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Having fun or aggression?
  • I came across this video randomly tonight and I'm beyond shocked/angry. Reading the comments, some people believe that this is considered as "normal" Shiba behavior, but to me, this absolutely looks like a bomb waiting to happen. Having known and dogsat Shibas a few times, I have never ever seen anything like this at all. But then again, I haven't lived long term with one until I got Tali and she's still a pup. I understand that Shibas have a more aggressive playstyle than other dogs, but this dog does not look like it's having fun whatsoever. Am I wrong in wanting to drop kick the owner and the kid?

    I guess this is similar to the "Where's Satan?" Shiba video and that got me pretty disturbed as well. Just wanted to get everyone's experience with anything similar with their dogs?

  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Recipe for disaster in my opinion. The dog is doing all the right things, she/he is growling and giving all the warning signs that she should be in order to avoid further interactions. Shame on the owner (I'm assuming the ignorant owner behind the camera) for not only allowing that annoying little shit to continue to aggravate the Shiba, but also instigating the situation.

    I can get close to my Shiba, hug her, and play with her without her reacting that way and I'm sure other members can as well. That leads me to believe that this kid is constantly abusing this particular dog and that's why her reaction is so severe. And THIS is the reason why Shibas and other dogs end up in shelters - they aren't aggressive, they have owners that aren't advocates for their dogs, only their children. Hypocrites X(
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  • That's ridiculous, and it makes me sick. I had the same thought Kira_Kira, this kid probably does abuse/annoy this dog constantly.

    The dog's body is getting tense; it's giving warning signals out the wazzooo; and then the yawn - this dog wants this kid to leave it the eff alone.

    I love how the lady behind the camera says, "hey, no biting" howabout HEY train your stupid ass child on how to properly read a dog's calming & warning signals you dumb b*%^h.
  • I watched about 41 seconds of the video and wanted to kick that kid's arse!!! It is obvious that the kid bullies the heck out of the dog all the time and the jackass owner (kid's mother) allows it!!! The dog is at his limit with the bullying kid and is giving signs of it. This is beyond sickening!
  • What I really don't understand is why some owners believe that this is "part of the breed" or consider it normal behavior. That little twit is asking for his face to be ripped off and then what happens if it does? Dog goes to the shelter or gets put down. Poor pup has all the right body language and warning signs and has to deal with these ass owners.
  • What pisses me off is that had that dog snapped at the kid and actually hurt him, I guarantee the owners would've blamed the dog. Sometimes punching humans for being stupid should be allowed.
  • JuniJuni
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    I couldn't watch the whole thing, poor dog!
  • What I really don't understand is why some owners believe that this is "part of the breed" or consider it normal behavior

    It's a fact that Shibas do not put up with crap and that is one reason I love Shibas. In other words, this Shiba is showing alot of restraint by not biting this jackass, bullying spoiled-ass kid.
  • renitiadbrenitiadb
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    So where is the petition to smack those two? Can I sign twice? When Fen growls I pay attention, find out why he is growling, and make it stop. Not only is the Shiba giving warning signals but, play out this scenario: the dog (and family) are being desensitized to the growl. So what happens when their Shiba growls for a serious reason (not that being annoyed isn't serious, but you know what I mean)? Fen never growls at ANYONE, then, one time last summer, a man tried to hand money to my husband and Fen snarled, growled and became very protective - he did NOT like the man AT ALL! I took Fen's leash, but we stood right there, and the whole family was on alert against this stranger for the next 2 days (my husband's family owns a campground and marina). Nothing happened, but maybe it didn't happen because Fen warned us that this was a bad man and so we were all on guard! Dogs don't growl for fun - they are communicating!

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