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Any way to get them to like riding in a car?
  • amtiamti
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  • RikkaRikka
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  • TinkieTinkie
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    I think your dog is completely indifferent to car rides, and only dislikes getting into the car. And to be honest, I don't consider that a problem. :P Just keep on picking him up and putting him into the car.

    I would have kept him in the harness, in case you are in an accident. It probably won't go well for the dog anyway, but having him restricted will make sure the rescue workers can avoid him if he becomes aggressive.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Also, there's a post about this already, try using the advanced search function.

    Your dog seems to be ok w/ car rides, but if you really want to, you can try to add positive feel to the car. Feed her there, give her praises for going to the car, give her treats on car rides. Drive her to dog parks instead of walking... Any positive association you can do with cars will help a lot.
  • Merritt was the same way. We got a back seat cover, that is a "hammock style" and made the back seat "his space" by placing a small bed and some toys back there... He is now much more comfortable, I think it is because he has his castle and he can take his natural shiba place as king. We made a game out of the getting in the car. With the instruction of "load up" he will get in but it took about a week of tangible rewards. Currently, we are able to reward with praise only but every once in awhile we still get the "do it for me" look.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=bd95bfc55b7a9afb&biw=1024&bih=644
  • amtiamti
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    @kumaDUDE I did a search and must have not looked carefully because I just did another search and an old post came up. :) When he gets a little older, I'll take him to the dog park. Right now, I am sticking to dog friendly stores, friend's/relative's houses and school pickups.

    @Rikka, I have never had a dog that didn't want to go in the car. All the other dogs have jumped into the car, and looked out of the window. They only laid down if the ride was long. If I opened the window, they would stick their noses in the crack and enjoy the breeze. I get no such response from Kaji. If I step out and leave him in the car, he just lays there.

    @Tinkie, you might be right. But he squats and tries to fight going in the car. Once he is buckled, he lays down. Doesn't cry, doesn't get sick, doesn't look around- he just lays there and eventually sleeps. Just such an unexpected behavior from an otherwise active dog. I thought he'd outgrow it too. Seems he'd rather stay home and be crated. And I agree with you on the harness. Kaji doesn't really move around, but Taisho does. Taisho looks from window to window, so he really needs to be restrained. And for safety's sake, I make everyone in my car buckle, so it just seemed natural to buckle the dogs.

    @kerichelle, That's a neat idea! When I no longer have to taxi the kids, I may do that!

    @shibamistress, That's too bad your Akita and Kai don't like car rides too. Well, at least they aren't barfing, right? I do feel a tiny bit of progress was made when Kaji went into the car himself. Up to then, we had to pick him up to get him in. He wouldn't even go near it. But like you said, he may just be getting better about tolerating the ride, and not enjoying it, which is what we want.

    The other post said that some dogs are like humans and just get sleepy in cars. So maybe that is what happens to Kaji. I just wish he liked traveling with me a little more. Thanks all for your input!
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  • InuzooInuzoo
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    Sounds to me like the car is a non issue for your pup. Zooey has no problem going in, jumps in most of the time but whines a lot unless she's touching someone. We've tried gingersnap cookies, peanut butter, treats and nothing works unless she's tired. When she's tired she sits or lays quietly. Half the trip to the mountains is Zooey's song. We just let her go and praise her quiet times.
  • LosechLosech
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    I fed Conker in my Jeep for a few weeks before I drove 2,000 miles across half the country with him. I started with the Jeep off, then on, then idling slowly in the parking lot, etc. To get him to jump in I would stand outside the Jeep and put his food in there then tell him to jump in, and just wait for him to jump in on his own so he learned that is how he gets into it. I only assist him if his leg is acting up.
    It's taken him a long while to actually like riding in the Jeep. At first he just tolerated it, but now he kinda looks forwards to it. He loves to come with me when I go places and just stays in the Jeep if he can't come in (weather permitting) and gets really miffed if I leave him at home instead. He also knows that most of the time when he gets into the Jeep we are going hiking, so he likes it because of that association.
    Conker likes it when the window is down too and will get real annoyed if I don't roll it down for him. It's difficult to drive with a dog constantly going Aruff. Rrrruff. Arooorfh. Brrruf. RUFF!

