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URGENT Temporary Foster Homes Needed for Upcoming Commercial Breeder Release
  • ‎***URGENT FOSTER HOMES NEEDED***SIRA is in need of 3 foster homes in the greater Chicago area by this weekend! As you may already know, we saved 6 shiba inu from a commercial breeder this past weekend thanks to all of our volunteers! But we are still expecting 6 more this comming weekend or the following weekend, and we still needing temporary foster homes for 3 of them. Please email me at if you are interested in helping.

    These are the following shiba inu needing temporary foster homes.

    2-year old-female
    2-year old-Female
    6-year old-Female

    Thank you!

    Check out the adorable little guy who was one of last weekend's rescues. He's 3.5 months old and just the most adorable little guy imaginable, even though one of his ears had been chewed off at the puppy mill.

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    Passed this info to the Chicago Shiba Inu Meetup organizer.
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