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Who made the modified choke collar so it doesn't choke?
  • ceziegcezieg
    Posts: 107
    Heya, I tried searching but got wayyy too many results. I was thinking @Shibamistress or @Losech but I forgot heh. Tsune has guardhair fur loss around where his previous owner left him with a wet leather collar (for weeks at a time outdoors I'm assuming) and I would think the chain choke collar would be great for an all-the-time tag collar. Minus the choke of course, as I don't believe in them. But someone modified their's with an extra ring to limit the sliding action when pulled upon, was just wondering how it had been done. I have a dremel and am picking up the collar today plus a ring, just don't want to screw it up :) Thanks!
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Are you talking about a limited slip or martingale type collar?

    If so, just Google it, I am sure you will find plenty of patterns to help you make your own.

    ETA: Nevermind, I see exactly what you were talking about now that @Losech has posted a photo... Either way, still Google it if you were interested in doing different styles or fabric collars.

    PS - I changed the category of this thread to DIY. Hopefully that will help someone else find it in the future.
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  • LosechLosech
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    It was me. I found a place on the collar where it wouldn't allow his head to slip through but wouldn't choke either, then cut the link with some heavy-duty pliers. You could use a dremel too. I attached a third ring to the long end with an S hook and slipped the shorter end through the old ring on the long end, then attached the short end to the new ring.
    I got a bigger collar than what Conker's neck circumference actually was, so it was a bit big (intentionally did that. The smaller chains were too thin). I had to hack off about 4 inches or it wouldn't have worked.
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    Technically I think any collar left on all the time will cause guard hair loss.

    Hammond's never had a wet collar left on or otherwise been neglected, but just leaving his regular fabric tag collar on all the time has caused a ring around his neck where there are very few guard hairs. I no longer leave his collar on when he's inside, but so far the hairs haven't grown back very fast.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 5171
    I think Losech might have made a modified collar, a martingale type.....I don't know where the post is either, though.

    Way too technical for my skills, I know that! :)

    I did leave a leather martingale on Bel all the time when she was injured and had to be walked on a leash (she's notorious for slipping her collar). It looked like this:

    But I bought it at a pet store for under $20.
  • ceziegcezieg
    Posts: 107
    Awesome thanks for the replies guys!

    @sunyata Oops good call, should have originally posted in DIY. I've been getting pretty far into my new paracord weaving hobby and will be making some martingale collars, going to toss them up here in DIY once they're done :)

    @Losech Very nice! I like the pink brassy color :O All the ones at PetSmart were silver so I picked one of them up, might have to order a nice color like that online. The S hooks were what I forgot, I'll have to pick them up on my way home. I also got a collar that's a bit too big for him, 20" medium size chain, those smaller chains were indeed pretty tiny. Thanks!

    @Anna If it wasn't for the fact that when I arrived at the previous owner's house all the dogs were kept outside in a screened enclosure and the collar was already wet I'd have just figured that, not to mention a half bald rear end from untreated fleas :\ Yeah they don't seem to be growing back very much either, I hear when they grow winter coats it'll all come back, we'll have to cross our fingers!

    @Shibamistress Losech put a picture in up top, she's a crafty one one haha. Tsune just slipped his collar for the first time last week and led my brother and I on a 20min expedition around the neighborhood, definitely going to look into a martingale. You don't walk them on lead anymore right? Or does Bel just run around the yard for excercise?
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    @cezieg Heh, it's a silvery color too. It just looks that way due to the horrible lighting when I took the picture. EDIT: I have seen them in different colors, though. If I find the link I'll post it.
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  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 5171
    Bel wil slip her collar in the yard, and doesn't come in, hence the need for the martingale collar. But when we go for walks outside the yard, I use a harness on all of them except Toby. Toby gets a martingale collar because he doesn't pull.

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