’t think cat food is toxic to dogs, but still should be monitored and managed so only the cat is the one eating the cat food haha. Definitely talk to a vet though. I guess that might be an obvious piece of advice but you didn’t mention it in your original post so, just in case, I’ll mention it. If my dog had a seizure, I would be rushing to the nearest emergency vet as soon as it happened, or at least calling them, asking what to do, and making an appointment with my Vet asap. But I’m kind of a worrier when it comes to my furry child. xP

    Here are some posts I came across when searching:
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    Short version: Our female had a seizure a while ago. We quickly determined it was caused by switching to Comfortis, the oral flea medication. Stopped it immediately and she was fine.

    Long version: She was misdiagnosed by emergency vet as having broken her neck. Said she need surgery or she would be paralyzed. We waited until the follow morning. She seemed better. The neurologist thought she was fine. She quickly looked up Comfortis - it killed six Boxers in Ohio and was known to cause seizures.

    I hope you find a solution for your girl.
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