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Loud noise anxiety
  • My shiba, Trista, has some issues with fireworks. Currently she is hiding under my desk panting uncontrollably and has been since the fireworks started an hour ago. I don't really expect a solution, but I wonder if anyone knows how to comfort her. Petting, holding, ignoring, feeding, nothing I try seems to help.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I've been told that petting / holding isn't actually comforting to the dog, and that you're not supposed to touch them when they're fearful. But I'm honestly not sure, that may just be to avoid reinforcing the fear, but I think that's a bigger issue with minor / moderate fear, not something like thunderstorms or fireworks.

    Sorry I'm not super helpful xP I know you're looking for answers right now, in the moment, so I thought I would mention what I've heard. I'll be watching this thread tho, I'd like to know more about what the right thing to do is.
  • MojoMojo
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    If they're really loud fireworks/crackers I'm not sure there is much you can do other than keeping her far enough away that the noises going off aren't very loud.. Perhaps try doing some training with treats to get her attention off them? Playing with a toy too may help..
  • I would try distracting your pup as much as you can. Bust out the high value treats, bring out all of her favorite toys. Try to get her interested in something else instead of focusing on the loud noises. If she gets treats when she hears loud noises, she'll associate positive things with them. I don't know if this is something you can fix with just one go through, but you can also get a recording of fireworks and other loud noises and play them softly while training her. Slowly start raising the volume over a few weeks while training her.
  • My Shiba has done much better with fireworks since we got her a Thundershirt. I put it on her early before I hear anything. I also leave music or the tv on and let her have access to my closet since it is a nice closed in space.
  • sunyatasunyata
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