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How many different names do you call your Shiba?
  • Our Shiba's name is Hideo. I also call him monkey, pumpkin, my little angel, good boy, bad boy, little man, and crazy Shiba!
  • Bruce, Bruce-zilla (when he's destroying something) and Pumpkin.
  • InuzooInuzoo
    Posts: 215
    This is funny seeing how our new pup has had 2 name tags!!! I'm holding on the final for tag thank goodness she can't read. My husband picked a name, we decided to cement it in a tag, then he decided it sounded like a boys name 2 days later. So, we picked a Japanese name, got to be we all had to think twice before we said it (old people and recall I guess). Goodbye tag number two. So the men in the house decided on Zooey (Zoey). That has become Zonobo, Zozer, Zo-Zo. She also gets Pup, Pupster, and my favorite when she does something dumb ... Dumazzzzz. My favorite is Zonobo.... Might have to make that the final name tag and confuse everyone. ;)
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    Wow, surprised I haven't commented on this yet!

    Hammond gets called Hammond, Booger, Booger-dog, Goober, fuzz-butt, pup-pup, pupper(s), doofus/goofus/goofball, asshole/jerk/brat, OI!, Hamster (very rarely), Fluffers, pooper/pooper-dog, You (hey, you. commere, you. get out of there, you!), Maniac, Spaz (apologies, I know this is an offensive term in some areas).

    A couple friends like to call him "fox-eared asshole", which is a quote from the show Archer. Friends tried to call him Hamm/Hammy and I was like "NOPE!".

    He seems to THINK his nicknames include Zephyr, mao-mao, kitty-kitty, kitty, etc., since whenever I call the cat he comes tearing over to hipcheck her away from me.
  • Our family has about 25 different nick name for Meishu! I will just share the latest.

    Stinker Pinkerton. LOL
  • jsanjsan
    Posts: 15
    We mostly call Yomi by her name. When she runs amok and rolls around I call her Crazy Girl, and if she follows me like my shadow I call her Minion. My mother likes to call her Yo-Yo.

    For Rory, we sometimes call him Ror-bear or Pup.
  • mandumandu
    Posts: 135
    It's a wonder Mandu responds to his name since we call him all of the following things:

    Chichipoochipoo, Gigi, Mandubello, Scroopet, Mandarusky, Whiskers, Cipollina, Vita...
  • Umi (Oomi)
    Oopi, Oopipi, Oop Oop, Little Pee, PeePee, Little Stinker, Fluffy Butt, Monkey Dog, Shiawase-nu (Happy Dog in Nihongo)....etc etc.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
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  • pdleepdlee
    Posts: 73
    I call her "fluffy butt", "puppy", "p-p-p-pria", and "baby ho" as a joke.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    wow T_T everybody calls their Shiba so many different names.
    I called Bootz ... "Bootz" and "Boot Bootz"
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
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  • KitsuKitsu
    Posts: 765
    Mika: Mika, furball, bitch (jokingly, not in a mean way), bastard (again, jokingly kind of, I say it when she does something bad and then i hug her and put her in her crate), weirdo, foxy
  • GatsuGatsu
    Posts: 651
    Guts: Gutsy, Son B****, Senor Gutsy

    Gidget: Gidge, Little Babies, Gidget Babies, Senorita Gidget.
  • Enjoyed all the name-calling, everyone! Funny funny people!

    Our Kobe-San goes by Kobe - usually.
    •With the dog's curly tail and the dark punctuation, My husband's first response was, "Ugg!" So the name-calling began with Cula Boy (a Spanish term for butt).
    •The girl child came up with a clever one- Kobe-San Kenobi.
    •I usually call him Baby Boy (mama's boy!) or Steiff Man. Yep, he's a Steiff teddy bear- soft fur but not very cuddly.

    ... And the doggie just rolls his eyes...
  • glitchglitch
    Posts: 189
  • This is a fun thread! Okay let's see

    Saru: Butt Face, Saroos, Drama King, Vegeta, Good Boy, Froofy Butt, Hey You!, Poopie (not poop, but baby talk Puppy), Saru Pants, Psyco Dog, and my mom likes to call him Jerk Dog, because he tends to ignore her when she wants to pet him.

    Hime: Himays, Good Girl, Princess....not much for her.
  • Aiko1Aiko1
    Posts: 149
  • BarbiBarbi
    Posts: 13
    Haha about 100. Banksy turned into poopy when he was a puppy then, poo, boo, pooburt, and now he answers to Burt more than Banksy.
  • zobie02zobie02
    Posts: 89
    Ryu is his name but I call him Rye lots of times along with buddy, sometimes stinky-butt or stinky, little-guy or big-boy.
  • KenzoLAKenzoLA
    Posts: 55
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    Aside from his name? Well, let's see...

