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Flying with a almost grown shiba?
  • HaloHalo
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    Halo is only 6 months old, but I have been looking into maybe flying out to Cali, to spend some time with by best friend whom I haven't seen in couple years. I wouldn't be flying out til maybe October. Halo will be almost a year old then. Have any of you ever flown with a shiba in the cabin? Are they too big at that age? I just worry about stupid airline people loosing my dog, and I don't want to leave her here for a week or 2 with my bf who will leave her home alone all day in her crate.

    My friend would come visit me, only I have no room for here in our tiny apartment and she has a german shepherd puppy which she can't bring, and it too afraid to leave with anyone else.

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  • BootzBootz
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    @Halo you will have to check with the airline you'd be flying with. Some are more flexible than others, and of course you'll have to let them know ahead of time. It depends on the height of your shiba.
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    @Halo - There are several other threads about flying with a puppy... Feel free to use the advanced search function or just check out the 'Travel' category.

    Since there are other threads, I am going to close this one. If the others do not answer your questions, feel free to post in the most relevant existing thread!

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