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Shiba-Pomeranian? [never mind, potential pandora's box]
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  • MackersMackers
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    If you don't like some of the qualities of the Pom breed what is it that interests you about them, that they're smaller and fluffy? While there are general breed traits that you could make base assumptions for with dogs, every dog is different. The best thing to do would be meet breeders and owners though I'd imagine you won't find many making mixes like that outside of backyard breeders
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Why would anyone mix a Shiba and Pomeranian? I don't agree with knowingly producing mixes without a real good basis for why that benefits the resulting mix.

    Please don't support mixed dogs just as a goal to get a little bit of what you like from each, this is not the right mentality to take.

    Out of 400+ breeds find the breed that has the characteristics that you are looking for and work with a reputable breeder or rescue organization from there.
  • Ah sorry. ^^;
  • Idk, I was thinking it would be cool to have a dog with the body of a Shiba, the fur of a Pomeranian, and attributes of both.

    But I do sometimes come up with ideas that sound good on paper but aren't practical in real life.

    Again, sorry. :(
  • MikoMiko
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    Have you ever seen a wooly/long haired shiba?
    Their are a few member's with long haired shibas. Maybe that would interest you.

    Although i don't think they are bred to be long haired, it just happens in some litters.
  • Ah, cool.
  • You will find Shiba mixes out there, typically as the result of accidental breedings. They are usually listed on the Petfinder adoptions under Shiba. (Or check the Pom listings.) Check the Petfinders listings for your area --maybe you will find a Shiba/Pom mix that way -- and you might be able to rescue a dog.
  • Eh, I'd be happy with just a Shiba, having a Pomeranian mix would be a plus though. But if I can't get one locally I would be happy with a regular Shiba because they suit my housing situation.

    I would consider getting a Pomeranian to breed it with but no, if I don't think I could handle living with a pregnant woman or a child under 4 years old... I probably couldn't handle taking care of an animal family. And of course there is the hassle of giving the puppies I didn't want to good owners (and people who could handle Shibas at that)... and training the cute little Shiba-Pomeranian puppy I kept... yeah. Not a good idea for me to make one myself. LOL
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