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Tobi is mad/upset/sad at me
  • I caught him bitting at my shoes (which he normally never does I told him not to do it once and he never did again until now) which mad me mad because he actually damaged them pretty bad. I got mad and yelled at him, and now when we walk he doesn't obey me at all and doesn't want to be anywhere near me. When I took him out we maybe got down 2 blocks before I had to carry him home for trying to run away too much. I don't know what to do, do I just wait it out or do I need to do something in order to gain his trust back?
  • pyleapylea
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    I have read/heard that shibas can be very unforgiving and refuse to trust or listen to people who use aversive methods, e.g., yelling. So for future reference, definitely only use redirection and positive reinforcement when he is doing something you don't want him to do. "Leave it" and "drop it" are both very important commands to teach him. Bitter apple spray is a good temporary solution. Supervision is also key--he can't get into too much trouble if you keep your eyes on him.

    Onto your question: it may take a while for you to regain his trust. Maybe some fun play and/or training sessions at home, with high value treats? Lots of praise and affection too, if he responds well to that. Above all, be patient. He is just a baby--a "clean slate"--you can't punish him for doing something he doesn't even know is "wrong." Actually, you can't punish him for anything. He needs consistency, guidance, and positive reinforcement. Good luck.
  • Yelling doesn't teach your dog anything. Yelling only scares your dog.

    Especially if your dog is a puppy, you need to teach him what is appropriate and what isn't. Reward him for appropriate behaviour (chewing a chew toy instead of your shoes), and you can have consequences for bad behavior but these are different from a punishment. So if you catch him chewing your shoes and he will not take a toy instead after a prompt, perhaps a consequence is that he doesn't get to hang out where the shoes are; don't yell at him or anything, just restrict his access until he can demonstrate good behaviour around shoes consistently.

    You need to set rules and consequences for when the rules are not followed, but you have to teach those rules to your dog first.

  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Yelling doesn't communicate to him "don't chew on my stuff" like you want it to. It communicates "don't trust your owner, I'm unpredictable and could become hostile at any moment." Rather than learning to respect your boundaries, he'll learn that he needs to avoid you and not chew in front of you or you might yell at him.

    Anyway, positive reinforcement is totally effective, though takes more commitment. If my puppy was constantly misbehaving during a walk, I wouldn't just return home defeated. I would pause and do something like a sit for a treat, to kind of get him in the mode to learn that following me and paying attention to me is rewarsing and run. I use "let's go" while walking, and give him a treat for coming along with me by my side. You can also use something like a longer bone with peanut butter on him to lead him alongside you to practice. The most effective way to leash train for me has been making it a fun game... I stop and turn and make unpredictable movements and encourage him to follow me, and it really teaches him to focus on me and let me lead while also being fun.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I agree that yelling or using a loud scary voice only scares the pooch and destroys his trust in you. You can say "ACK" in a strong but not yelling voice and take away the object he has been chewing on and replace it with a chew toy. You also have to do in the moment that it happens.

    I would also add to keep shoes and other objects he may chew on out of reach such as in a closet. Also get him sturdy chew toys and praise him for chewing on his toy. You might want to smear a little Dogsbutter on the toy to get him interested.

    I hope this helps and good luck.

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