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The Famous Shiba SCREAM!
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    OK, so this scream is famous to this breed since the sound is so loud it has been mistaken for the same sound a human baby or child in distress would make. I only had Ratchet for a short period and have only heard him do this 3 times. It a very LOUD what sounds like “OWL, OWL, OWL, OWL, OWL” but have stop when I started petting him.

    - 1st time around 2 months of age, he somehow pulled himself up to the coffee table when I had my back turned to him and when I turned around and saw him, I screamed NO, and he back up and fell off and he did that OWL, OWL, OWL. (That was my bad; I should have picked him off that table.)

    - 2nd time was at the vets when he was given 2 shots his annual DHLP and Bordetella, he was fine with the shot on the back of his neck but one 2nd one to his upper leg set off that OWL, OWL, OWL, OWL. I was petting/holding him on the exam table. When vet finished w/ the injection he was rubbing the injection site for a few seconds but he would not stop with the Scream, I lowered him on the floor (I don’t think my vets ever worked with a Shiba since one of his questions was "does has he done this before?”) The vet was also petting him when I lower him to the floor, mainly because I think he felt bad. He did not stop the scream until I opened the door and left the exam room where the Vet was and he was back to his normal quiet proud strut.

    - 3rd He was taking a poop in his regular area (farthest corner of the back yard.) And what appears to be a poop hanging from his butt (I was feeding him a prepackaged dry duck jerky and I think the tendons linked 2 off his poop together.) He started his scream and ran between my legs as if he was scared and needed protection. I think the poop feel off when he jumped and started to move.

    I think he’s done this with my groomer too since the last time I setup an appointment; when she called me she said “your cry baby is ready for pickup.” =/

    I have also heard that they will do the SHIBA SCREAM when they get overly excited too? Is this true?

    My question is what has set your little pup off on a Shiba Scream?
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • konpeitokonpeito
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  • AnnaAnna
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    The very first time Hammond encountered another dog's poop on a walk, he screamed.

    Not the "full" Shiba scream, but he used to scream a lot when picked up or especially if his feet were touched. Sometimes still if I have to manhandle him to check a spot on his belly or check his teeth or something.

    My parents' dog snapped at him once and Hammond quickly backed up out of his space, had that moment of silence/realization that little kids always have, then threw himself on the ground and started screaming. But it was kind of mixed with his annoying puppy "awesome you acknowledged me, let's play" yodel-bark-yap noise. Like he had to tell all of us he was upset, but had to tell off the other dog at the same time, haha.

    Full-on, hardcore Shiba scream when he would get slushy snow between his toes. Well, less a scream and more of a shriek. I describe it as "Imagine a car with really bad brakes that are about to go out having to go from 75mph to 0 in 10 feet, that sort of squeal/screech". He just flopped over on the sidewalk, clutching his paw to his chest, doing that noise at like airplane-level volume. At 7:30am. I was mortified, haha.
  • For some reason I thought the Shiba Scream was longer, more of a wail--probably an idea I got from seeing a poorly captioned YouTube video (the "scream" didn't really sound too unusual).

    Ponta never screamed before recently. He has no problem with us touching his feet or toes (after every walk I flip him on his back and give his paws a thorough cleaning), nor from slush (he *loves* snow, in fact).

    But, about a week and a half ago, I was taking Ponta for a late walk at 11:00 at night, and I realized that he had picked up something in his mouth. He's done this since he first went on walks--first it was cigarette butts, then tissues, then gum. Now he'll usually go for unidentifiable, dark, gummy gunk or whatever.

    So I did what I have done a hundred times before: pull in his leash, hold him tight, and open his mouth to get him to release it (at a time like that, "Leave it!" has no effect). Usually, if he has not swallowed whatever it is, it will drop to the pavement.

    This time, however, something must have happened--I don't know what. It was dark and he was struggling, and my best guess later on is that I accidentally poked him in the eye or something.

    Whatever it was, suddenly Ponta froze in the sitting position, looked forward and slightly down, and SCREAMED. It scared the living hell outta me. And it was very similar to what has been described here--YOWP! YOWP! YOWP! YOWP! Like the Car Alarm From Hell, sharp, short, declarative barks, except they were screams.

    I tried to see what it was--I backed off, checked him out as well as I could in the darkness, and didn't see anything. He just kept sitting there and yelping, YOWP! YOWP! YOWP! YOWP! like what was hurting him kept on hurting him. At the time, I was afraid that he had started eating something like broken glass and my attempt to get it out had lodged it in his gums or something. I got the impression that he was in terrible pain, was frightened, and didn't understand what was happening to him. After what seemed like a minute but was probably ten seconds, I scooped him up and started to jog home, while he screamed over my shoulder into my ear, YOWP! YOWP! YOWP! YOWP!

    Then, after about 10 or so more screams, he quieted down, and then stopped screaming. I stopped under a street light, and held him in front of me. He looked back with an expression that seemed to say, "Yeah? What? Is something wrong?" Nothing seemed wrong, no blood, no apparent injuries. He looked down in a way I know he wants to be set down, so I did. And he just started ambling off in the direction of the walk as if nothing had happened.
  • esiepielaesiepiela
    Posts: 394
    Zach has only "screamed" once but he is still young so I'm sure there will be more. He was outside after it had snowed...we were coming back into our apartment and he must have stepped on ice melt. As soon as he got inside he threw himself onto his back, held his paw at his chest and started screaming. I picked him up and went right to the sink and washed off his paw. He turned his face towards mine and licked me as if to say thanks mom. I put him down and he was good to go!