    Juneau and Sasha are odd about the Jeep. They are all like OH YES! GET IN THE JEEP GO FOR A RIDE! Then they get all scared once it's moving... They are fine if I talk to them though, so I spend the whole drive yaking away to keep them chilled out. I can't leave their windows down though, since Juneau will jump out.
  • All my dogs have had different reactions to the car. One dog would always end up pooping in the car she would get so nervous and worked up. And she wouldn't stop crying through the whole car ride. Another dog will pant and shiver a bit. And my current dog loves car rides. He sits very nicely in the passenger seat. Knows only when I turn the engine off that he can move from that seat. He also loves visiting with people when we go through a drive through. LOL.
  • amtiamti
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    Thanks all- I had no idea there would be so many different opinions on cars for dogs. II should count my blessings that he doesn't get sick or whine.

    @Losech, my daugher has a Jeep and they are pretty bumpy-I'd think that would be hard to balance for most dogs. That's great news that Conker looks forward to riding with you now. Gives me hope that one day Kaji might start liking rides too.

    @notoriousscrat, I too, have forgotten that Kaji was in the car because he gets so quiet. Luckily I looked in the back seat before heading inside! He usually sits in the passenger side, but I must have had my son in the seat so Kaji had to move to the back.

    @sarahzilla, I'm going to have to try the drive through! I bet that would be fun!
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  • When we got Nookie she wa 9 months old and already had 2 homes.Taking her for a ride she would shake and cry after a few trips to the dog park car she loves to go as seen in the profile pic
  • amtiamti
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    Samaasen, THat's too funny about Bear. My dogs step on me at times and I push them off. I think they forget I'm there sometimes. At least with Bear loving car rides so much, you can always use the car as a treat to lure him in the car when he gets loose. Opening the car door was the most effective and fastest way of catching our Samoyed, when she got loose.

    Misterelwood, we are Taisho's third home but he's the one that loves cars. If I have to leave him home crated, he shakes and whines and looks like he's going to cry. It is really hard to watch so I have to leave immediately. I think he wants to go in the car to be with me (separation anxiety). Funny how different dogs will act differently when exposed to similar situations. I wish Taisho would stop shaking and crying when I leave...
  • tatonkatatonka
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  • amtiamti
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    Kenzola, great idea with the bed and transporting your little one home! I brought a dog bed to my mom's house and Kaji slept in it while we drove there. They are a bit too bulky to keep around for me though, and it really didn't make Kaji enjoy the car more. If anything, he just slept more comfortably.

    Tatonka, that harness looks very familiar. I think we own one too. Love that picture too! I have a nylabone in the car, but nothing else. He's not responsive to anything other than petting, in the car. I don't think we've ever let him crawl around. I'll try that! Once he's in the car, he tends to lay down and stay put. He must think it is a traveling crate or something.
  • zazazaza
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    Kasha hates getting into the car and will throw a bitch fit by resisting and pulling against me. I have to carry her from the house to the car just to get her in. Once she is inside she will sit and look out the window or else sleep and she seems perfectly content, not so much as even a moan from her. I think they have funny notions and then realise this isn't so bad. I hope she grows out of this too as it can be a nightmare when you are in a park with a lot of other people and dogs and they are so well behaved about getting into their cars and I have a crazy maniac on the other end of the leash throwing a fit, lol!
  • DebDeb
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    Treats and bribery have worked well for us when desensitizing/counter conditioning an apprehensive dog. Even eating a peanutbutter cookie and sharing bits with the dog has helped. People food seems to be the highest value treat I can find so when high value dog treats aren't attractive, I use people food like mozzarella sticks, cold cuts, cooked chicken, even peanut butter cookies. I wouldn't say that peanutbutter cookies are something the dog should eat much of, just a few tiny bits in one short session. It seems the dog's point of view is something like: if mom can eat this situation can't be that bad and maybe I can get a crumb or two as well. Getting their attention focused on me and the yummy goodies I'm enjoying is a first step to helping get the dog closer to the goal, whatever the goal is when other treats just aren't tempting enough. When doing this it is key to start treating before the dog is so upset and distracted they can't eat and to try not to flood the dog to the point they can't eat. When a dog is so stressed out they can't eat, they can't learn anything positive either.

