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What are things you're proud of with your Shiba?
  • RikkaRikka
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    In the same vein as @Bootz's thread, I wanted to make one that you're proud of with your adult Shiba (and may take for granted)! ;)

    Some things that I'm outright impressed with Sagan:

    • he hasn't soiled or made a mistake in the house in over a year
    • he lets me brush & bathe him without making it a big deal
    • he's incredibly well-behaved with other people, including strangers
    • he's great on the leash and never pulls; loose-leash walking is a breeze
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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    I think this is a sweet thread.

    For Bowdu:

    - He's very attuned to my moods and presence. Responds quickly to my distress calls or dumpy moods.
    - Similarly, I like how I've learned how to read his body signals in detail... Lots of satisfaction in being able to predict with some confidence what he will (or will not) do. That said, he'll never stop surprising me.
    - An excellent off leash companion. We've worked on that for a long time.
    - Sort of related to @Rikka's comment about outgrowing potty training: I'm actually impressed that the mere three times in nine-ish adult years that Bowdu has ever had a bowel emergency, somehow he knew to dump on the bathroom rug. Like he understands that's the room where it happens for the humans, so even though that's not where he's trained to go at all, he had the presence of mind to go there even when he had a sudden attack of diarrhea -- which, fortunately, made cleanup super easy.
    - He's a "polite" moocher at home. Doesn't try to jump up or paw or whine. He just sits and waits patiently for handouts (if any), and that's why I have allowed him to get away with it.
    - An excellent "hang-out" dog who I can take to office meetings on campus or at the radio station. Both Bows are really good about this because they don't bother people and keep their mouths shut (though Bowpi will sniff intensely around every corner, behind furniture, etc. before she settles). I often get comments about how well-behaved the Bows are when I bring them out. Yay for non-spastic adult dogs who are aloof enough not to engage strangers.

    Just hanging out and watching
    Meeting in session!
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Hmm... This is hard to pick just a few as both of my girls are pretty freaking awesome.

    For Bella:
    *She is extraordinarily clean and even wipes her feet on the door mat before coming into the house.
    *She is super polite with food, she never slurps food or grabs it out of people's hands. She actually has to be told to "take it" and then very gingerly takes it from you.
    *She has come a VERY long way with her dog intolerance and never lunges at another dog. So even though it is a pain that she is reactive, it is very manageable and is pretty much a non-issue as long as I keep other dogs out of her space.
    *She is super athletic, even at almost 10.
    *She is very people oriented and makes friends with just about everyone (except the UPS driver).

    For Nola:
    *Despite everything this dog has been through, she is still the most happy-go-lucky dog I have ever met.
    *She has come a VERY long way in her fear of strangers. She is still a bit wary, but rarely ever immediately goes and hides if new people come over and she willingly meets strangers outside now.

    For Both:
    *They are both incredibly adaptive to change, which was especially noted when I completely turned their world upside down earlier this year.
    *They are both incredibly calm and able to handle pretty much any situation and can hang out at work with me and just chill quietly.
    *They both help keep my house bug free. ;-)
    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
    I Wander, I Ride
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Great idea on this thread @Rikka - I love it!

    I can vouch for @sunyata and her girls - they are really amazing dogs, I can't wait to see them again. Are you taking them to the Shenandoah mountain bike camping trip this October? Of course you know, I HAVE to take Kira again. Kira LOVES camping.

    Here are the many things that make me proud when it comes to Kira:

    ~ Kira has never made a mistake in the house. EVER. She potty-trained seemingly instantly since we got her
    ~ Kira is so well-socialized, I can take her to any event and she actually enjoys accompanying me
    ~ Kira is so tolerant of children, she is very friendly and open to gentle petting by toddlers and kids
    ~ Kira politely greets every new dog by crouching low, putting her ears back, and squinting her eyes which gives her a very approachable appearance to nearly all dogs.
    ~ There is a great symbiotic relationship at our house between her and our 2 older cats, she gets along so well with them
    ~ Kira gets along wonderfully with ALL my friends' dogs - we went to great lengths to expose her to all the dogs that we intended to be a huge part of her life.
    ~ Kira plays very well with dogs of all sizes, her "bff" is a chihuahua, her "boyfriend" is an Akita, and her "brothers" are 2 chocolate labs.
    ~ Kira plays fetch so well, they are typically not good retrievers so we are very thankful for that!
    ~ Kira loves the water, which is nice because I do too and it's nice having a dog that is the same
    ~ Kira loves hiking and can keep up with me whether we do a short 2 mile hike or a long 12 mile one
    ~ Kira prefers to sleep in, which is awesome because I hate waking up earlier than 8am
    ~ Kira has no fear - fireworks, thunderstorms, gunfire, trains, chainsaws, literally nothing phases her
    ~ Kira has never shown any signs of food aggression, not even with the cats when they inspect her with a bully stick or bone (fingers crossed she stays this way)
    ~ Kira is a snob, and yes, I am proud of that. :)) She doesn't drink out of community water bowls and doesn't use the bathroom in public - she prefers her own backyard
    ~ Kira doesn't take forever to use the bathroom like most Shibas... she goes in her backyard in a particular spot and will be done within 5 minutes.
    ~ Kira doesn't bolt out the front door when I or another person opens it - she sometimes gets excited and goes outside to greet you. But she has no desire whatsoever to run off at all.
    ~ Kira adapts well to any new situation. For example, even though she prefers to use the bathroom in her yard only, she proved that she could adapt when she willingly went to the bathroom during walks on her first camping trip.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm very proud of her and am thankful for such a clever thread to share her successes! :)
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  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
    Posts: 148
    Things I love about Kiriko:

