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my Shiba has a drinking problem
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    My Zyere drinks his water fast and throws it up. What we noticed was that he does not do it when he drinks from his portable collapsible bowl which is smaller in diameter and doesn't allow him to suck down a lot of air. We are going to try switching his indoor water bowl to something similar. Maybe worth a try for you. I'll keep you posted.
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    Here is one of the good chains, quite long though, on this forum those of us who feed raw have posted in ...

    I quite believe raw, especially for the Shiba breed that is still so closely linked to their ancestors DNA, is the best diet. I understand though it is not for everyone and I don't believe dogs on kibble are prone to a bad life, my cats have been happy on kibble all their lives ... I have yet to consider transitioning them as they are free feederes.

    I like to think both of my dogs physical health and mental health though ... would I want to eat day after day after day the same thing in tiny hard pellet form just because some organization says it has the best balance of daily nutrition? Do I want to depend on some company who's only goal is to drive revenues to care about what works for my dog? Do I want to constantly worry about kibble recalls, especially in light of recent trends?

    With raw I completely control what their diet is and can give them lots of variety ... actually with raw the more variety the better for overall balance. I can adjust the meat, bone, organ content to best suit what their system handles. With raw my dogs have the mental stimulation of chewing just like their ancestors did. With raw the work put into eating keeps their teeth naturally more clean. At the end of the day my boys seem to enjoy raw much more than kibble.

    I do believe dogs shouldn't free feed and instead be treated more like human children and fed at given meal times, under 6 months at least 3 meals a day and up through a year at least 2 meals a day. I do believe you do have to put away food if the dog doesn't eat after a given period of 10-20 minutes, but I also do believe if they are skipping more than a couple meals in a row with no real reason then you do need to find something to encourage them to eat.

    You can also buy something like Grizzly Salmon Oil which is a good supplement for them and put it on their kibble (or raw food) to see if that encourages them too.

    The reason I suggest yogurt is because it is a good natural probiotic that can help if the pup is having digestive issues which are leading to discomfort and a lack of wanting to eat. You can also use Ark's Natural Digest to add a pre and probiotic to help with digestion, but that is a pill so wouldn't necessarily encourage them to eat a meal.
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    Nikko sometimes chooses to no eat his food. I use to be a free feeder (one meals worth at a time) but now that we got Ember she will eat all of her and Nikko's before he touches his food. I think that putting down only one or two meals a time is better because you can monitor them more closely on how much they are eating...are they eating the full amount every day? Is there a pattern? etc.

    Now, if Nikko doesn't eat in his "15 min allotted time" tough shit. He will eat at dinner if he is really hungry. Obviously if he really ate nothing for an extended period I would take him to the vet but he eventually gets hungry and eats when it is given. If I was putting out a weeks worth of food I might not even notice if he went a couple days without eating.

    As for the drinking, I think one of those spigot water bottles might be useful. Someone on here mentioned using one too.
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    I used to free feed my dogs too and we never had an overly weighted dog although, looking back on photos of one dog, she was a little heavy, but only when she got over 10. But I guess it depends on the dog and the amount of exercise. My mom would keep kibble out all day but would add human food after we were done with our dinner, which is when the dog would always eat. Our dogs never had an eating problem though. Seeing how your dog has issues at such a young age, I would not free feed. A little bit of hunger may be a good thing in her case. Be sure, also, that your food is not recalled. I've heard of a lot of dogs not eating food because it smelled bad, and the owners later found out it was recalled.

    I am another supporter of raw food diets. I started my boys on it about 4 months ago and they love it. Kaji never really ate with passion until I switched to raw. Now he looks forward to his meals and eats it all. Occasionally, he'll take a bone and run around the backyard, wondering where he can hide it. He then realizes he really wants to eat it and it disappears. Feeding raw is completely different than what I thought it was, and is an entirely different eating experience for both me and the dogs. Plus, they don't drink as much water since the meat has so much in it.

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