    So, for the end result of having a dog able to ride in the car without being stressed, start with getting the dog close to the car, then maybe next time depending on how the dog is doing you might advance to sitting in the car tossing treats out to the dog, play at it like the car is a wonderful play house and you are having lots of fun, smiling and happy. Maybe you will only be able to advance next to touching the car door, but you will know by how the dog is acting what size steps to take. Step by tiny step and quitting while you're ahead with lots of short sessions with the aim of getting closer to the goal is what has worked for our disadvantaged rescue dog who has emotional baggage. It is a time consuming type of training but it sticks and has been worthwhile in our situation. It is more about shaping how the dog feels and making things fun to convince them to comply with what you want them to do because nothing bad is going to happen and the snacks are good. Then to complete this the treats and bribery are phased out slowly as the dog becomes confident, but continue to give surprise treats or rewards every so often.

    I hope I've explained this in enough detail to help if you choose to try this kind of approach. Good luck helping your dog learn to be less stressed.
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  • amtiamti
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    Zaza, Kaji is very similar but maybe not as reluctant. Once he figures we aren't going for a walk but a car ride, he will not come to the doorway, so I just leave him home. If he has to go or I am ready to leave, then he protests by squatting down and not coming once the car is in sight. That is when I have to pick him up and place him in the car. He doesn't try to run out or anything though. And he it is as if he decides it isn't so bad and just lays down and sleeps too. He sort of reminds me of the child who yells, "she's not my mom!" in front of people, but once in the car, decides to return to being part of the family.

    Deb, Kaji will walk right by the car when it is parked outside. We go by our cars all the time when we take walks and have no issues. I think he would rather stay home than ride in a car. So weird... Maybe it is like me and planes... I'd rather be someplace where my feet touch the ground.

    One thing that is helping is Taisho. If I call Taisho, Kaji comes running, and vice versa. They are jealous of each other. lol. Taisho loves going places and riding in the car, so when Taisho jumps in the car, Kaji feels like he might be missing something and isn't as reluctant. He's still not happy, but not resisting as much. That was when Kaji went into the car himself, so we are making a bit of progress. When I took him to the pet store yesterday, I had to carry him into the car again since Taisho didn't come. But he did sit up and look for a few minutes before laying down. I have decided that if he wants to sleep and not look around, then it really isn't that bad of a thing. Seems like a lot of other dogs do that too. Much better than getting sick. :)
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  • My 4month old shivers badly when ever she gets in the car. So we make sure that after vet appointments and such, we bring her to a store that she likes and as soon as she has met everybody she no longer shakes when back in and goes to sleep. After a 10hr plane ride and the. 3 hrs in a wonder why she doesnt like it! She wont take treats or play in the car, just sleep. But we always follow a car ride with something positive. It does help a little.
  • MooseMoose
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    My puppy is pretty small, and doesn't have this issue yet, since I still carry her. However, maybe if the car becomes something with a positive association, it would help?

    I would use a ball with treats/kibble and toss it into the car, and then say some sort of command to get the dog to jump in. I would also sit in the back seat and play with the dog so it's associated with something fun.

    I know the trainers I email also say it's common for a dog to have anxiety if they associate the car with a specific routine. For example, one of the trainer's clients used to always use the car to drive the dog to the vet, but would walk to out the back door to the park. However, if there's a place the dog likes to go, maybe you can take the dog on a short ride and walk the dog afterwards, so it can understand the car isn't bad.

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