    - She understands what I mean when I tell her to "show me" which makes it so much easier to figure out what she wants.

    - She learns quickly.

    - The big smile and dance when she's happy to see someone

    - I swear that she looks for ways around the rules rather than just breaking them. It makes me laugh.

    - She's gentle with our new kitten, despite him being occasionally less than gentle with her.

    - She adores children, but is suspicious of adults.

    - She's nonconfrontational - she will back down and move away if things start to get ugly or someone reaches for her.

    - She reminds me to fill her water bowl by carrying it to me and dropping it in front of me and walking away.

    - She's a tattle tale: if someone or something is doing something they shouldn't be, she comes and lets me know.

    - She's pretty chill no matter what we're doing.

    - She gets overjoyed when I give her a new stuffed animal.

    I'm going to have to remember this thread when she's driving me nuts, lol.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    There's not much I'm not proud of, but a few things that stand out:

    His love for people and animals(except cows!). He loves everybody, young and old. He's shown no intolerance towards other dogs...wants to get to know every dog he meets. And he absolutly loves horses. He's come nose to nose with a few of our Mennonite neighbours horses. They remain calm as Kobe doesn't go nuts...just wants to meet them. As for cows, don't know what that's about, but when the Mennonites let them in the field across from us, he barks at them, even growls!(which may go against my next point).

    I love his fearfulness. Nothing seems to phase him...takes things in stride(ok, except cows!). He has no fear of loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, or even the loud a** steel wheels on the Mennonite hay wagons. We can walk down the road with one going by and it doesn't phase him.

    Another example of his fearfulness happened last weekend. We were walking down the road and some guys where shooting rifles off in the field ahead of us. I flinched, while Kobe just continued on....towards the gunshots! We ended up spending 15 mins talking to the guys...Kobe got a few belly rubs!!

    Again, there's not much I'm not proud of. He has his moments, but I'm just blessed that he's so even tempered, quick to learn, and is so loving to everybody and everything(except
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    @Kira_Kira - Kira is awesome. She is such a sweet pup! :) And yes, B&N will be coming to Shenandoah in October! Hopefully we can get another hike in with the pups!

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    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
    I Wander, I Ride
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I am so very incredibly proud of my furry angel Quake and on this his third birthday I want everyone to know what I think stands out the most about him:
    1) He is such an empathetic little boy and knows when something is not right and he makes me know he is there if by putting his little head on my hand or other loving gestures.
    2) He lets me know when he is tired or scared and I'be learned to read his signals. He is really improving regarding his dog reactivity and has made some more furry friends lately.
    3) He is a loyal friend to me and to others. He knows how to make people feel special--by doing giving a little smile, doing a little Shiba dance when greeting, rubbing noses, etc. He brightens the world around him and makes those around him happy.
    4) He wants to please me. Even when he might do something a little naughty like taking my house slipper and using it for a toy--all I have to do is tell him "leave it--not supposed to do that my Quake" and he leaves the object alone. He loves being around me and being my companion and I feel the same way about him.
    5) He waits for me to feed him and never comes around to beg. He respects what I say even when he's in his Shiba mood.
    6) He likes to make me smile with his little antics like when he picks up a huge stick and wants to carry it through out the walk. He knows that before we head back inside he must drop the stick or whatever he's picked up. He never gives me a hard time about that.
    7) He no longer pulls on the leash and we have more fun on walks.
    8) He adores people and especially children but he's very intuitive and the few times that someone that seemed menacing was headed towards us--he barked and scared them away. Of course, I also had my pepper spray at the ready!!!
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • We're going through a phase where he is just a dickhead all the time. I'm sure there is more, but right now all I can remember I am proud of:

    -his doggy skills. He does what Kira does and hides his face behind his paws. It ALWAYS illicit a an "aww he's so cute".
    -he will try to win over every dog. Even if it means lying on his belly and army crawling to the other dog.
    -he wants to be loved. Apparently he was a topic of conversation at the building pool. According to my neighbor the general consensus is he is the coolest dog in the building (over 20 dogs live here)
    -he won't lick your face. It's wet willys only and you have to turn your ears to him.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1590

    We're going through a phase where he is just a dickhead all the time.

