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full on diarrhea 7 days now?
  • jelliesjellies
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    I took him (7 months old) to the vet on day 2, they gave me some antibiotics of the kind that cap bacteria, and advised boiled chicken with a bit of probiotic yogurt so that is what he has been on. It is all but day 7 and his runs haven't changed one bit. The twice daily anti-biotics are finished.
    His movements are just brown water and he has to go every few hours. When I walk him the second attempt ends with some drops of blood. Temperature ok, energy-wise I'd say he is about 70% of his normal self vs about 50% earlier in this bout. Still very interested in other dogs but a lot more sleeping in general. He is keen on his bland diet too.

    I've asked the vet what now - I suppose they will ask for a sample to do testing, but this doesn't seem right to me: boiled chicken goes in, brown water comes out. For this long?
    Also to make matters worse his monthly heart tablet is now a week overdue, I don't want to give it him as it usually makes him slightly puke.
    He has never had digestion issues prior to this.
  • jelliesjellies
    Posts: 142
    yeah to be fair they were careful to give me instructions to check hydration and I have been doing that. His gums bounce back to pink, not too tacky. The scruff of his neck doesn't "tent", even his nose is wet.

    On tuesday I checked in to say, well, when can I expect this to clear up? they said 3-5 days. This is day 6, so I'll get him in tomorrow hopefully with a sample :(

    edit: I made a re-appointment for 10:30am tomorrow..
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Good luck, hope they find answers. I have heard blockage can cause diarrhea, so if the meds aren't working maybe they need to check for that?
  • Good luck. 7 days is not normal and usually meds start noticeably helping by day 1 or 2. I would get a second opinion asap. My vet ( not the type to order unnecesary tests) would have asked me to come in asap had I called them on Tuesday, as you had.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • MikoMiko
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    It does sound like Giardia, as these were the symptoms Miko had. Very runny, smelly poo and frequent bowel movements. Definitely take in a stool sample on your way to the vet.
  • SayaSaya
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  • jelliesjellies
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    The antibiotic he has finished was metrogyl which is metronidazole, I think that should have done in the giardia by now?

    The only trigger possibilities I can think of on the lead up to this were a predilection for chicken poo snacks - his access has been cut off now. He also has had a recent habit for crunching up more than a few pencils. There was a lot of drenching rains and then some pools of stagnant water in the dog walk areas he drank from more than one muddy stagnant looking pool, aping other dogs. But overall, nothing stands out :(
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @jellies, it is my understanding if it is giardia that getting rid of it requires a lot of work and that metronidazole doesn't always work. If it is giardia I have heard that panacur is the most effective treatment. I believe you also have to clean and treat the areas he has been to prevent re-infection.

    Good luck.

    By the way I like the Ark Naturals Gentle Digest that @Saya mentioned, along with food changes, a month long use of it seemed to really help Bear's system stabilize after we had a long period of soft serve stool issues we worked on to resolve.
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  • BootzBootz
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    ^ @INU RYUU, that one of the reasons why I don't let Jackie and Bootz drink public water anymore (Even though they have been princesses on their own and don't drink water in public....)

    Bootz/Jackie caught Giardiasis at the dog park once. But they didnt show any symptoms...poo was solid...normal bowel movements. I just happen to do their yearly fecal test and was told they had giardia.

