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My dog is freaking out
  • TacyeTacye
    Posts: 39
    Hello friends, I don't know if I'm just being hypersensitive, but my Shiba is doing something very weird. She has started being very clingy to the point where not only does she jump up into everyone's arms, but she tries to "climb" them to the top of everyone's head. This has never happened before. This past Fourth of July she went nuts; it really scared her and I felt awful. Last year she had absolutely no problem, so we didn't consider sedating her. What a mistake. I thought maybe her behavior was backlash from that.

    As I started researching, I read something about changing a routine being very stressful to dogs and wanted to bounce off a scenario to see what you all thought. Four months ago, we got another Shiba puppy. Kiyoko loves her. In fact, I often feel like the pup has become the dominant in the relationship -- The two dogs have been inseparable. They eat together, play together, sleep together. Well the pup, Mei, had to have surgery on her front paw and as a result we have had to keep her separated and immobile (as possible) in her crate for the past month. As she has been recuperating, we have been able to take her out to use the bathroom on a leash, but again, separate from Kiyoko. I noticed that one time, when we had taken the pup outside, Kiyoko climbed in the pup's crate and layed there. Do you think the separation from the pup could be causing this weird, clingy behavior? She has always been a picky eater (I have actually posted about it, lol) but as soon as we got the pup, she started eating with no problem; as long as she ate with the pup. Now that they are separated and not eating together, she's pulling this picky, not eating crap again. I have considered taking her to the vet, but I feel foolish calling and saying "my dog is acting like Scooby-Doo and climbing everyone like a mountain."

    Thoughts? Am I nuts? Does anyone else deal with this?
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    If the clinginess started after fourth of July I'd assume it is because of her experience that day. But being separated from the puppy might have made her less confident from the beginning.

    My shiba is afraid of fireworks (and thunder and gun shots) and I know how hard it is. She used to shake and pant and try to take cover, but she has improved over the years (mainly I believe because we try to avoid fireworks as much as possible). She is always weary to go out in the dark during the winter (New year is worst here). If she hears some bangy noise she wants to be picked up and that I carry her and comfort her.
    So I wonder if that is what your dog is doing?
    If we are indoors and Juni hears something suspicious she goes to our walkin closet and her crate and takes cover for awhile. She doesn't shake or pant or anything but hiding in there comforts her.
    I've read that dogs that have coping mechanisms can handle stress better. If it is stress your dog is feeling it seems she doesn't know what to do to make herself feel better.
  • TacyeTacye
    Posts: 39
    Thanks for responding Juni. After reading your response and researching more online, I think this is exactly what is happening. Ironically, yesterday, we took the pup out of the crate and put her on our bed to feed her and we fed Kiyoko right next to her. Kiyoko actually ate EVERYTHING. This is the first time since this whole ordeal that she actually ate a whole bowl of food. We did notice that she kept glancing at the pup to make sure she was still there. So I'm convinced that it's a combination of the fireworks and separation anxiety. It sure makes me feel better, knowing that I can help her through this!
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    How far apart in age are your shibas? Try to socialize them separately so they don't grow too dependent on each other and look for you for guidance
  • TacyeTacye
    Posts: 39
    Kiyoko is 2 years old and Mei is 6 months old. Kiyoko likes to sit on my hip. Lol. When I'm lying on my bed, she will climb up and sit on me. She looks like a mountain goat sitting on a ledge. Well, last night she kept walking on me. Yes, she would climb on my legs and walk the length of my body until she got to my head. Then, she would lay on my pillow so she was RIGHT next to me. She tries to get as close to me as she can. She finally calmed down and slept next to me on the bed, but again, she was RIGHT NEXT to me. I've never had a dog do this. Aside from this new quirk, she's completely normal. I don't know if I'm overreacting or if I need to call the vet. I live in Los Angeles and we have had some real weird weather that I refer to as "earthquake weather." I even wondered if we were going to have an earthquake and she was sensing it.
  • HeartofDogHeartofDog
    Posts: 19
    Enjoy the snuggles and continue to socialize Kiyoko. She'll be just fine! My pup -- not afraid of much -- still enjoys sleeping next to me in bed and boy does he like to wedge himself in tight. I think it's the puppy pile instinct at work, there. She loves your company and trusts you. Enjoy the free bed warmer in winter!

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