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Owning a Shiba Puppy - What do you love?
  • Psy1ockePsy1ocke
    Posts: 27
    What do you love about owning a Shiba puppy? What is the most difficult thing? Thanks for your input! =)
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    I love the prancing!!!!!
    I hate the teething (when he bites my daughter :( )
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    I liked how soft Conker was, how he bounced like a little deer (seriously. Cutest thing EVER) and his little funny puppy noises.

    I disliked house-training him since he was a pain. His cuteness, because he is afraid of strangers and EVERYONE wanted to pet the adorable puppy. Teething. First puppy I've had that's left one of his teeth in my hand.
  • bikingleiabikingleia
    Posts: 212
    I love: her intelligence, kisses, playfulness, friendliness toward strangers and other dogs

    I dislike: her nipping, fear of babies and kids, carpet chewing
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    I actually also love the way you watch then grow, from being cute cuddle bug, to being a biting/teething brat, to (I don't know since Kuma is only 4.75mo)...
    Oh I can't wait to watch my 3 kids grow (Kimiko, Kuma, and baby boy Kamden/Kheyon).
  • JoeyXotoJoeyXoto
    Posts: 26
    Sorry I have a side question ( don't mean to hi-jack the thread so if responders wouldn't mind coming back to me in a PM I would really really appreciate it! Just trying to do my homework before Zorro comes home :) ! )

    A lot of people have mentioned teething here... did these issues resolve themselves after some chewtoy training and correction?

    How did peple go about correcting the teething issue?

  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    My Sansa is 10 weeks old.

    I love when she gets all squirmy after taking her out of her crate when she's excited. I love when she yawns, it's the cutest sound ever. I love how intelligent she is. I love how she plays and puts her butt in the air with her head down.

    The not so great: Teething. Her newfound "pickiness" over her kibble. Not having slept through a night since we got her (although she's getting close to making it).

    I love my puppy to bits though.
  • lucylulucylu
    Posts: 500
    Give them as many chew toys as possible, but expect some damage. All of our tables now have that sought after "distressed" look to them
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • I forgot something...I LOVE puppy breath!!!! For whatever reason it reminds me of miracle whip lol.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Loved: Prancing, soft fur, and the fact Bootz came potty trained/housebroken.

    Disliked: Mouthyness
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    Hammond's almost a year old now, so some things I love/have loved:

    - His wooly lamb puppy coat
    - His tiny little wormy tail that is now plush and beautiful
    - His excited "roo roo roo" howl noise and "brr brr brr" grumbly howl noise
    - His yawn noises
    - His freakout monkey noises when I dance or sing at him
    - His ridiculous mule-kick when grass, mud, etc touch his back feet
    - Derpy Shiba smile, which he didn't start doing until he was like 6 months old
    - Super quick and easy house-training and crate training (lucky for me he was not a screamer)
    - Shiba 500s on tile floors
    - How adorable it is when he wags his curly tail
    - Watching him jump around to hunt bugs
    - Expressive face
    - Little kids thinking he's a werewolf
    - Coat blow: For some reason I absolutely loved sitting outside and picking tufts of fur off of him
    - Manic running when off-leash: ears down/back, tail down and fluttering behind him, ridiculous Shiba smile, crazy eyes, turning too sharply and skidding on his shoulder, haha

    Things I don't love so much:
    - Still very mouthy, which I don't mind (I like roughhousing with him), but when he gets too wound up he bites hard
    - Thinks biting my face is an acceptable way to initiate play-time
    - STUBBORN and has selective hearing
    - Coat blow: fur everywhere
    - Still thinks the cat is a chew toy
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  • Psy1ockePsy1ocke
    Posts: 27
    Aww, I love all of the comments! Thank you so much for responding. Many of them made me laugh and reinforced why I like the breed.
  • Hi!

    There are so many things I love about having a Shiba puppy:

    -So energetic and fun!
    -So smart. Shibas are super intelligent so we give him puzzles all the time.
    -We were able to potty train Raiden three days after he came into our home. He was fully potty trained (meaning none of his ninja poos when he knew we weren't looking) within the week.
    -That stubborn look when they know they are in trouble.
    -Gorgeous dog.
    -For lack of a better word, very ninja-like and clever. Keeps you on your toes!

