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biting getting better with time??
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    My little girl is almost 4 months now. She loooovvveesss people and dogs and will gladly go up to them. Whenever I come home from being away for about 3 hours, she's a bundle of cuteness overload (airplane ears, whining, tail wagging, jumping into my lap). BUT! She always play bites me and my family and sometimes it hurts. Most times she will stop biting for like a second or two when I say no or ah ah when she bites too hard but I've been doing this since she was 8 weeks old and I don't see any huge improvement. Is there a reason why she bites our hands and feet but never new people she meets?

    I read on here that shibas tend to stop being hard bite mouthy as they get older and fhat it's just a puppy phase. She has stopped biting our legs as much as she used to ever so I guess that's an improvement?
    Is it true that shibas do stop being so bitey as time goes on? I just need some reassurance that my girl won't grow up into being s mouthy dog that friends or family wouldn't like petting or even being around.
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Laika grew out of it around 6 months, now at just over a year she just licks when she's excited and happy. Rhyz is coming up on 10 months, and he's still quite bitey when he's happy and/or excited and he doesn't respond at all to the loud yips we make (also want to say he doesn't bite repeatedly, he just takes your hand and holds it rather a bit too firmly with his teeth), so we've taught him to put something in his mouth and instead of biting on us he walks around happily with a toy in his mouth. He's learned this behavior so well that when he hears someone coming to the door he goes and finds a toy to prepare himself for his impending joy lol.

    Can't really guess what the future holds, but if you suspect it might be a lost cause to get them to stop biting altogether try teaching them to bite on something specific like we did with Rhyz. As with all things, but most especially with Shibas, consistency and persistence are your keys to success. :)
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Mochi920 - There are several threads on biting and how to mitigate it (in addition to how their behaviours change as they mature). Feel free to browse through those threads. I bet you will find the answers to your questions! :)
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