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Can't socialize because he is sick :(
  • Churtado9Churtado9
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    Hello everyone,
    I am still pretty new to the forum but for the past 3 weeks I have been frantically researching for an answer to my question. I haven't found anything that seems to quite fit my situation so I thought I would finally turn to the forum and ask.
    A few days after I got Loki he got extremely sick from pneumonia (which, on top of other reasons I've since come across, leads me to believe the people I bought him from were horrible people). Loki was hospitalized the whole second week I had him. And when I broght him home I had to give him his meds (which he hated), I also had to hook him up to a nebulizer (which he didn't like but he tolerated).
    The second week he did better and was only at the vet for one full day, the other few days were just to poke at him and see how he was progressing.
    It is now the third week and though he is off the nebulizer (yay!!) He is still taking medication, and still loathes it!
    The vet says to keep him at home because he still needs a few shots and his cough is still contagious.
    So my questions are:
    1) I know shibas are dogs that don't seem to forgive to easy (at least from what I have read). So is it a chance that since I have messed with him and forced him to do so many things he doesn't like, that he will end up not liking me and wanting to stay away from me for his whole life?

    2) since I cannot take him anywhere or expose him to other animals, how do I socialize him? I have one dog that he plays with and they get along very well, but he is now three months old and the window of important socialization for puppys is a few short weeks away. ( I have read they should be well socialized by about 4 months).
    Will he be in trouble if he doesn't get this socialization now?

    I am at home with him 24/7 so I have all day and night training him so that is working out well, but I am not 5 hundred different dogs and can't socialize him.
    Also I did do a lot of research but I feel so horrible for obviously not doing enough to where I didn't get my puppy from them. But in the end I love my loki and wouldn't trade him for the world! Sickness and all!

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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    While he may not be the perfect social butterfly you dreamed of there's still hope and possibility of adjustment.

    Have people come over to meet him. All of your friends, family, neighbors, anyone nearby that can come to your door and come in for a few minutes - ask them to do this for you so your puppy learns to meet people and that people coming in their home is okay.

    Carry him, and take him for walks around your neighborhood so he learns the sounds, sights, and smells of outside and learns not to fear them. Touch lots of different things, go as many places with him as you can that doesn't expose him directly to other dogs - remember he is sick and could make other dogs ill, but dog on dog interaction is only one small part of socialization, and honestly it's the easiest one to fix with a young puppy. Once he's well check your local dog training facilities and vet centers, see if one offers a small dog / puppy social where you can take him to meet other dogs his age & size - or if you're super fortunate and have someone in your neighborhood who has very calm dogs, ask if you can introduce your pup to them - we lucked out and found both of these for our first unsocialized pup and now she loves every dog in the universe.

    The hardest part to "fix" is the socialization he's missing with the rest of the world, so do yourself a favor and get people through your door and start toting him around where ever you can without stressing him out much. Just remember lots of positive reinforcement when you're doing these things. Lots of pats, ear scratches, reminders that he's a good boy, and treats if he's well enough to have them. The happier the experience is for him the first time around the better he'll handle it when the experience repeats.
  • niki82niki82
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    Oh dear. I am so sorry to hear that Loki is this unwell... You must be very frightened for him. I really suggest you just do what you have been and focus on Loki getting better. My girl broke her leg and was out of commission for 8weeks...though she could still go outside, I couldn't allow her to play with other dogs because it was too risky. I too was very worried about socialisation. I ended up buying heaps of mental stimulation puzzles to stop her from being bored and would just be there for her. She is fine now, and has very good socialisation skills(but is still a naughty, Contrary shiba, lol!) you've received some good advice above. Do the best you can for Loki, be there for him and just keep loving him as you do.. Once he is better, then you can begin his training again. Good luck and let us know how he is going. :)

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