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Lavender vs Fleas
  • Ok, heard people mention essence of lavender to help with flea control. So we went and got some... Now what?

    Was thinking of mixing it with water and soaking Kai's nylon collar and harness in it. Anything else that can be with it? Recommended usage? Someone mentioned rubbing it on our hands and into his fur. But did they mean pure or diluted?
  • Found this. It may be helpful. Avoid getting the spray in dog's eyes or too much up the nose.
  • Just remember if you have cats that lavender is toxic to them and causes liver failure. (But it is safe for dogs.)
  • Thanks Jenny. I have done that once.. Dabbing lavender on my cat's shoulder blades.:(

    I did dab on my dog's hard to reach places.. She actually smelled very nice. I do add some drops of lavender oil in the water when I clean the house and now only buy all purpose cleaners with the essential oil in it already.
    I have to add that "Proline" tubes flea killer realllllllllly worked!! I have not seen a flea in her for a while. She does scratch.. Wondering if she has an allergy?
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