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How many different names do you call your Shiba?
  • XabiXabi
    Posts: 432
    I wanted to know how many different names you give shiba.

    1) If I want my boy to respond to me or take direction I call him by his name, Xabi (pronounced JAH-BEE).

    2) I named my boy after my favorite soccer player, Real Madrid's Xabi Alonso. but I also am a tennis fan. I support the current number one ranked player, Novak Djokovic. I had contemplated naming my puppy, Novak or Nole, but since it's too close to "no" I went with Xabi. But sometimes I call him "Xabi Djoker" which is half of one and half of the other.

    3) I also call him Xabi-bibi, which is a variant from my introductory question when I come home "how's my sweet baby?"


    4) Xabi Alonso also plays for the Spanish national team which is sometimes referred to as "La Furia Roja" which translates to The Red Fury, so I sometimes call my guy "La Furry Roja."

    I know it's silly, but someone tell me I'm not alone in crafting goofy nicknames for my pooch after a couple months!
  • We officially named our shiba "Uzume" (pronounced [Oo-zoo-may]), but we end up calling her Zume most of the time [zoo-mee]. But of course, we've added to the nicknames: Zoomer, Zoom-zoom, Zume Zumerson, McZooms-a-lot. We've also used "Dog" when we are displeased in some way and "Poopy dog" when she smells after rolling in *something* outside. My husband will call her "Satan" partly because of the snarling look she gets when she's on her back and partly because of the YouTube Video of the shiba and the lady who asks, "Where's Satan?" and the dog snarls.
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    Conker's got a ton of nicknames. A couple of them can't be mentioned here but I'll name the rest.

    Conk, Bud, Budders, Buddy, Hey You, Pupper, Dude, Buffy. The last one is due to Conker's very quiet huffing bark. It sounds like he's saying: "Buff, buff." When he does it. Everyone else thinks it's hilarious.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya nick names is mai tai, sai sai, and that's about it.

    Winter time I call her fuffy butt and when she growls I call her growly pants.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • we picked Tiger Lily so we could call her Tiger when she was romping and growling, and Lily when she acts like a delicate flower.

    My family has always had nicknames for the dogs, so I'm sure I'll start coming up with them soon.
  • MayamaMayama
    Posts: 270
    We call Maya: Shao-Ma (Shao means "little" and Ma sounds like "horse" in Chinese), Ma-Shao-Ya (breaking up Maya and putting "little" in the middle), Shao-Ma-Go (Go means "dog" in Chinese), or any combinations of Shao, Ma, Ya, and Go...

    We usually only use her nicknames when playing with her or when talking about her. We still use Maya when calling her or giving her commands.Shiba Inu Maya's blog and FB page
  • Omg the list goes on for Akio

    (A lot of these are jokes, but we really do call him them)
    We call him: Akio, Akiki, Kio, Princess, Mister Mister, Meme, Kikio, Brat baby, Baby bear, Monkey Butt ect.

    I'm sure I could go on all day, but those are a few :P
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  • robes325robes325
    Posts: 264
    I call Blaine Blaine for the most part, but my girlfriend calls him either Blainy-poo, Stinky, or Stinky-poo. I call him stinky sometimes too, when he lives up to the name. = /
  • SakuSaku
    Posts: 372
    haha..we call Saku, Sakuku, beast, beasty, puppy, doggie, gang gang, and jum jum... ;)Saku & Mina's mom
  • lucylulucylu
    Posts: 500
    Our's is named Lucy, but lately we've been calling her Baby. We also call her animals she acts like which entail: Monkey, kitty, kangaroo, etc.
  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
    Posts: 451
    Sakura goes by puppy, the puppy, destructo puppy, fuzz bum, little miss bitey face, princess prancy paws, master.Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • oh man... too many to even think of. sometimes i just call her what comes to mind, but she always seems to know who i'm talking to.

    the names i use most are Bear, Pooh, Pup, Stinky, Monkey, and Hey You. Butt Face, Brat, Monkey Butt get tossed around a bit.
  • YukikoYukiko
    Posts: 452
    We call Yuki the Yuki-nator a lot (like the Terminator or the Baconator). We also call her Queen Shiba, Shiba, Demon Dog, Devil Dog, Yukister, and Baby Shiba. She thinks her name is the sound of treat bag's crinkling. =)
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    Niko, Nikitito, NikoTito, Niko Dorrito, Nikito, Nikitito Pupito. So much more and he answers to all, lol obviously since they all are so similar.
    Posts: 1507
    Inu- E, epuppy, pup senior, eman, grandpa

