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Alaskan Shibas
  • Hello all!

    Mango and I are moving up to the Anchorage area this summer and we wanted to know if there are any other shibas in the general area?

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  • Hello! I'm in the Anchorage area and I will have a Shiba puppy July 31st! I also have some good friends who have a wonderful Shiba.

    Message me your info!
  • RikkaRikka
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    Reading the title immediately made me think, "oh gosh, are they talking about Alaskan Klee Kai x Shibas? I hope there aren't more..."

    Then was pleasantly surprised when I opened the thread. :)

    I hope you'll be able to find some friends in your area!
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
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  • sandrat888sandrat888
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    Check out local kennel club and get involved

    Also a couple hours away, there is another club in Kenai and 2 couples from the club have Shibas.

    The Shibas that the 2 couples from Kenai area have do all kinds of sports - agility, obedience, rally, nosework and barn hunt and are conformation show dogs.

    I will be judging Barn Hunt in Palmer, which is a bit north of Anchorage in September. Come on out and play if you are free that weekend!
  • @sandrat888 - What day in September? I'm in Eagle River.
  • sandrat888sandrat888
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    9/18-20 (Friday to Sunday) for the barn hunt trials. Where are you currently?
  • Eagle River/Anchorage area. Is the barn hunt at the fairgrounds?
  • sandrat888sandrat888
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    Barn Hunt in September will be held at Sirius Ranch in Palmer, AK, where they usually hold agility trials.