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Safety Question - Tie Out Cable Clips
  • bobc33bobc33
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  • You could switch an end with one of those repelling clips. THey should be purchasable at most outdoor stores.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • LosechLosech
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    Hmm, I've never had a cable tie come off before. Switching the clasps sounds like a good idea for something heavy duty and strong. If you use a carabiner a locking one would be best, they don't come off unless you make them.
    You could also make a safety of some sort, a short length of cable and a clip attached to the cable's loop where the clip is. Short enough that it won't get tangled up in the dog's legs. I dunno.
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  • bobc33bobc33
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    Huummmm, good ideas and thank you.

    A well fenced yard is just not in the budget and won't be for a couple of years minimum unfortunately.

    I have a non-locking caribiner which I can add to the cable clip. I guess that would be a bit more secure, but there is an outdoor speciality shop near me that I'm sure will have the locking type as I think that will be better, so I'll try them tomorrow.

    I have a twin leash attachment that has lobster claw clasps which do seem much more secure that the normal clasp. I tried googling but couldn't find a tie-out cable with lobster claws though, I'll keep trying.

    A friend just had her dog get free from the same type of tie-out as in the picture above which is what I use. He spent the past four days out in the woods in well below zero temperatures. They found him today and he has an injured leg which is paralyzed. I'll feel much better when I have more confidence in the tie-outs after whatever safety improvisation is made.

    Thanks again.
  • SayaSaya
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    Wow sorry about the neighbor's dog. =(

    Yeah I use the Tie out as a extra length for the 50foot leash though it's only in use when I'm outside Bella is pretty good with recall and so is Saya, but if she saw a new cat or leaf, squirrel etc. she might not listen like she does with no distraction..
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • bobc33bobc33
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    Sunyata, please continue to be the voice of doom, though I would call you the voice of reason. Safety is what it is all about for me at least. I inspect these cables constantly and disgard them at the slightest hint of any wear. I buy new ones probably on average once a month. While my two are daily on them out front, I am always right inside the door either on the computer or watching TV. If anyone approaches they do not know they bark and I am outside with them within a few seconds. We live on a very quiet dead end street thankfully.

    I did buy a couple of quality Black Diamond carabiners tonight, the guy said he would trust his life with them. I'm feeling a bit safer with them.
  • LosechLosech
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    Good choice, Black Diamond's are great. I've had a few of them and they are the hardiest carabiners Ive used.
  • bobc33bobc33
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    Well the bleeping flipping carabiner didn't work tonight. Thankfully it was in our friends fenced in backyard and not out front of my house. Scout is on a 40 foot tieout there because their fence is only 3 feet high and she could easily jump it. Thankfully she spends so much time there that even when she was free by habit she doesn't approach the fence.

    I'll be returning 5 carabiners tomorrow and getting the real locking type. I went with the "gate" ones because they were much simpler than the spin locking ones and two people at the store said they would trust their life with them. The spin lock ones may be a pain but she is worth it.
  • CaliaCalia
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  • Bump.

    In two weeks or so I am taking the fur monster to Northern Virginia so I can see my "nephew" (best friend's son). My buddy lives in a house with a big yard that isn't fenced in but does have trees all around it. I can't let Banjo out as he will undoubtedly go into the woods. That being said, I'd love to be able to hang out outside with him (he won't be outside unless I am with him). Was thinking of buying a tie out like the one below.

    It seems however that I shouldn't let him play while on this correct (as if he gets wrapped around it he'll get hurt)

    Also, do I need a special harness?

    (I've never used a tie out and prior to this search never heard of one, so forgive me for the dumb question).

    The plan was for my and my friend to hang out on the deck, bbq, etc while banjo plays in the yard.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • My buddy lives in Fairfax Station? I take rt 66 to.. 123 or 50 and then its a few turns to Ox Road? He lives off clifton road (I know it by sight more than street names). I may go out to leesburg (I own a large piece of land out there I planned on turning into a housing development, and need to check on it.)

    Thats VERY sweet of you to offer the harness, but if it is something I would use more than once I will order one for sure =). Seriously though, thanks. What size harness makes sense for a 31 lbs dog.. medium?

  • BootzBootz
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    31 lbs dog?!! Selling New ruffwear harness to Mr. Banjo!!

    -.- got one for Bootz because my husband wanted it. Every since we bought it, she only wore it once.....

    Not all shibas/dogs like webmaster because of how uhh...don't how to describe it. But it covers a lot of the dog, which is why Bootz doesn't like it. So you better make sure its something he likes!
  • Yeah, Banjo didn't come from the best breeder so he is def. above the shiba weight.

    I manage his diet and excersise so I know he isn't overweight in the health sense, just according to breed standards.

    On my way home from work today I have to stop by the pet store (out of the brats favorite treat. Crating him in exchange for a cookie doesn't get it done), I'll see if he likes the harness, and if he does, I'll PM you if you want to sell me yours?
  • @banjothebetadog - my guess is it would still be the small. The hiking harness that fits on my 25 lb boy is a small and there was still a lot of adjustment to be made upwards.

    My 17 lb girl wear's an extra small (hiking harness again) and to be honest, it still seems slightly big on her. The ruffwear harnesses seem to run a bit on the larger side but they are excellent.

    See if you can try one on at a shop somewhere. That is how we sized ours.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • Thanks everyone!!

    @sunyata, where in NoVa are you?
  • I will second the carabiner. I also love ruffwears harnesses (and customer service). I really am not a big fan of leaving dogs outside tied up but sometimes it's when you are out there with them. I did a remodel on my parents home and they have a dog that didn't get along with my dogs. I wanted to take my dogs along since I was going to have some long days. I used some slimmer climbing rope (please tie an appropriate knot) and carabiners. I don't remember the kind of rope but I still use the carabiners when I hike and what not. They come in handy....these are the kind I use. You could probably use some 550 paracord which is cheaper and much stronger than it looks. Just make sure it's not the look-a-like utility cord.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • melissafonmelissafon
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