    Not incredibly fond of:
    -Puppy teething (Ouch!)
    -This may not come off correctly in a post so I hope not to upset anyone but since Shibas are so beautiful and so unique, I have had several (as in eight since we brought him home) friends/ acquaintances ask me where we got him because they are thinking about getting one too. The problem with this is it takes a certain kind of person to raise a Shiba and these people are not necessarily fit (I believe, I get really protective of dogs that shouldn't be in certain homes) to have one (one has had several dogs before and keeps giving them away, another doesn't have any energy-not a great environment for a Shiba puppy, one works all day and stays out all night most nights, etc.). Long story short, people will become engrossed with your puppy and try to get one just because he or she is cute.

    Have a great day!
  • zazazaza
    Posts: 56
    I'm in the early stages but I love the sound of Kasha's yawn, prancing round the grass like a mini reindeer, her soft cuddly fur, the way she smells, her little cheeky bark when she doesn't get her own way and snuggling her when she is really sleepy.

    I dislike the shiba scream, the constant biting at my hands, ankles and toes, her stubborness, her picky eating and the cat chasing!

    For me the pros outway the cons, I did my homework before I got Kasha so I knew what to expect and she is worth it! I am looking forward till she matures as I want this teething stage over. I love her to bits :-)
  • JScarf5JScarf5
    Posts: 202
    -His soft soft coat!
    -His cute little face, even after he's chewed up half my carpet
    -The way he prances on his toys like a cat!
    -The famous Shiba 500's
    -His yawning (he does it a LOT while in the car)
    -How he gets super excited when I get home
    -How easy it was to potty train him and how he goes to the door to let me know!
    -His loyality and how smart he is!
    -Just love the whole breed in general! Great dogs!!

    Not so much loves....
    -chewing chewing chewing!! of my carpet
    -chewing of my fingers
    -chewing of my new shoes!
    -did I mention the chewing?? :)
    -the biting/teething
    -His stubborn-ness!!

  • jelliesjellies
    Posts: 142
    I like almost everything even the mouthy thing is cute when he decides to prep for sleep by putting his whole mouth around my forearm it's like a compromise we have worked out.

    dislike is how all his training evaporates if he doesn't need you for anything (treat dispensing, door opening etc). "Sit? give me a reason, human".

    every other like above mentioned and two I haven't seen:

    when he curls up to get serious rest, he does this cute tail flutter thing that somehow unwinds it, just before making the perfect C shape.

    he stalks a thrown soft toy, glides up like a hunting cat then pounces over the last 2 feet. When you see another puppy breed thats all legs and elbows it's obvious how highly coordinated Shiba is, it makes them more fun to watch. It's like owning a shiba you get a house cat thrown in for free.
  • MacMac
    Posts: 61
    He just turned 6 monthes but hes great. I love how smart he is. Above all else i have loved watching my guy figure stuff out. If he had thumbs i would be in trouble. My guy is very quiet so he only screams when getting his nails trimmed. He has always been well behaved. Very few potty issues, he loves people and always wants to meet everyone. Even his stubborn moments are cute. He wants something i say no and we argue. He responds with grunts until he finally gives up.

    The only stuff i dont like is he is getting mouthy. And getting worse. Usually when overly excited but still way annoying. Trying to eat his poo. Grosses me out so much.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
  • glitchglitch
    Posts: 189
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  • MikoMiko
    Posts: 225
    Miko's almost 10 months and i love:
    -the prancing
    -way he walks/trots
    -his beautiful brown eyes :)
    -all the cute positions he sleeps
    -the way he sighs when he cant have something he wants
    -his cleanliness, not even wanting to do his business in the yard (which is good because im in a 2 family apartment)
    -how well he is with other dogs, of all ages.
    -at feeding time, the way he looks at me asking for the okay to eat his food
    -really love that he's becoming more affectionate
    -when his ears go back out of happiness
    -when he does the shiba 500 in a big outdoor space, it's as if he has no limitations and he goes crazy
    -how soft and fluffy his neck fur is

    don't like so much
    -the mouthiness, his teeth are sharp now
    -he barks at all men or strangers he feels weird about
    -he barks at guests that come into the house
    -his fear of bikes or anything on wheels moving fast (not cars for some reason)
    -his anxiety in crowded areas
    -his selective hearing when in public lol
  • DebDeb
    Posts: 286
    -beautiful, exceptionally bright, cheerful and busy, easy coat care, they are well behaved for most things including tooth brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming and grooming, their independant personalities, and they're a portable size. My three are a lot of fun to do things with and take with me. They like to learn new things and do it in a hurry, the clever little boos. They make me smile often, whether it is their antics or their affection or their accomplishments.

    nothin' !
  • Grace just turned 2...

