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Favorite Shiba/Japanese Names?
  • What are you favorite names for Shibas or Japanese names in General? We MIGHT be getting a shiba pup next year since the Rottie thing didn't work out. We decided not to take her after 3 bad interactions with Vicky (this rottie was very dominant towards her) and the fact that she was very food aggressive. *sigh*

    Anyways my bf's aunt (shiba breeder) is thinking of breeding in February of next year. Again this is a MIGHT and I am crazy for wanting names but I am obsessed with this stuff.
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  • This is too funny...the Japanese dog folks think it is odd we are obsessed with giving Japanese names to our dogs. I am told that the average pet owner in Japan often gives American names to their dogs that are not of Japanese origin.

  • Katsu and Tanuki are my personal favorites for obvious reasons. But I've trademarked them so if you name your new pup that and call him over to you, you'll have to write me a royatalties check.

    Other favs are
    Daisuke- Great Helper
    Kintaro- Golden Boy
    Unchi - Little Shit
    Adzuki or Azuki - Red Bean
    Matcha- Green Tea Powder
    Shoko- I think means eclipse
    Takuyaki -Fried octupus ball

    Silvia- name for a nissan 240sx coupe in japan

    I think that names are very important. We've sort of picked the name before the dog both times, some people do the opposite. I think though that who the dog is will determine the coolness of the name, just like people.

    Lol SNF, it's true. When my mother called back home and told my geechan that I got a shiba he didn't know what it was at first. And it turns out they have a poodle in the house now. So the American cousin has a japanese dog with a japanese name, and the relatives in Japan have a European dog with what I'm sure is a nonsensical name in English. like Mr. Glass Waffle or something.

    Actually I kind of like that maybe for our next pet...
  • negimaki - scallions rolled in beef with teriyaki sauce
  • Her Kennel name is Katai and she is in Warwick, RI. She is a small breeder and has been doing it for over 13 years. She is knowledgeable about the breed, breed history, and all sorts of stuff. She has created multiple champions and I have personally met all of her dogs and her breeding stock has excellent temperaments. She lives about 5-10 minutes from my house. This breeding will be a line breeding so it may or may not result in some creams. I believe she said Kiko will be the mother but I am not sure. I don't remember. Kiko literally sings and is the friendliest shiba you will ever see. I love her. But anyways...good point SNF lol.

    So any dog name whatever the origin is welcome.
  • