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Shibas and Akitas at auction; donations to rescues needed!
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  • RooneyRooney
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  • One of the Nihon Ken Forum members posted that there are 43 Shibas involved. 4 Shiba rescues responding to auction.

    Donated. Shared information with some of folks here in Northern CA and Northern NV.
  • umi-sanumi-san
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    Donation done :P
  • Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well!

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  • Does anyone have a total rescued by all the rescues. I heard Tri-State got 16 alone!
  • I hear they got 35 out of 45, including a mom with 6 puppies!!!
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  • I heard tat too. And one of the ones in the catalog was puled before auction, so maybe we missed only 6? Either way it is an awesome job! Now let's get fosters and other help going!
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • ToshiToshi
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    Donated. Hope these dogs thrive in a loving forever home.
  • Shared the auction results with the Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup and some other folks in Northern CA/NV.
  • RooneyRooney
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  • Go visit the Tri-State Shiba Rescue FB and Save Me Scout FB. Pictures of some of the rescued dogs already posted and updates. Apparently, Tracy with MSIR negotiated with one of the breeders and Save Me Scout wound up with additional dogs. (Originally, they just had one possibly pregnant girl from the auction.)
  • Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue
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    It is time for us to issue you, our supporters and volunteers, a giant THANK YOU for your help over this past week. Countless volunteers stepped up to foster and transport dogs and over $10,000 was donated to MSIR to help this effort - to save shibas from life in a puppy mill. Working with 3 other shiba rescues, 34 shibas were saved from the auction this weekend and will begin to know the good life. From the bottom of our shiba-loving hearts, we thank you. And 34 shibas thank you too - with Tri-State Shiba Inu Rescue Inc., NW Shibas4LIfe Rescue, & Save Me Scout Rescue

    The Tri state Shiba Rescue update:

    Save Me Scout Rescue:
  • RooneyRooney
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  • RooneyRooney
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  • @rooney,

    Do you know how much they went over by? I want to help bridge the gap.
  • RooneyRooney
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  • RooneyRooney
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  • RooneyRooney
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  • Donated to Save Me Scout. Will pass info to some other folks
  • Bump! (Thought I would bring to folks attention again)
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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  • Bump. The auction is this Saturday.

    Save Me Scout sent out a reminder. To donate to Save Me Scout, go to PayPal to send a payment and send it to Indicate that this is for "family and friends" and in the "message" section put "for puppy mill auction". Save Me Scout is a 501c3 organization so the donation is tax deductible.
  • Tristate Shiba just reported on their face book page that the various rescues saved 25 Shibas and 6 Basenjis. (And more dogs by other breed rescues) Great news!

    Keep an eye on TriState Shiba and Save Me Scout Facebook pages-- if they rescued this many dogs they will need continued donations!!!!
  • RooneyRooney
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