    I love..
    Her Smile, when she is happy
    How cute she is when she sleeps
    Her kisses
    The way she tucks her paws in when she is held
    How she kisses her best friend (a Westie)
    When she sticks her but in the air to show she wants to play
    How excited she gets when we say let's go bye bye

    I don't like
    When she blows her coat
    When she escapes from her collar and sprints down a road
    When she shows her teeth to new dogs
    When she growls at babies & little kids
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
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  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
  • @sunyata I forgot to mention she hates her harness too! We usually have to catch her off guard to put it on or else she runs around the house when she know we are going to put it on her.

    It's possible the harness isn't comfortable though she seems fine on walks.
  • Things I love about my Zoe Bear:

    How she cuddles up in between me and her daddy at night.
    When she gets excited and starts throwing her bone around expecting it to keep moving.
    Her whining and yelping when she hears us coming home.
    How fast she learns new tricks for treats.
    How excited she gets for car rides and seeing her best friend Riley.
    How well she plays with other dogs.
    I love love love it when she flops her tail and hearing the pitter patter of her feet as she runs.
    The morning kisses and how happy she is to be alive.

    Behaviors I could live without:

    Her ability to know exactly when she has the chance to get out and not hesitate in doing so (we've had to chase her about 7 times now, most of it was in the country though).
    How she likes to snuggle inbetween my fiance and I at night.
    How she will ignore us if the task we want her to do isn't up to her liking at that moment.

    I could go on forever. My dog is my world and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I love her to death.
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    like -
    the fluffy tail! and the way it wags when he's happy to see me
    the puppy dream noises
    his goofy sleep positions
    his crate face
    the airplane ears when he's playing
    the kisses
    the prancing and pouncing
    the cuddles

    dislike -
    the crazy noises - screams, cries, whines - when he doesn't get his way
    biting the leash
    biting me
    his attempts to eat everything he finds on the ground
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  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
    Posts: 206
    Like -
    I loved how cute and puffy Kit was when she was a puppy. Also the first time we heard her bark after getting her! We had mirrored doors on our closet and she saw herself in them, barked at herself, then walked around the side of the door into the closet looking for herself. It was sooooo cute, I wish she still did it!

    Dislike -
    Crate training! Kit hated her crate at first, she barked/whined/screamed the entire first night. The second night she stopped making noise after about an hour so we thought she had finally figured it out. I got up to go to the bathroom and saw this dark little spot run across the floor. She hadn't given up, she had broken out!! She eventually calmed down and now loves her crate, it's her safe place, but man did she hate it.

    Second dislike - Kit was a thief! She had a nasty habit of stealing things out of purses and off of tables. She took everything she stole and hid under the bed to annihilate it, not only was it annoying, it was also a little dangerous! She chewed up a variety of different things: chapstick, an entire container of vaseline, candles, a pink highlighter (this one was particularly funny because highlighters are nontoxic and she was tinted pink for a week), etc. We probably called the vet 5 or 6 times to make sure the stuff she chewed up wouldn't hurt her. Thankfully she seems to mostly have outgrown this...mostly.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1590
  • Like: His cuteness.
    Hate: His cuteness because he knows he's cute.


    I love his silly excited dance routine when playing with a treat, go naked stick, or a new bone (He buckles his front legs and for some reason has no use for them while he is dancing around, it's quite hilarious). Then at times he'll do some weird head jerk.
    I love how he always has to sit by someone when he is chewing on something. He'll sit next to your leg, on your lap, or even on your head...
    I love how he has join in when my husband and I kiss, and he won't stop kissing until we stop.
    I love his little wiggle when he gets so excited to see you and anyone (and I mean anyone... probably wouldn't like this if it was a robber) else come home or when he meets people. He especially loves kids.
    I love how he is always wanting to play with any dog he sees, whether it be a tiny chihuahua or a giant great dane.
    I love his yawns!
    I love how easy it is to teach him things.
    I love how he's getting used to swimming! It's so cute when his tail acts like a rotar!

