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Good fencing for Shibas
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • I have similar fencing, but my dogs have never tried to poke their muzzles through. I have 12" footer boards at the bottom to discourage digging.

    Maybe you could put lighter weight, plastic coated wire fencing on the "inside" of the fencing, thus creating a double fencing with "distance" between the wires. The other option would be to use it on the outside, but to "offset" the squares of the two fences so that you wind up with smaller squares that would be difficult for muzzles to poke through.
  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger
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  • koyukikoyuki
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • Sorry to hear about Bel. Hope she recovers well and quickly.
  • BuckyBadgerBuckyBadger
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • LosechLosech
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    About 1/3 of my fence is chain-link. It works fine, not amazing, but good enough. If you can get some slats to put in it that would prevent noses from being stuck out and potentially bitten.
  • fattballfattball
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    We fenced in 4 acres with 72 inch 12.5 gauge welded wire fencing. 1.5 to 2 feet is underground. The whole property was Firstly trenched down 2 feet. We used 6 foot field fencing poles every 12 feet. Every 5th one is set in concrete. It's worked so far. Our last place had 3 acres with chain link and wood with chicken wire on ground attached to bottom of fence. As to costs the fence cost $175.00 per 100 foot roll. Renting the trencher was 200.00 per 8 hours of machine time it took me about 16 hours on the machine. For the 4 acres its cross fenced and double fenced in areas and also there are 2 separate areas it took 38 rolls of fencing. Also I bought 400 6 foot heavy duty t posts they were 8.00 each. Concrete was 2.00 per bag and there was 70 bags used. I used wire and plastic attachers for the fence to t post and spent maybe $100.00 on those.
    I did most of the work by myself but when Rolling out the fence fabric rolls I hired my wife's brother at 10.00 an hour cash.

    Total costs were
    72in x 100ft * 2in x 4in 12.5 Gauge * Galvanized rolls x 38x 175.00 6650.00 tax 598.50 7248.50
    6 foot heavy duty t posts x 400(I did not use all of them) x 8.00 3200.00 tax 288.00 3488.00
    connectors 100.00
    concrete 140.00
    trencher rental was 435.00 total
    labor free if you do it yourself or varies.
    total cost was 11406.50 plus labor
    tax rate here is 9% so your might be less.

    Fence was not cheap but any other type would cost much more I got a quote for 6 foot chain link and it was close to 100,000.00

    The fence works good for most types of dogs and seems to keep out rabbits and other animals that would get eaten by my Shibas, which is good for the little critters. The fence looks ok not great but its functional and sort of invisible.

    If you want any pictures or have any questions you can message me.
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