    @jellies, I really hope you figure out whats wrong, as diarrhea is a pain to deal with...and is probably stressful for your puppy
  • SayaSaya
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  • RikkaRikka
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  • jelliesjellies
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    vet has upped the fire power now got amoxyclav which is a combo antibiotic first dose he got as a needle, and probiotic in sachets and a clagging liquid peptosyl (bismuth salicylate) to give me a break. he said they have a number of dogs in care with similar diarrhoea and thinks it might be a cluster of something but they don't know what exactly.
    he has lost a lb in weight over the last 5 days.. but is otherwise hydrated and almost normal only I can tell he isn't genki.
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  • amtiamti
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    My Kaji had a bad case of the runs about two months ago, but he never had any blood. I would be quite concerned because of the blood. My vet was not worried bc he was not dehydrated and was still active and playful. I kept him off food for 12 hours, and then just gave him just rice- and only a little at a time. Once his poop started to have shape, then I added chicken breasts. Have you tried just rice? Many dogs are allergic to chicken which is why I started with just rice. I then went to no grain and then tried the regular puppy food. He was still okay with half rice and half puppy food. I *think* his runs were because he was getting too much protein in his dog food (Blue Buffalo). The runs came right back when he went back to full puppy food, so I had to repeat the process all over again. When I mixed puppy food with regular dog food, he no longer had the runs. And by runs, it was soft poo at first, and then always ended with a major explosion where it was brown water. What concerns me about your pup is the drops of blood... Kaji never had that.

    I felt really bad for him. I hope your pup gets well soon! Good luck to you too bc I know how frustrating this is!
  • You should have the bet check his vitamin B level. It could also be a form of IBS.
  • jelliesjellies
    Posts: 142
    Just an update for the record, first sign he got better was poop strike about day 8, two days after he started the alternative antibiotics.

    48 hours later he ended that strike on a late night walk - he came home beside himself with happiness. he has been eating like a machine since then.

    I guess it was some form of acute colitis, underlying cause unknown.
  • jennajenna
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  • tatonkatatonka
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  • Bump.

    Nyms been having diarrhea now for three days.

    Day one we had a lil in the morning, gave her some pumpkin/plain yogurt, and the poop firmed up by noon and evening, then we left her for a few hours and came back to an expen surrounded by runny, runny poo. She didn't eat dinner.

    Day two we had more diarrhea and vomitting in the morning so we made a vet appointment. She didn't eat breakfast. I tried giving her a little yogurt/pumpkin to no avail. The vet prescribed some probiotics, chicken and rice, and metronidazole. We gave her the chicken and rice, which she loves and the metronidazole for dinner. She hated the taste of the metronidazole. She acted fine all evening.

    Day three (this is where I'm concerned) we wake up to a puppy that is acting like an 80 year old hungover drunk. She's moving slowly and shaky and sporadic, she tried to jump up on the bed like she does every morning and she fell on her face. We picked her up to take her outside and she lost control of her bowels, runny, liquid poop all over the floor. More diarrhea outside. We held off on the morning dose of metronidazole, and after I did some research and found out that it can have neurological/muscle weakness side effects, and called the vet. By the time we get to the vet she's acting like her old puppy self, but the vet ran blood tests and gave her some subcutaneous fluids, so we were there for about an hour. That hour, I guess gave time for the excitement of the vet to wear off, and she started showing the same weird symptoms as earlier, which the vet got to see. She recommended giving her a half dose of the metronidazole, and seeing how it went, which we did. Over the course of the day she started to seemingly get better, but now 6/7 hours after the 2nd dose, she's showing the symptoms again. Called back the vet, and she took her off the metronidazole.

    Has anyone else's dogs had this reaction to metronidazole/flagyl? Have you had something else that worked better?
  • @lauratherose - my pups have never had a problem the only time they've had to be on the medication. However, perhaps the excessive diarrhea is resulting in a vicious dehydration cycle even with the subcutaneous fluids. I would definitely keep monitoring and think about looking for a second opinion (esp if this keeps going). I would also suggest investing in some unflavored pedialyte. We try to always keep some on hand and mixing with a bit of water. It helps to combat the effects of dehydration. I think it can only help, not hurt (though it is only a supplemental measure). Puppies (if I recall correctly Nym is under a year old) feel the effects of dehydration faster and to a greater degree than older dogs.
  • Thanks for the pedialyte tip, we'll definitely look into it.

    Spot on with the dehydration, hubs didn't realize, and I noticed when I got home that her tongue was a little less pink than normal, so we've been alternating chicken broth and water in teaspoons to get her to drink (she's such a diva and will not drink either from her bowl tonight, but do what we must to keep her hydrated). So far that has worked, to get her tongue and gums to pink back up. We've been doing that every 10 mins or so.

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