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Why are Shibas so dang picky and how do you fix it?
  • TacyeTacye
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    Hello everybody. I've been reading old threads on what everyone feeds their dogs but I thought I would ask the question again since the thread was several years old. We feed Kiyoko Blue Wilderness, Merrick puppy and Wellness Core puppy. When they were new, she loved them. Now she will pick at them. We played the game where she wouldn't eat, expecting to be fed from our plate, because we didn't realize that shibas were smart enough to fool us. Do I feel stupid. I did see in the old post that some fed sardines and other canned fish with their kibble and the dogs seemed to really like it. I'm going to try that tomorrow. I also saw that almost everyone fed table scraps. I thought dogs weren't supposed to eat table scraps. When I was being fooled into it by the dog, I justified it by thinking the dog had to eat SOMETHING and that table scraps were better than starving. But now I'm wondering if I should mix them with her kibble to get her to eat it? I have worried about this dog eating more than I ever worried about my kids!!! Also: at what age can dogs start adult dog food? Do you think it tastes better? lol

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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    It probably would be better just to post in an old topic so that when other people have the same question and they're searching for answers, there aren't tons of topics with only a few comments that they have to go back and forth from.

    Also depends what you mean by "table scraps." If you mean like the owner is sitting down eating dinner and throwing the dog the crust of their pizza and letting them lick their spoon, I feel like very few people approach feeding their dog that way. If you mean feeding raw, uncooked meat, those aren't table scraps unless you are sitting down at the dinner table gnawing on a raw chicken neck for supper lol. But I would be hesitant about feeding raw food and kibble in the same meal. I've read that it can be a bit upsetting to their stomachs because raw and kibble digest at different rates. But some dogs seem to do okay with it. There are plenty of topics on this forum where people share their experience with half raw too. I recently transitioned from full premade raw to half prey model raw and half kibble. My boy isn't picky at all and adjusted with no issue.

    I've also read about some adding canned fish or an egg to kibble occasionally. My pup also really likes a challenge, and is much more interested in eating his kibble with a puzzle toy or hand fed a few pieces at a time for each trick he completes. It also really strengthens our bond, makes eating fun instead of just trying to please taste buds, and he is very responsive to me because we practice obedience daily like this.

    Good luck. Shibas are notoriously picky. Stay consistent and keep on schedule. Constantly changing it up without transitioning slowly can cause many problems as well that you'll want to watch out for.
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  • TacyeTacye
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    Thanks Iili, yeah I didn't even think that if I posted to the same thread it would make it current and be more efficient. Talk about a brain fade. I guess it could be because I was up at the crack of dawn because the dog out of the blue jumped on me on Saturday morning at 4am and woke me up. Then, when I went to feed her thinking maybe she was hungry, she wouldn't eat, and then I started on the tangent on picky eating. lol. I would LOVE to feed Kiyoko raw, but I don't think I could do it. I'm sure I could find enough of the "icky" aka organ meats and necks and innards etc, around my city but I don't know that I know what to do with them or when to feed them etc. it just seems so difficult. I know there are guides, but it just seems overwhelming.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Yeah I definitely thought it was overwhelming too moving from premade to prey model. I've been adjusting very slowly with him though, so I haven't yet tried anything except like chicken drumsticks and wings. I just make sure it's the right weight for a meal, defrost it, and give it too him for dinner. For now, I'm still doing half kibble cus I'll be traveling soon for 2-3 weeks and it'll be pretty hard to do raw when we're on the road a lot.

    My pup also decided to wake up early today. Rude :P
  • TacyeTacye
    Posts: 39
    Lol lili! What do they think? Our lives revolve around them? Bahahaha YES! So let me ask this, when you all talk about feeding "raw" do you literally feed them raw meat? Like raw chicken and beef?
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Yeah. So far I've only done chicken cus I don't want to overwhelm and add too much new stuff at once. I'll probably try out adding some turkey since it's not too far off from chicken, and eventually rotate fish or pork or beef etc slowly. I'm also currently trying to stick with stuff that has bone in the chicken so it isn't too rich for his tummy right off the bat. So he can get used to just the raw chicken and try some stuff like quarters and breast that aren't boney later on. Even if you don't feed raw, raw meaty bones are a great snack for cleaning teeth. As long as the bones aren't too hard and could break teeth. But chicken / turkey necks are good and I've heard like pork ribs but never tried them.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Tacye - Since there are already existing threads on what people feed their pups and how to deal with a picky eater, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the many existing threads.

    Thanks! :)
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