    Penny- Kimiko, pup junior, pup pup, demon girl, Pen Pen
  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 47
    PHEW!!! Thought we were the only completely deranged people who did the crazy name thing :) We tend to call Miki (real name Mikado) a made up name that best suits the occasion.... for example: If he leaves a particularly "smelly" gift by the bushes, he is "Stinky McPoopypants" and due to his excitement upon finding a dead mole/mouse/gremlin? by the side of the road, he is occasionally "Mousy McDeadlick" ... sigh. Help us.
  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
    Posts: 451
    @mikado.... at least you have not yet taken to refering to your shiba as "Master" :)Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 47
    @ Adonia1986
    - Hehe, we are almost there...I recently broke my own rule by confessing to Miki that his name means Emperor.. I swore I'd never tell him, lol. I swear we get the "superior" look a little more often these days!
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    We have a few. Jake baby , fur man , lizzy ( looks like a lizard sometimes when he sticks his tongue out), bratty
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  • catloreecatloree
    Posts: 1541
    Elwood has a ton of nicknames. My husband jokes that he probably isn't sure which one is actually his name, but he'll respond to all of them. Some of the most common ones we use are Shibs, Shibby, Mr. Shibbleton, Shib-Shib, Buddy, Bud, Fantastic Mr. Fox (since we hear the fox comment daily), Goober, Happiness, Crazy, & "The Mouth".
    Catherine (human), Elwood (Shiba), & Sadie (Pomeranian)
  • vnovikovavnovikova
    Posts: 532
    OMG! Love this thread! We call Nami: Namstee, Namster, Shibster, Shiba, Shiba butt, Namers and Namerses also puppers and pupstee...I also call her sob aka, which means dog in russian and other variations of that....I'm glad we are not the only ones with 100 names for our little devil.
  • Sukoshi- "tubbo Shiba" (she is a chunk); sweet pea; ninja (because she can be); zen dog; fuzz butt

    Hoshi- little shit; penis breath (because he likes to clean a certain portion of his body); George Burns (because he's kind of an old fart too)

    Both: "little Shiba Shits"
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  • Indiana goes by Indiana, Indy, and when he is getting in trouble: INDIANA JONES!!:) Sage goes by Sage, Sagey, Tagey, and when she is getting in trouble: SAGE ELIZABETH!!:)
  • Hm. Kenzo goes by Kenz, Kenzo-Benzo, and kenzooooooooooooooo!
  • @ Mikado my dog's name means "New Victory" in Scandinavian. it definitely suits the shiba personality!
  • cmed24cmed24
    Posts: 75
    Our pup is Kuma, but we end up calling him Puppa, or Bubba, i have no idea why!
  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 47
    @ Rubberduckey273 , I love your dog's name! Yes, it TOTALLY suits their personalities :)
  • Miyumi_PupMiyumi_Pup
    Posts: 226
    Miyumi also is called Miyum, Yumi, Baby Girl, Love Bug, and on occasion Puppy.
    Heather, Logan, and two Shibas named Miyumi & Yoshiro
  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    Toby, Tobbers, Tobykins, Toby Woby, Tobber Wobber, Tobber Wobbersons, Puppy, Pupper, Little Dog, Little Boy, Little Fox Dog, Cat, Punk, Pumpkin, Punkin, Tobert, Bubba, Bubby, Prince Prissy Paws, can't think of any more right this second....
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  • bmoi21bmoi21
    Posts: 36
    Lily, Lil Lil, Lil, Lily Monster, Monster...... haha not much yet... I've only had her a little over a month... hehe soon to be more maybe? = D
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    lol every shiba owner hass to have a good sense of humor, all these names are trippy lol
    Posts: 1507
    Bump for zobie2
  • lets see....maya papaya, maya-boo, maya elizabeth, maya butt, mountain goat, booboo, baby, foxy, little fox, maya fox...ass dog (when she's being as ass haha)

    kayla and maya <3
  • Apparently I somehow never posted Zim's myriad of nicknames in this thread.

    Zimmothy, Fuzzbutt, Zim-pants, Screamington, Zimmothy Q. Screamington, Bud, Handsome,
    Gorgeous . . .

