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Indoor dogs: where should they sleep?
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    My wife and I keep debating where to put our adopted treasure's bed... in the bedroom with us? (Which he seems to prefer) In the living room? Put him in the spare bathroom all by himself at night?

    Since we adopted him just this past Friday on a trial basis, we don't have all his stuff like his crate. I go pick all that up this Tuesday (it's already Monday here in Tokyo). Where should we put it?

    This morning is the third morning we've had him, and I discovered some signs of night-time mischief. We kept him out in the living room, outside of our bedroom last night, and in the morning I discovered chewed slippers & bits of trash from the trashcan around the kitchen. Waiting to see where the next surprise is hidden.

    We live in a 20th story, 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment. (If you've never been to Tokyo, think Manhattan... this is as urban as it gets anywhere on the planet).

    Where should we make/let him sleep?

    Thanks, Cheers, Andy
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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  • velvetkatvelvetkat
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    I started out when my we first got our puppy having him sleep in his "house" Crate all night. He's always done fine there. Now at 9 mos I will let him sleep on the bed with us weekend nights as he tends to want to get up and play at 3 or 4 am. Tried it during the work week and after not getting much sleep it was back to the crate. The crate is not in our bedroom but in the livingroom. He never whined even when we first brought him home. He does tend to get out of bed every once in a while but I have a lot of the house blocked with a baby gate. I have woken up to hear him chomping on the bottom of the bedposts! They are so mishevious! If he really wants to go outside he will lick my toes and legs to wake me up.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
  • Did I understand that you live in highrise apartment? I would also be concerned about the windows (how well they are covered/secured), as well as where your furfriend sleeps.

    As far as my dogs go, Sukoshi is my bed buddy, while Hoshi likes his bed in the kitchen, where he can watch me w/ the computer.
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  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    Yes, it's a high rise apartment... 20th floor. The window only open a little crack from the top (hinged at the bottom) for a little air flow, but you can't even stick your hand out... very safe. The patio has a fairly high wall and an even higher glass protective barrier... but we don't let him out there unless we are with him.

    I think we are going to try putting him in his crate at night, probably in the living room. I don't mind having him in the bedroom but my wife is not thrilled with that idea...

    More to follow for sure...
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    why not put him in his crate, in your bedroom? Best of both worlds/compromise?
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • BEfore I use to make my pup sleep in the crate outside in the living room. Once I fully trusted that he wasn't going to go potty inside I gave him free access. Usually he ends up just sleeping next to our bed. He passes out outside sometimes then when he gets lonely he just comes into the bedroom.
  • amesylphamesylph
    Posts: 128
    Ki used to sleep in his crate every night and the crate was in my room so there wasn't any issue with him being apart from his family/pack. That was the way of it for a long time. Then he was given open crate priveledges (even though he'd usually choose to sleep in there anyway) but the bedroom door was closed, and years later he is free to roam at night (although he rarely leaves the room anyway).

    Anytime he jumped on the bed I would give him the 'off' command. We are on a system where he is not allowed on the bed unless invited and he understands that pretty well at this point.
  • Personally Saru is allowed on the bed to sleep with my husband and myself. However as a puppy he was crated until he was potty trained. Once he could hold it all night he slept with us. He has a bed in our bedroom and he usually starts the night on the bed but in the morning he is on the floor somewhere sleeping. Shibas tend to adjust to your life pretty quickly, Good luck!
  • ericw2000ericw2000
    Posts: 73
    When we got Rocky, he slept the first night or two in his crate in the living room. The next night he started getting vocal and lonely, so I moved his crate upstairs next to our bed. He slept fine that first night. The next two nights it was hard to get him in the crate, and he whined a little bit when he was in there, but calmed down quickly when I spoke to him. The next night it was so hard to get him in the crate that I just put a gate by the stairs and he had the run of our bedroom. After running around and getting into things, he settled down in our bed with our other dog. He now sleeps in our bed, at the very foot, or on a dog bed on the floor at the foot of the bed.

    The only time he gets into things is when I sleep late, later than he wants me to. He finds the noisiest things to chew on, or takes shoes when he knows I can hear him. On school days when the rest of the family is up early, he still wants me up. He's so darn cute and funny that it's impossible to get mad at him.
  • tjbart17tjbart17
    Posts: 437
    I think there is a big difference between letting older dogs sleep wherever and letting a puppy sleep wherever. You have already seen the loss of slippers, and if left out you will probably lose a leg to the coffee table, bits of the couch, carpets, etc. :-)

    Let your puppy sleep in their crate until they are old enough and trained enough not to eat things or get into trouble. And the outcome of whether or not your dog will be able to sleep outside of a crate will depend on them.

    I do not have Shibas, but two Kai Kens. My male can sleep in his bed at night, and my female for several mischevious reasons (including wanting to kill the cat) needs to sleep in her crate at night. BTW, she loves her crate and freely goes inside, but I still latch the door when I go to bed to make sure that she doesn't well kill the cat.
  • LoveMyMylieLoveMyMylie
    Posts: 331
    Doesn't matter where I put Mylie's bed. She moves it constantly... Middle of the kitchen... halfway up the stairs... wherever looks good at the moment. She naps on it constantly, but sleeps in our bed at night.
  • ShibatasticShibatastic
    Posts: 143
    Initially it was the crate to house train him. After he gained my trust, i allowed him more freedom to sleep in the ex-pen. After that, i let him sleep in my room with the door closed. Normally i take him out to walk and have last minute pottys around 10 pm. He'll come back and calm down in the room around 11:30 and falls asleep. I'll then fall asleep around 12:15 and he usually stays asleep til 7 or 8 am and then i take him out to potty once again. The most important thing is to just make sure you let them get their exercise. An apartment is fine for a shiba inu since they dont really complain about small spaces (not to be condescending) but they must get their time outside or they will be like a teenage who's been permanently grounded and will become troublesome to manage. My dog gets out every 3-4 hours for about 20-25 minutes at a time, at night we go for a 35 minute non-stop walk and that's usually enough to get him to get sleepy.
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    Last night he slept on his bed beside our bed, with our bedroom door open so he could come and go. He didn't though... as far as we know he slept beside our bed the whole night, and if he did wander around he didn't chew anything that we've discovered yet. When I woke up at 7:00 am he was right where he was when I fell asleep the previous night (and still snoring himself)!