    B, A$$, Dummy, Dumb A$$, Dog, Brat, Ugly (when his lips furrow and he shows teeth), Dumb Dog, Jerk, Stinky, Dirty Dog, Jack A$$, Beautiful (wife only... Haha), and a few others.
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  • zazazaza
    Posts: 56
    I have been calling Kasha baby doll a lot recently, do not know why, lol! :-)
  • I'm so glad everyone does this! makes me not feel as crazy. everyone's response made me laugh, such great names!

    I call my lulu, lilu, lucita, loots, loots-mc-goots, meeki dog, sheebie, and some I won't even try to spell ^_^ she has different names for different moods.
  • LaurenLauren
    Posts: 42
    I do find it funny that someone Honey responds better/faster when I call her Buns, or Huns. I guess since it's more like "Buuuuuuuuuuns!" :)
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    Besides Sansa, I also call her Sansy, and Santz-Pants (so it rhymes). Not sure why. Also cuddle pup, but that's not very often as you may imagine due to her Shiba personality.
  • LOL.. I was just telling someone at work all the names I call my Jibo. Jib-meister, Jeebus, Jibonator, The Jeebster, Monsieur Jibo, Senor Jibo, Poopy mouth (he likes to eat certain things), Pretty Boy, Barky-McBarkerson, Little Man, Jibs. And just today I had brought him to my folks house after a vet appointment for a rabies shot, and I made a comment the vet still thought he was too thin (he is just naturally that way, but I try my best to fatten him up). Anyway, my family started joking that he was a skinny pretty boy model, and we kept asking him to do Blue Steel. Heh.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
  • KimuraKimura
    Posts: 191
  • WolfHallWolfHall
    Posts: 61
    I thought I'd resurrect this thread, cos it's fun. Moshi's nicknames are: Mosh-Mosh, the Fuzzball, Moshikins, My Fuzzy Valentine, the Dieb (pronounced Deeb), the Fuzzy Dieb, Dieby, Dieby-the-Dieb, Barky McBark, Baddie Dieb, Sheeby, Mosh Kosh B'Gosh.
    "Dieb" is the German word for "thief" but I have no idea why we started calling him that, he actually never steals things!
  • LemonChickenLemonChicken
    Posts: 184
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  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    I like how everyone's names are really similar in some cases. XD

    For Tali, she's dog or "hey!" when we're unhappy with her - or poop eater which is self explanatory. Chomp Chomp, your Highness, your Majesty, puppy, baby, Quarian for anyone familiar with where her name comes from, kami kaze dog because she's always trying to eat things that can possibly kill her and lazy butt. :D
  • NalasPapaNalasPapa
    Posts: 8
    Nala: Nala Bean, Beanz, Nala bear, little bear, honey bear, bubs, Fox, and LEAVE IT! haha..
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    I call Kaji: Kaji Baby, Silly Boy, Pretty Boy, Good Boy, Mama's Baby, Mama's Good Boy (when he's bad, he's always someone else's dog). Now that he's a year old, I may have to drop the baby...

    I call Taisho, Big Boy, Cuddle Baby and Good Boy. My daughter calls him Ann-chan's Bebe. Yea, she really wanted to name him Ann-chan's Bebe but no one else calls him that.
  • jennjenn
    Posts: 856
  • Cooper_Cooper_
    Posts: 21
    Oh gosh get ready haha. Cooper is obviously his name and what he goes by but he is referred to as: gooby, goob, goobert, gooberton, coopy, coop, and dr doo doo pants haha. He will actually respond to both cooper and gooby
  • Ginger: ginger-turd, ginger baby, baby, the baby, baby turd, monster, jerkface (when she bites too hard or only goes to the door after I've called her 10 times to go out and just sat down) rotten, spoiled, polar bear, kid, marshmallow.

    The funniest thing to me us that she happily knows all of these names mean we are talking about her in even just padding conversation, and gets happy about it. Lol
  • EmiChanEmiChan
    Posts: 35
    I think Emi's names would all get child services called on me if she was human!
    Devil Spawn
    Little Shit
    Butt face
    Land shark

    Ya, Emi is all about getting in trouble all the time...
  • DeacDeac
    Posts: 14
    Zyere pronounced (Zy Ear) - We call him Zy, Zee, Peanut, and Boo Boo.
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    I have to throw in "pooper" and "pooppup" for when she's being naughty.
  • KikkiKikki
    Posts: 73
  • KentaKenta
    Posts: 236
  • natashanatasha
    Posts: 122
    Yuki gets called Yukster the Pookster, Poopy Butt, and Lady Yuki Featherbottom.

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