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Is Ninja Shunning Me?
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    Well, about 3 days ago I noticed that Ninja had stopped following me and being in my presence all the time. Before, he would always follow me around, if i left the room, he would be right behind me. Same as Portia. They would never be in a room if I wasn't in it, unless I did it on purpose and locked them in there...or if they found something naughty to do that they weren't supposed to. Usually if they weren't in the same room with me, that meant that they were being bad puppies!

    Anywho - I spend most of my day in my office - which i had relocated to my Den on the first floor next to the garage. I have 2 desks in here and I put one of the leather couches in here for them to hang out on. So its been about a month since i moved my "office" to a real secluded area in the house. And everything seemed normal.

    But - starting 3 days ago, only Portia would follow me down the stairs and hang out on the couch. I kept getting worried Ninja was getting into something, but he was just napping on the couch in the living room or he was in our bedroom under the bed. (the under the bed is very odd because our bedroom is on the 3rd floor and the den is on the 1st - so he is very far away from me) you think he is shunning me? Or just getting more independent with age? He is 10 months now. I haven't noticed any other changes in him or Portia and our routine is the same. Its really kind of odd to me. Today he hung out in the office for about 30 minutes in the morning and then left and didn't come back for the rest of the day and even now. This isn't a real concern to me...just kind of curious what you guys think.

    Actually, the only thing different in his behavior that i noticed is that he is more accepting of strangers. He won't run away and hide - even if they get close. But if they kneel down or attemp to touch he will back away. I guess the re-socialization we are doing is starting to desensitize him of their presence and I think he is starting to realize that stangers aren't scary and that they are a normal thing in our home and the outside world.
  • LeonbergerLeonberger
    Posts: 3580
    He's probably just getting more independent with age, and the fact that he takes to strangers better might mean he doesn't have to have you around all the time, because he feels more sure of himself.
    Just an opinion...
  • That behavior sounds a lot like Lucy. She likes to know where I am, but doesn't feel the need to be there with me. Her favorite spots are all on the main floor of the house and if I'm not there its a total crap shoot as to whether or not she'll be there too. Off the top of my head I would suggest two explanations. The first is basically what Rui said. Ninja is probably gaining confidence now and doesn't feel the need to be ontop of you the entire day. (This is a good thing btw!). The second is that he's getting close to that 12-18 month span where Shibas could care less about their parents. He may just be going through the same type of phase that Lucy was going through until recently.

    I personally have no issue forcing my pups to stay in the same part of the house as me, especially if I'm going to be there for a while. It almost seemed like Lucy was waiting for me to do that for her because once I told her to stay in the living room with Joey and I twice, she's started rushing to get in there ahead of me to make sure she gets to hang out in there too. Maybe underneath it all Ninja wants to hang out with you down there but needs you to tell him he should.

    Or maybe he an Portia had a little spat and she got custody of the office while they sort things out. ;-)
  • baantonbaanton
    Posts: 933
    My experience with dogs and children has caused me to observe that they seem to go through similar phases as they progress from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. The dogs just go throught the phases quicker, due to the shorter life span and therefore shorter journey to adulthood. I think you may have to welcome Ninja to his teenage "boy" time of life! (Very typical of human boys to sequester themselves away somewhere in the house... you know they are out there somewhere but it seems for awhile the last thing they want to do is be anywhere near a parent or anyone else for that matter!) By the way, teenage girls (and dogs) seem to be quite different in that phase-- can you say "in your face"?

    Or it could just be a momentary thing, something like a reluctance or fear of the stairs, too. It sounds like you have moved to a new level involving more stairs. I have seen both Josephine and our former dog, Joe, become wierd once or twice about going up and down the basement stairs in our rambler style home (quite a long steep stairs in that style home). Maybe took the stairs too fast once or twice and caused some momentary twinge of pain that's remembered for a bit?

    I like the teenage, hormonal, growing away from Mom and Dad idea better -- who can blame me? I'm a human!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    is it cooler in another part of the house? Maybe Portia doesn't need that sort of cool spot because of their coat difference?

    but it sounds like he is aging, shibas (most, probably) get more independent of you with age.. tsuki is the only one I've had young, but she was my little white shadow for a time, then a few months ago, she started to prefer either Kitsune's company to mine to just doing her own thing all together, and now that she's turned 1 y/o this month, its even more evident that she is exercising more independence!
  • tsukitsunetsukitsune
    Posts: 6468
    **actually, I think the independence thing might run backwards for adult rescues, because Kitsune has started to follow me subtly from room to room for the last few months, and Hachi is beginning that as well just in the last few days - but once you acknowledge her, she's gone!! As their confidence grows, i'm sure that too will change.

    who knows!
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  • HarlowHarlow
    Posts: 579
    It sounds like Ninja is exhibiting signs of more self confidence. Our Harlow used to stay very close to me when we first got her at one and a half years old. She now hangs out where she can keep an eagle eye out on the street to see if anyone dares to pass our house! She will periodically cruise the house to see where everyone is and what they are doing.
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    So - i guess this is a good sign! I really hope his confidence is growing. Thanks for the input guys. Its kind of sad to not seem him right by me all the time...*tear* they grow up so fast! lol
  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    Hmm...very interesting thing happened tonight. Me, my brother and John were watching TV in the living room. My brother was laying on the couch next to the windows where the dogs like to look out. Ninja went up to my brother's foot and sniffed and licked it. Then he jumped on the couch next to him - stood up on the pillow that was on top of my brothers legs and looked out the window for about 2 minutes (of course my brother paid no attention to him while he did this). Then he came over to me and sat, seemed like a "i got on top of a stranger! aren't you proud?" look he had on his face, so I praised the sh*t out of him.

    It seems that he is showing some odd behavior - obviously for the good. I wonder if he will continue to be more accepting of things with age? I wish I got it on camera! It was right there too! But I didn't want to get up and ruin the moment.

    Oh - i forgot to mention - I ran out of Kibble, so I have been feeding RAW to the pups the past 3 days...I wonder if that has to do with anything? hehe, just a thought.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242
  • That's great Romi! Lots of praise for the big man from me!!!!! :-)

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