    He has howled a few times. My partners ring tone used to make him howl so we changed it. I was afraid it hurt his ears. And we have a Christmas ornament that plays music and he howls at that too...its almost like he is singing!
  • Maci has never done it :( wah!
  • Not sure if this is the type of shiba scream you are thinking of, but here is Cuddles making some weird sounds.
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    @jessefritschzy lol, Ratchet makes that ARRR, ARRR, OFFFF (not as loud as his Shiba Scream) when I’m trying to train him on a trick. It's as if he say, "Why won’t you give me that treat Already! I sat every time I stopped moveing, and have gotten into the down position twice already!" It’s funny how he rarely barks, but sometimes he sure can be.… vocal?

    I’m wondering more about what triggers the loud Shiba Scream that can cut through artillery fire. From excitement or distress.
  • #jessefritschzy:

    The ones you posted are funny noises, but not screams. Ponta has made sounds like those sometimes, mostly when he was a puppy and unhappy. When he had to poop, he actually made sounds like a chicken!

    Actually, this is more like it for the Shiba Scream:

    When I played Cuddles' sounds, Ponta didn't react. When I played that Shiba Scream, he immediately made a beeline for the headphones (which were sitting on my desk at the time), obviously concerned.
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    earsplitting when we bathe brewster ...i am dreading next month when hes due for a bath :( earplugs are probably a good idea next time
  • FoxyloverFoxylover
    Posts: 971
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    @ everyone in this thread-after they do their scream do they look at you like "why are you doing this to me i swear ill be a good puppy,i love you please dont (adlib)_______ me(i would use clip my nails or wash)" haha
  • @HibariShiba hahaha I was playing that video very low and both my shibas came running!!

    Now I know what you guys are talking about. Bowser does that when he can hear me approaching the door when I get home from work. He reallllllly does it when he gets a bath. I'm afraid the neighbors are going to think I am beating him lol
  • @jessefritschzy: "Bowser does that when he can hear me approaching the door when I get home from work."

    Actually, I think that's different. I believe I know what you're talking about, since Ponta does the same thing--arches his back, flattens his ears, runs about in circles, and lets out a series of strangled barks. But that's not a Shiba Scream, not by a long shot. It would have to sound like he's gravely wounded. The video I linked to does't do the Scream justice. There's a big volume difference. If Bowser did that when you got home, you'd wonder if he was badly hurt perhaps.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I've only heard Bootz do the Shiba scream once....luckily she only whines during baths.

    Her Shiba scream was horrible...was during a meal with 15+ guests over. They thought she was attacked by another dog. The pitch of her scream too...really made my ears hurt.
  • dorapochdorapoch
    Posts: 131
    I've heard Ginko screamed, howled, yelp in pain, bark and whine.

    I think he screamed when my mom forced him to drink water after he took medication (since he usually refused to...I think they taste good to him). Heard him howling the first night he stopped sleeping in my room. He doesn't bark often, but did it a lot when he was on Panacur. Um...he growls and starts snapping if he's upset/constricted and doesn't want it. I also heard him does this weird low growl/howl without opening his mouth as if he is saying "hello" to anyone he hasn't seen in a while (he doesn't do it after bedtime though).
  • Fira does a short little yelp when her and I are playing. This occurs specifically when we're playing and I make continuous eye contact with her. Since eye-contact during play and/or a real dog fight indicates a struggle for dominance, that's when she yelps at me. Its kind of like "quit staring at me for dominance, I know you're the master!"
    She REALLY hates it when she yelps at me and then I yelp right back with the same pitch, tone, and volume. Because when I do that, she then yelps that much louder and tries to paw or bite at my face. Its like she's then saying, "don't make fun of me!" or something lol
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  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
  • My dog used to make screaming/howling noises at the moon LOL.
  • lucylulucylu
    Posts: 500
    I just played the video of Mika barking at the computer. Lucy went crazy and tried attacking my macbook!!
  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
  • @BuckyBadger:

    Ponta had the same reaction as others; when I played your video for my wife, Ponta trotted in from the other room, barked some himself, put his paws up on the computer hand rest, and started tilting his head while giving us sidelong glances. A dog reacting to a dog reacting to a video, I wish I had video of it, then other dogs could react to that--chain reaction!
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    We moved further into the city last summer. Ratchet does this when the sirens roll by… LoL.

    Turn down the volume before opening link!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Hahah he is so animated :))
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    I will admit--we have had Coal over a year and a half, and he has never given a full shiba scream. He isn't much of a drama queen either. We had a partial one a couple of times, but nothing like what I hear about. Not even close.
  • nuggetnugget
    Posts: 10
    The only time I've heard Jonah do a full shiba scream was one night when he was about 6 months old, he refused to go into his crate for bedtime, which was very unusual because he usually loves going to bed.

    He wouldn't go in even with much cajoling and luring with kong cheese paste.

    Having heard about shiba drama and puppies testing the boundaries, I thought he was just being moody and eventually just stuffed him in there and shut the door.

    He went CRAZY! Screamed, thrashed and eventually broke out of the metal crate!

    I took him outside thinking maybe he had to go toilet, played with him a bit. In the meantime, my husband played detective and poked around his bed.

    He found a FLY in Jonah's bed, stuck between the fold at the bottom of the bed and the side, which was obviously making a buzzing sound and freaking Jonah out.

    Fly was removed, we let him have a good sniff of the bed to make sure there were no other hidden surprises, and all was well with the world again :P

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