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Flying with puppy
  • bhamubhamu
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    We are finally getting our girl in a couple of weeks and I am planning to bring her in cabin flying with me in a direct flight either from Indianapolis or Columbus to Boston. Puppy will be about 10 weeks. It is a bit too long to drive so not considering driving alone that far. I have seen many posts here on the forum suggesting not to fly but it seems that the best option available for me so looking for advice on either of these airports. Both airports show pet relieving areas. I am hoping to stay out of security area as long as possible and relive the pup just before going through security which should give about 3 to 4 hrs for the Pub in the carrier. I am hoping if anyone on this forum has any tips flying out of these airports. I am looking at either southwest or delta. Appreciate any advise,


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  • Arge12Arge12
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    I harp on not flying with your puppy in lots of other threads, but here's the research that I've found, because I have personally looked into it:

    First off, make sure you know your airline inside and out. Some airlines will allow a small soft carrying case if you're bringing your dog inside the cabin, but the rules vary. Usually, your dog must be able to stand and turn all the way around inside the carrying case. Most airlines also have a dog weight restriction, which Shiba puppies usually fall under (I think it's usually 16 pounds?). If your dog is turned down for cabin entry, you must pay the extra (around $250) to have them placed in a hard case and they get put in a (heated) zone under the hull. If they get into the cabin, it's usually required that they are under the seat in front of you.

    As long as you know that this doesn't come recommended by many people here. There have been a few people on the forum who've successfully travelled with their puppy, and my breeder regularly flies from Canada to Iowa to show her puppies. Airlines - ESPECIALLY Delta - are known to be assholes. All it takes is one upset ticket lady to screw you over, or one TSA agent to hold you at security for hours and screw your plans of getting on your intended flight, forcing you to make new arrangements (often the next day). Remember that most of these airlines have the full right to turn you away, even if you've paid all your tickets and fees. They're also able to force you to surrender your puppy to go into the hull. Make sure you call in advance and make your travel plans known to the airline. Make sure you remain calm and not frustrated or flustered at any point because getting upset can lead to airline staff punishing you. Make sure you check in ASAP so that you don't end up getting overbooked (rookie airport mistake).

    See some dog carriers here.

    Sneaky edit - Make sure you also remember - at 10 weeks old (2 and a half months) the rule of thumb is that a puppy should be going to the bathroom every 2-3 hours. Shibas CAN last longer because they are basically born potty trained (half joking - they just prefer to stay clean, so they don't like to soil their areas), but keep in mind that a 10 week old has a tiny bladder and the sounds and experiences of flying can be stressful.
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    @Bhamu - There are tons of threads on flying with dogs (including puppies) already on the forum. Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the existing threads, if needed.
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