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shiba jealousy?
  • Ok so I have had my one shiba named Xavier for about 1 year. He is a kind animal friendly shiba and has had many doggie visitors to his home before. As time passed he became a little lonely, so I brought home another shiba puppy for him to play with. At first they got along great! The puppy (named Argo) adores Xavier, but Xavier now gets in like a weird mood every now and then and hides behind furniture and.underneath it as well. He looks around timidly when I approach him when he is in this mood and does the nervous licking... whats going on here?? :(

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    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Resource guarding.
    Plus you got two shibas of same gender?
  • Yes they are both boys ones a year and the other is 9 weeks
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
  • What do you mean by resource guarding??
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)
  • BootzBootz
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    Same gender can be fine.
    Has the puppy shown any aggression with food or toys?
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Oh it's Been months since you've had them together, read that wrong /sorry I'm a lol tired
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Could it be you are not giving both shibas alone time to play w you? Just a thought.
  • XabiXabi
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    Your attention is the resource that they are now competing for, and your older shiba may feel like he's not getting as much of it as he had previously. Resources can be anything, typically food, toys, chews, people, interactions. When I got my second shiba, I made a particular effort to spend an hour of quality time with my oldest every day for the first three months or so. We'd either go to the dog park or run errands together. That way he was feeling like he wasn't being replaced. It seems silly, but I think it is important.

    My shibas never fought (though they play fight like demons), but the disposition of my older shiba did change. He's much more "adult" now, and I've noticed he doesn't seem to appreciate the attention of puppies so much now. When we all go to the dog park, depending on the situation, he may play with his sister or he may go out on his own for "personal time" since his little sister can be a demanding pest. He may stick close to me for a bit too. It's natural that your older shiba will need to adjust to his new role, and you need to be able to help him transition to the new life with all of you in the pack.
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  • I feel the same way. When i brought home my second shiba, I spent a lot of time with my oldest and kept them separate for awhile so they would have their own space. I also took time to develop a relationship with my little one separately who is more aggressive(in a fearful) way. Now they do well together although they play so rough. If he gets too rough she let's out a little yelp and he backs off. I still noticed though while I treat them in their crates, when they have bully sticks, he wants her to have nothing! He is still possesive over every chew and toy in the house. He doesn't bark or growl, he has always been fairly quiet generally, but he will go over there and take it. So I discourage this and keep the leadership in the house.
    My older boy' s disposition did change though. He used to be by my side laying at my feet constantly. He is now more reserved and he doesn't mind her laying in my lap. Very similar to Xabi.
    I probably wouldn't let him hide. Provide a distraction something he likes to do and shower him with affection.
  • Thanks for the advice! I guess I should take him out for some more alone time like you guys have said!
    Shiba Mom of Two (Xavier 1 1/2 red male) & Argo ( 6 month red male)

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