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Do you have Pet Health Insurance? Thoughts, Opinions or Advice
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I still have not gotten insurance for my two dogs. But the money we set aside as an emergency fun for them almost doubled since we invested it in stocks. We had a hiccup with Bootz ruptured anal gland which cost $500 but that is still less than what would have cost us if we had paid the monthly insurance.
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  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
    Posts: 37
    Bumping because I am on the fence. :/

    I have read through some of these threads and it seems that it's good to have insurance for peace of mind and for those emergencies.. However, I'm wondering if I should just put aside the money I would have spent on insurance, and just use that in such an occasion?

    I'm looking at about $40 per month per dog, and that's not including heart guard/vet visits/shots/etc..

    Kitsu is only 1, so if I do get insurance I feel like I should do it soon before he develops any issues. But that $40-$80 monthly payment could go towards a savings account for him...

  • KiichigoKiichigo
    Posts: 28
    i'm sitting at $78.11/month for 90% coverage minus a $100 deductible.
    I may try to drop the monthly payment and settle for a higher deductible once Kiichigo is 1 year old or sooner (she's 6.5 months now) or even cancel the insurance in all.

    I think that setting money aside may be the better option. The saved money can also go towards treats and toys for her. From my exp so far the bulk of the vet fees were the "admission/at the door fee" ranging from $60 at our vet to $160 at the 24/7 clinic which isn't covered. $78 saved a month is about $950 a year.
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  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
    Posts: 37
    I'm thinking the same thing. Thanks for your thoughts! I think I may go with putting money aside just in case.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 357
    I buy Wellness Plans from our Vet office for each dog, costs about $500'ish CAD, paid in full within 4 weeks (no monthly payment options, this isn't insurance). That fee includes the following services for the year:

    - all annual vaccines (rabies, lyme, leptospirosis)
    - deworming if needed
    - 2x fecal floats
    - heartworm test in the spring
    - heartworm and flea medicine of your choice for 6 months
    - kennel cough vaccine
    - 6x nail trims
    - 6x ear cleanings
    - 2 baths
    - unlimited office consultations with a Veterinarian (not a technician) 24/7/365
    -5% discount on all other services, procedures, surgeries

    They offer other tiers of service that include dental, another one specifically for senior pets, and other packages for puppies/kittens that includes things like spay/neuter/microchipping/etc.

    Check the Vets in your area, see if any of them have these sort of Wellness Plans. I find it far more useful than insurance, it's covering the services I actually need to use all the time vs. sucking money away for things that I may never use (that goes in to a savings account instead).

    If you can find a Vet and a plan that offers you the unlimited free office consults, or something very similar and affordable, it'll give you incredible peace of mind. I don't panic if my dog eats something it shouldn't, I don't have to wait or worry if I can afford a trip to the Vet, I just go because it's already paid for. Cut a paw? Paid for. Ate a hydrangea? Paid for. Got a cat claw in the eyelid? Paid for. The discount on surgeries, etc., brought our cost of 2x patella surgeries down to just over $3000. All the pre-surgical meetings were free, all the follow ups were free, all the medications were included in the cost, even a panic run to the clinic at 3 a.m. because a staple came out was free. The peace of mind is almost as valuable as the free office consults hah!
  • Rina_LinRina_Lin
    Posts: 37
    Great advice! I'll call around! :)

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