    LOL...Hang in there!(I know YOU will!). I think pretty well everybody here can relate. Just be patient(as much as possible) and it helps to be a little creative as well!

    Just think how proud of him you'll be for overcoming this phase!

    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @BanjoThe BetaDog_I agree with Kobe1468. Hang in there!!! Banjo will be fine and he's lucky to have a Pet Dad like you! I am sure he is the coolest dog!!
  • She's so smart and a fast learner. She pretty much learned sit, down, up, and touch by 9 weeks!
    Now at 12 weeks, Momo can also do paw, shake, high-five, and the big one... wait (we worked on this for almost two weeks lol.)

    Momo is also super well-behaved in public and at the vet. I'll probably need to watch videos to start teaching her tricks like roll over, heel, stay, and etc though... I'm enrolling her in puppy classes that start next week~
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501

    I'm always super proud at how he's both polite + excited (does that make sense?) with new people - he often sways the opinion of strangers with, "wow, I didn't know Shibas were this friendly!" He has airplane ears + excited tail wags when he's meeting someone new, and after awhile, he'll still stand near them to get pet, but doesn't become obnoxious.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    I am so proud of how my little boy Quake brings joy into people's lives. He has friends throughout the condo building and throughout the neighborhood. He greets each one in a special way and they are so happy after an encounter with him.
  • RooneyRooney
    Posts: 143
    It's nice to think of the positives. Rooney has really come a long way and I'm very impressed with his accomplishments:

    - Rooney has learned to sit, do circles, put his paws on my leg/chair/side of the bed to come up, and fetch treats. I'm even more impressed that he can do all of these with non-verbal hand signals too. This from a dog that was taught no tricks for the first 2 years of his life and was specifically taught not to sit. Also, Rooney is very gentle when taking treats.

    - He's come so far in his walking! He sometimes dawdles, but he also knows that there is a time limit and has stopped giving me grief when I say "come on." He also immediately starts to turn when I click my tongue to let him know we are turning and not going straight.

    - He does not get aggressive over food and is very tolerant of the younger cat stealing out of his food bowl.

    - He is awesome with other dogs (although, better off leash than on) and wants to meet all the doggies. That said, he's improving at not pulling/stalling out when I say "no doggy" on walks.

    - Rooney is no longer afraid of any toys, leashes, or being on furniture! I'm so proud of him for overcoming those fears.
    Allison, Rooney's Mom
  • NikkitineNikkitine
    Posts: 776
    Even though Tali is only 6 months, there are a number of things I'm proud of with her. I always cross my fingers she won't change but she most likely will so I'll take what I can now.

    - Non-destructive - Even when she was teething and still is, she's really good about not chewing on things she's not supposed to. When she gets the itch, she actively goes to look for a specific toy. Cept carpet. If there's a stray carpet strand, it's dead along with the rest of what she unravels.

    - Calm and polite at work - Being able to bring her to work is a blessing and she's just so good with my coworkers. She has single handedly changed the views of a lot of people had about Shibas. One of my coworkers hated Shibas because she had a few bad experiences with some but Tali is now her favorite dog in the company. We call her the one off.

    Soft mouth - The little piranha transformed into an angel when taking treats. My fingers are extremely thankful.

    And this

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  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger
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    What I love about Mika is she is one of the lovable Shibas I've seen
    Fred and Jodie...Madison WI

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  • hmj2828hmj2828
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    Tripp is hilarious! I would say some of my favorite things about him...

    - He's amazing off leash! We take him for hikes and mountain bike rides and he always stays right beside us.
    - He sits in front of the heater.
    - He pats you gently with his paw when he wants you to pet him.
    - He could build spaceships if he had opposable thumbs... He's just that smart!
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    My favorite thing about Kira is her unwavering loyalty and affection to me.

    I have to say, I did not expect those traits after all the Shiba research I did. But Kira religiously watches and waits for me at the front door after work and greets me with puppy-like enthusiasm.

    The best part is her determination to always end the night laying on the floor next to me on the couch. Close enough to reach out and give head pets or ear rubs, she is content being by my side at the end of each night and that is the ultimate reward everyday.
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  • My favorite trait of banjos is he can be left home alone uncrated with no destruction! I told my new neighbor (who works from home) if the dog is loud or something to just let me know first instead of complaining to the landlord and she said she didn't even know I had a dog. The worst he does is relocate a shoe. Doesn't destroy it. Just puts it in his toy box.

    He still doesn't listen to me very often, and will still harass houseguests for their food, but at least when he is home alone I don't worry!

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