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Puppy Vaginitis not going away?
  • jaimeismejaimeisme
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    My 5 months old puppy, Mila, has been experiencing vaginitis for a few weeks now. At first, I noticed her vagina was red and a little swollen, i monitored for a few days, there were no change. But interestingly, right after I showered her, the swollen and redness was completely gone! However it came back again after she pee. So I brought her to the vet and was prescribed antibiotics along with a flush to wash the area. Her vaginitis did not get better with the treatment at all. Still remain exactly the same. But I notice that she rarely licks it, she doesn't have frequent urination, and no discharge. So I googled and some say that it will be gone after first heat.
    Has anyone experienced this problem? did you treat it? if not, did it go away after first heat?
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    When are you planning on spaying her?

    Also, and probably most importantly, did you take her to a different vet for a second opinion. You may even need a third opinion.

    Has your breeder said if they've had similar issues with their other puppies?
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    I thought I had responded to this, but I guess I didn't .... weird.

    How long has she been on antibiotics for?

    Have you tried washing her vaginal area every time after she pees (ideally with just water and no detergents), and does it work to keep the redness reduced? If so it could be a PH issue with the urine causing irritation.

    If not you should be going back to a Vet and asking them about urinary crystals and/or yeast infections - neither of which would improve with antibiotics. There are other things that can cause the vaginitis, and it's also entirely possible that she's going in to heat at 5 months.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • jaimeismejaimeisme
    Posts: 21
    Thank you so much for everyones input!

    @imBLASIAN No I have not brought her to other vets to get an opinion. Maybe I should do that. and no the breeder did not say that others have similar issues.

    @spacedogs Yes, I wash her area every time she pee and poo. and she was on Antibiotics for 10 days. we also did a urine test and nothing was found.

    @sunyaya Yes I am planning of bringing her in again. The vet did say the same thing as the internet where the vaginitis could be resolved after the first heat. But she believe in spaying before first heat, so she didn't prefer that.

    I am in the medical field in my studies, so I know the harm of antibiotics to humans. Thats why I feel uneasy to give a lot to my puppy. She was on 2 cycle of antibiotics for giardia when we first got her. BUT if she really need another cycle of antibiotic, I would do that for sure!

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