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  • JessJess
    Posts: 70
    For Christmas I had asked for a new sewing machine (with the idea of sewing Kuma's ripped up toys and some other fun projects) After researching dog beds I saw this beautiful dog bed and thought I would tackle this as my first project.

    I've been cursing my way through the project because I keep on making additions that are out of my skill set of pretty much no experience lol I finally finished the inner pillow tonight that will go inside the removable cover (for washing purposes)

    I put the bed at the foot of our bed for Kuma to test and he's PASSED out looking so comfy.. normally he puts himself to bed on our bed before we put him in the crate. He is melting my heart.. definitely encouraged to keep going with the cover :)
  • PupChowPupChow
    Posts: 100
    Awesome! Would love to see a picture of the finished product! Also thanks for the link... I'll see if I can bribe my gf into making one as well. ;-) Mac's Action Adventure Stories
  • JessJess
    Posts: 70
    Here it is :)


    Teeth :D

    It ended up being square since it's my first ever sewing project and I felt a little overwhelmed at the idea of making it round haha.
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    Very Very nice!! Your pup will be in heaven for sure. Now to hope he doesnt chew on it!! You certainly did a great job for your first sewing project!
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    Very nice!
  • meggersmeggers
    Posts: 37
    The bed looks so comfy! You couldn't tell it's a first project. Nice job!

    On a side note, Your shiba looks SO much like mine. haha
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    Wow! It looks amazing! You have some talent there! :)
  • THAT's your first sewing project!? Impressive.
  • DebDeb
    Posts: 286
    You did a GREAT job with this!!! And your pup looks so happy with it. What a wonderful mom!
  • That is beautiful!
  • ttddinhttddinh
    Posts: 117
    i LOVE it! how long did it take u to do it?
  • Love that second picture. Kumas saying 'grrrr mom get away from my awesome new bed' ;)

    kayla and maya <3
  • I agree with everyone else!! Great job for a first time project. Can't imagine what else needs to be done to it. Always wished I could sew but my stuff never quite worked out the way I envisioned it.... Kuma's gonna benefit from this project of yours for sure.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    I might eventually make Saya a nice bed she only has fleece blankets in her crate..

    I might make a nice dog bed for to be on my bed with sheep skin on the top for nice comfy feel or maybe not she might try clean it or attack it. lol
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • I love it!

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