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Refusing To Go Into Backyard Now
  • SobaSoba
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    Is he content to be outside if you or your husband are with him?
  • SobaSoba
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    @spacedogs , Yes, it would seem so. Yesterday I tested this idea by staying out on the patio while he roamed around for 10 minutes. I then snuck back into the house and a few minutes later he was asking to come back in.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    Perhaps he's just bored with the yard or with the toys.

    I have to cycle our 7 month olds toys or she gets bored and ignores them. Every few days I'll replace a few and tuck the others away for a few weeks. It's annoying because I have to keep track of which ones she's played with lol.

    As to the yard, neither of our Shibas care to be out there for any period of time alone. If both are there they'll play together but otherwise they don't care for the yard unless someone is there to interact with. At first they loved it and wanted to be there, but after a while that novelty wore off, the yard was explored and charted and thoroughly sniffed out and I suspect the 7 month old secretly wishes I would rotate it out as I do her toys.
  • niki82niki82
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    My little girl went through this for about a week. She didn't want to come out the yard with me anymore. Instead when I would bring her out she would give me a dirty look and go back inside! Lol. Then she would start to whine and I would come in and check on her and she would be standing at the front door. She wanted to go for another walk even though she'd only just been on a huge walk! I think she just didn't want to share my time with the cats because after our 2hr morning walk, sora has a short nap while I take our cats into the yard to play as well as do household chores. After Sora wakes up she then comes into a safe area I have made in our yard. Anyway it only lasted about a week and now she's decided to play out in the yard with us again. I have noticed that Sora goes through different phases and enjoys testing the boundaries but it never lasts. Just be patient and see how she goes. In the mean time maybe take her on some extra walks instead if situation allows. It does sound like she just wants to hang with you and I know people talk about how independent shibas are but they are also very loyal and can be prone to separation anxiety at times. Good luck.
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  • pyleapylea
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    Do you walk him? It sounds like he wants attention/interaction rather than to be alone outside.
  • SobaSoba
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    We took a bit of all of the advice/experiences shared and have seen some improvement.

    Typically, we'd go on walks if it wasn't too hot out, but we increased the frequency to before dinner. I also bought him a new outdoor ball which he loves. In regards to the attention aspect, he was usually content to seek time to himself so this sudden change was interesting.
    When I put him in the yard now, I stay out there on the stoop and he's content to wander and do his business. I've been spending shorter periods with him gradually and he is more willing to be alone out there while I do chores.
    Thanks for your help!

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