    I think the wife is coming around to the idea of putting his bed in our room at the foot of the bed for good... we'll try the bedroom door tonight after a last minute potty, and see whether or not he wakes us up at 0530 crying to be let out of our room.

    Thanks for all the advice and sharing.

    Cheers, Andy
  • tjbart17tjbart17
    Posts: 437
    If he wakes up at 5:30 it's because he probably has to pee. It sucks, but you have to bring the puppy out to pee then you can go back to sleep. I used to give my dogs a bully stick or something they could chew on for a good half an hour. Then they would eventually go back to sleep for about a couple more hours allowing me to sleep more. With their mouths busy before they went back to sleep, I knew my furniture, baseboards, etc. were safe.

    You could put something in his bed for him after he goes to sleep as a wake up treat to keep him busy so hopefully he doesn't chew on anything he shouldn't.
  • BeccasunBeccasun
    Posts: 82
    My first dog, I crate trained until he was about one. He would sleep with me but sneak down to potty in the bedroom in the night. But my Shiba, he cried in the kennel and he had been a menonite kennel dog until I got him at 12 weeks. He SOAKED up the love. I snuggled him in bed with me from the beginning. He never pottied in the bedroom but whined when he needed to go, so I would carry him outside. I love my dogs sleeping with me, and so does my husband, course husband works nights... so it's often the dogs or sleeping alone... Shiba's are pretty compact dogs, so they don't take up a lot of space. Lol, on cold winter nights Brody will beg to go under the covers. I love it. If you are a light sleeper, cool, otherwise kennel your puppy, he could chew a lamp cord or eat something that could kill him when he's wandering around at night...
  • Two SocksTwo Socks
    Posts: 90
    Hey Andy,
    I saw this thread & read most but not all the posts so I may be repeating what has been already said. You asked where should we make him sleep? My question back is where is the most convenient place in your home that you would prefer he sleep? I have two shibas & a shikoku & they have never slept in a crate past 10 weeks of age. What has worked for us is to starting them in an X-pen with their bed in that. This keeps them out of mischief. I think its important to note that when you put your pup in the pen make sure he is relaxed & "ready" to sleep.Keep this pen set up in the location that you ultimatly want him to sleep in most if not all the time. Let him enter & exit the pen by himself, as Tara said you might want to give him something like abully stick to amuse him when your not around. Depending on the individual dog this could be the arrangement for anywhere from 6 months to a yr plus. when you feel he's really comfortable & likes the set up then try leaving the pens door open a little & then a little more if all continues to go well & he goes in on his own will & doesn't come out & get in to mischief ,then remove the x-pen but leave the bed in the same spot. this has worked for me with mine now when I say go to sleep at night they all go right to thier bed.
    Just an idea for you..good luck!!!!
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    Thanks for the advice... we've been using his crate in the living room the last few nights, and he seems ok with that. He's turning 3 next month, so he's not a puppy anymore (we adopted). In fact during the day, we'll look around and say "Where's Taro-kun? It's awfully quiet..." and go looking for him and then finding him in his crate snoozing away.

    I kind of want to have his doggie bed by our bed, but the wife is insisting on the crate in the living room recently... we definitely don't let the dog on or in the human bed... at 25 lbs he's getting a little big for him and the both of us, plus the shedding.

    I guess we're still getting used to him as much as he's getting used to us. So we're doing a little trial and error to see what works. The good news he is wonderfully housebroken and generally a very good, cooperative, easy-going pet.

    Thanks for all the advice!
  • I, personally would not allow MoJo to sleep outside of his crate and outside of me hearing or seeing him. He just doesn't deserve the freedom. They are mischievious when you least expect it...preferably during the middle of the nite when everything is quiet. If your shiba is lonely, I agree with one of the members...put his crate in your room. Best of all solutions.
  • Bump......

    For three nights in a row Banjo woke me up around 2:30 am. No problem, I am a dog owner, I know what I signed up for.... late night pee breaks...

    But these aren't pee breaks!!

    At night, Banjo sleeps in my bedroom and has his choice of the floor, under the bed, or the dog bed and he rotates. However the last three nights, he has woken me up via whining and jumping at the door handle... when I open my bedroom door, he just runs into his crate and goes to sleep.

    I live in a one bedroom apartment alone... is it time to let him have more of the apt at night? What could this be!?

  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
  • @BanjotheBetaDog-I agree with Kira_Kira that maybe Banjo just wanted a change of scenery. Is it possible for you to gate off any potentially hazardous areas leading from your bedroom to the crate so that you could just leave your bedroom door open and he can go to his crate to sleep in the middle of the night if he wants to do that. Quake perfers sleeping in my bedroom on his bed so I really have had no experiences such as yours.
  • I said f it and just sleep with the door open. He can sleep anywhere but the closet and his go to spot is the bath mat in the bathroom. It's weird as he usually isn't allowed in the bathroom since he shreds the toilet paper. I think he is on good behavior at night. No issues. I hide all the pens.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
  • You have NO IDEA!! He is SUCH a butthead. I love him to pieces, but his douchebaggery has no bounds.
  • +1 for using the word 'douchebaggery' :-))

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