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Difficulty Finding Shiba Breeder
  • So I need some aid in finding a breeder of Shiba Inu.

    I had one before. A little spitfire asshole senior with RG and DA who eventually went blind. She was put down from a liver shunt at 12 about two years ago. I now have a big doofus LGD with one working eye.

    I live nomadically, aka I live in a truck camper. I do have steady work but it's all seasonal and I travel as much as I possibly can. I try to tether as much as possible because it's the big outdoors, we should all be enjoying it, plus carrying a fence sturdy enough for a 100lb dog just... isn't happening. The cats also get tethered when outside, so it isn't just the dog :p I'm going to be picking up a poultry fence specifically for a barrier for stray dogs (I got my gun too). I feed raw, usually whole prey sometimes prey model. I want to hunt small game and maybe do some ratting with the Shiba. I hike A Lot, and might be doing some overnight trips in the future. Usually an hour or two walk is the norm. I fully believe in Vasectomy and Ovary Sparing Spay, my LGD is currently intact and I'm debating on if the vasectomy is worth it just to say he's "neutered" so people don't think I'm breeding or will be breeding :/

    Now, all those Lifestyle points above? One or more has blacklisted me from pretty much all the local breeders around me. If they like my lifestyle, they loathe my alternative spaying. Or they like the raw feeding but think I'm leaving my dogs to rot on tethers or something. I live in Western Northern Canada and none of the US breeders suggested ship their puppies.

    I love Shiba's and gosh darn it I want to find a well bred one.

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