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the shiba-cam - anybody know who is streaming that?
  • KenshiKenshi
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    That puppycam has become a serious internet meme. I keep seeing the thing posted EVERYWHERE. It'll hit fark before you know it.

    I saw it here first though. So does anybody know who's streaming it? I presume its a breeder, because those pups look like they are younger than 8 weeks.
  • From everything I read it is a private person(s), not a breeder, that lives near the San Francisco Bay Area. There are a few articles on it that have been noted in the LIVE Feed! Shiba Puppies posting.

    They were born the 1st week in October.
  • And from what I understand it's their first litter
  • They are now on their 6th litter (or so I think because it's called Team F).....
    Streaming here:

    Not sure what I think about it.
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  • Good to know. Thanks!

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