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Artificial grass and dogs. Anyone use it?
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    I have a small enclosed area, 6' x 22', with a concrete floor that I am thinking of covering with artificial turf/grass for the Shiba's to play on. Does anyone have any experience using this type of product, suggestions, misgivings, etc.. The area does have a functional drain so I can wash it down as it could become a very large potty patch.

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  • BootzBootz
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    Do you want it to be a potty area AND a play area?
    Where is the small enclosed area?
    There are two types of artificial grass, those made for dogs with a scent to lure them to potty, and there are the ones humans use for their lawns.

    I personally have only used the one meant for dogs to potty on (since i have a 7 lb mix who has to go in between walks). Drying can be a problem, and I recommend getting it ONLY if you can sun dry the artificial grass. Even with regular rinsing, it gets difficult to air dry it as it takes a while, and also still has a urine smell. I even tried safe odor eliminating pebbles to sprinkle on the fake grass, doesn't help. Sun dry is the best method (after rinsing of course).

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    Instead of artificial grass, which could be potentially very expensive, why not use an outdoor carpet or rug? This will soften the concrete and give the pups some traction for running around. Plus it will be less likely to be used as a potty area. :)
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