    There are a lot more things I love about him, but this list will just go on and on and on.

    I hated his shiba scream (I've only heard it twice).
    I hated the first night of him being in the crate... Those cries were ridiculously scary.
    I hate how he can be stubborn at times. He made my husband and I have to look like dumbbutts in puppy class trying to get his attention.
    I hate that he loves taking my panties!
  • I love that he's funny, and he makes me laugh. I love how loyal he is. I love when he's happy; when he runs outside or chases a ball. I love how smart he is, and I love when he learns something new. I love when he follows me around, and we he greets me when I walk in the door. I love when he cuddles!

    I am of a fan of the mouthing, nipping, and chewing!
  • Tre26Tre26
    Posts: 96
  • I love how Kyoto stands up on his hind legs and acts like a person when he wants to play.

    Sometimes when he's bored, he'll spin my computer chair, only when I'm sitting it in though.
  • Love Desmo to bits.....goofy 19 month old red male.......he is just a lot of fun and a very good dog. Love his goofy looks, his quiet times, his sunbathing, his spazy cat paws when he meets another dog, his gorgeous curly tail, his smiling face, his ability to be on and off (just like us), his friendly personality, his courageous personality, his teasing fast running, his beautiful quiet self when he is curled up in his bed.....he is just a real sweety.......
    not so fond of his pulling on leash, his bathroon idiosyncracies (finding the perfect place to go "poop" can be a 45 minute ordeal and he will not go in our yard), and seems he might be a little much a great dog though.....we love him.
  • Love:
    His prance-y paws
    His soft coat
    His conversations with objects/us
    How smart he is

    The hair munching
    The 45-minute walk for us to come home and him poop in the house

    Timber is about 11 weeks old so this shall pass (with training and some luck).
  • bmass174bmass174
    Posts: 79
    Love how he:
    is smart, devoted, lovey, cute, just like a kid when he wakes up i get him out of his crate and as soon as he is done outside he plops down on my bed like okay now i sleep. Just five more minutes? haha. hes so amazing. Definitely the right dog for me.
    well, when i know he understands my request but he wont do it unless he sees a treat in m hand and how he gets muddy then gives me this look like "please spare me" when i take him in for a bath
  • Tre26Tre26
    Posts: 96
  • SlomissySlomissy
    Posts: 28
    I love the first thing in the morning... Kaia stretches out on her belly and crawls over for snuggles and kisses - Lupo rolls over and insists on belly rubs. Ahh.. puppy love!

    I hate the overexcitement and biting - when we get home from work, when company comes over and when anyone wants to pet when we are out and about. They do calm down pretty quickly, but they are both so hyper I am almost afraid they will hurt someone unintentionally.
  • Love
    -how well we communicate with each other
    -how sweet he is when in public
    -how he gets excited to see new people
    -how well he walks without having to do any training
    -how he's learned that biting= timeout, which maybe very long since I may forget about him

    -how he enjoys tearing apart persian rugs
    -how he goes days without an accident and then one day conveniently doesn't ring his bell and sneaks away to another part of the house to go potty
  • InuzooInuzoo
    Posts: 215
    Love- somedays nothing. (busy won't sit still into everything bitey /$)*^ dog).
    Hate- somedays nothing (sweet cuddle playful dog)

    As you can see, mixed emotions on this one. Haha. Truly she is an adorable challenge and at 9 months old is hitting yet another stage in development that we human will have to endure. For the most part I love her personality, cute little "I see you" bark when someone is in the woods behind us, how she props up on my lap every morning for daily massage, looks at me for reassurance, catches her toys during play, her smiles, .... Oh there are so many things. Currently I only hate that no dish towel is safe no matter how far back on the kitchen counter. :/. And I am not a fan of "bored" pup and the defiance to force her tired human to walk or play outside for an hour. Doesn't she know I just got my ass handed to me at work, jeeze Zooey chill.

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