    Most common two are Little Bit and Zimmy, though.
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  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    Toto. Tonkie. Dookie. Pookah. Tonkinator. Honky Tonky. Dude. Tonkabadonka. Porko.

    ..and I forgot Tonka (with apologies to @TonkaTalks ;) )
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  • Kuma, kum, kumi, kum zoom, gremmie, crazy pants and sugar butt :>
  • Haha, I won't tell Tonka, @tatonka. ;)

    I call mine Tonka, Tonka Truck, the Tonk, the Truck, Baby Truck and my co-workers call him TT (for Tonka Truck...they've even made up a song to go along with it).

    But his full name is Tonka Shane (after the Siberian Husky I had when I was a kid...also, then his name sounds like danke schoen, so we sing that song at him too :-P).
  • Oh, I forgot...and Monster Truck when he's being a total brat. :)
  • I mostly call him Apollo and "Bubba". He's got a couple nicknames in Chinese too. My mom calls him "pretty boy (liang jai)". As an inside joke, sometimes we call him "pineapple boy" because if you say "Apollo" with a Chinese accent it means pineapple lol.
    Apollo the Shiba Blog - red male - d.o.b. 10/30/11
  • PearlPearl
    Posts: 66
    @konpeito we've gone from Pearl to Per-Per for chinese speakers... which lead to perp, as in Perpetrator when she's bad. .. which leads to derp when she's being stupid.

    Also, my g/f calls her Chica.. (spanish for girl, amirite?)

    oh and Little wolf, but in a talking to baby voice like 'Liddul wulf'

    that's gotta be about it.
  • Toby gets: "dipstick".. because of his tail coloring and that was what my husband wanted to name him, "Grumpy Old Man" .. every night when he herds the kids into bed, "Red Panda" .. my husband thinks when he sits up on his hind legs his face looks like one, I don't see it though.

    Nikita has not been given any yet other than "stinky"
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya's nick names are Sai, Mai tai, Sai sai, Chiba chunks because she is so fluffy she looks chunky.. lol
    Growly pants for when she is growly mood usually when mom came home or she meets someone.

    Demon dog, rabbit slayer, and that is probably it. I mainly call her Saya though I don't use nicknames much.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • Yoshi, yoshiko,yoshisan, yoshinoya, yoshinoyasan, Yosh pooper.
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  • DebDeb
    Posts: 286
    Teddy is his call name, nicknames include Teddykins, Ichiban, Woo Woo, Tedmeister, Emperor, Imperial , Tedweiser, Baby Boy, Ted.

    Saki is her call name, nicknames include Sweetie, Pie Pie, Sak Woo, Girl.

    Hachi is his name, nicknames include Hach, Hach Woo, Hach Boo, Boo Boo, Cinnamon Bun. Mostly we just call him Hachi.

  • Bowdu also gets called "Grumpy Old Man" ... since he was three! LOL.
    Also Doobs, DuDU, Doob Narcotic Sound System, Buddy (his "Anglicized" name), the Dude, Ichiban no Shiba Inu, the Favorite (says RJ; Bowpi is the "Second Favorite")...
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
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  • NaviNavi
    Posts: 93
    Navi is often called Naughty given her propensity for getting into trouble! Her ears can't tell the difference!
    Also, baby girl, doggy baby... etc.
    facebook: navi.baum
    instagram: navibaby512
  • finley's nicknames: fin, your highness, your majesty, finrey, finneus, baby, snoop dogg
  • Azuki - Originally was hongdo (Read bean in Chinese), now I just call him Azuki, Suzuki, Little Guy. My husband likes to call him "Little Master" >.<
  • tkfushtkfush
    Posts: 131
    Yuki gets called- Yuki-Puff, Puff-Puff, P-Doggy, Yukster, Baby, Sweetie, Sugarpants, Dance-Dance-Sugarpants, Poopster, Pantaloones and early in the morning when she thinks it's time to get up-Shush!!!
  • I have some rather ridiculous names for Okami, lol.

    Let's see...I most often call her Okami-chan, but I also frequently call her Okami-butt and Fuzzy-butt. Don't ask why, I seriously don't know, it's just hilarious to me xD
  • Dexter: Dex. Monkey, Handsome, Snugs

    Honey: Huns, Nugget, Tank, PigPig, Lil' Nut

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