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Setting up puppy playpen area
  • CoCoPuffCoCoPuff
    Posts: 17
    I will be getting my puppy in two weeks! Trying to set-up her little home with a playpen, a Midwest crate and her potty pad in a spare room. The room is carpeted and I decided to use fake hardwood flooring material to cover half of the room. The flooring material is water resistant which is perfect for me. Also, the playpen will be cable-tied to the flooring material so that the puppy cannot move it. I estimated that the puppy area will be about 30 to 40 square feet. I am open to any recommendations.......this is still a working progress
  • shibahiroshibahiro
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  • CaliaCalia
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  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @shibahiro, agreed. I think Bootz tears it up cause its her way of saying "what the heck is this sh*t, take me out now!"
  • CoCoPuffCoCoPuff
    Posts: 17
    @Calia do you recommend that I convert the play pen into a pseudo crate for the puppy?
  • XabiXabi
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  • hiropuppyhiropuppy
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    i think playpens/expens are GREAT! train your pup to like her crate and the pen (give her a special treat when she goes in).

    i third the consensus that pee pads are a waste of $$$$. my oldest pup would tear them up, and our second pup only used it when she was on the car ride home. they like to do their business outside, especially #2!
  • CoCoPuffCoCoPuff
    Posts: 17
    Thanks! Sounds like the pee pad is out then. Got a crate, play pen, baby gate, water resistant flooring, toys, treats and a puppy training book. The only thing left to do is counting down the days that I will be picking up my little girl, Mochi. I am so nervous and excited about her coming into my life. Going to see my breeder and the puppies on Sunday so that I can watch their personalities. Hopefully, by this weekends I will have an idea about which of these puppies will be my Mochi.
  • CoCoPuffCoCoPuff
    Posts: 17
    Quick update-
    My breeder and I decided on the runt of the litters as my Mochi. The puppy personality was calm and easy to manage for me as the first time Shiba inu mommy. I got almost everythings from craigslist before breaking the bank. I signed up for a dog insurance and puppy day care. Hopefully, the puppy will get her socialization ASAP---the goal is to have a good temperament dog. I am so excited and nervous for her arrival. I also got a webcam so that I can monitor the puppy in case I was away for a few hours. I think I am overkill with preparation and hope that all this little effort will help my puppy to transition from part of litters to an only dog in a human home with a cat.

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