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Breeder suggested no Heartworm meds
  • When I visited my pup before actually picking him up the breeder gave me a copy of the contract. On it, it pretty much suggests without saying, to not put your dog on 'Heart guard' medication because it is known for complete failure in the immune system. I brought this up the second time I visited and she said to not use heart worm meds.

    I showed it to my vet at my pups first visit and she was completely against not putting my puppy on any sort of Heart worm medication. We are located in Arizona, and despite it being extremely hot and cold for maybe a month each, we do have mosquitoes around and I have read that Heart worm incidences are on the rise due to more people, communities, etc.

    Has anyone else come across any breeders being dead set against using Heart worm meds? I have seen multiple threads on people here using it so I am a bit bewildered by the suggestion. I know there's a chance that my pup may not react well to it, but isn't that sort of related to any medication in general?
  • pyleapylea
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    You may have to ask this question in one of the existing heartworm threads or the breeder discussion thread--not sure.

    To answer your question though, I had a deposit down for a puppy from a reputable breeder who recommended against heartworm, flea, and tick meds; and promoted using holistic methods instead. But it wasn't in her contract and she wasn't dead set on it. In other words, it would not have been a breach of the pet contract to use heartworm meds.

    The breeder whom I did end up getting my puppy from had written "puppy info" stating that I should evaluate the risks in my region and make an informed decision with my vet.

    IMO, it seems a little off that your breeder is 100% prohibiting the use of heartworm meds. This, in conjunction with you getting your pup at 6 weeks, makes me wonder if the breeder is not very good. :-/
  • Lrose1990Lrose1990
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    Honestly, I think it's risky to keep the dog off heartworm prevention. Listen to your vet, please! I've seen hearts/pulmonary arteries with the adult worms in them and it's not pretty.

    Unless your dog has an allergy to a specific compound or a genetic predisposition to reacting to the preventative, it's very safe. My dogs have been on prevention their whole lives without incident.

    Ultimately it's your decision, but remember: your vet went to 4 years of college plus 4 more years of vet school, where they learned way more than this breeder probably knows. I'm not saying all breeders know so little, there's very intelligent ones who know a lot, but... This is not one aspect of your puppy's health I would gamble with.
  • @pylea Yeah my contract doesn't say that I can't use heartworm meds, it's just highly suggested not to.

    I think with how many other people have used it on the forums and the rising occurence that I will decide to use it.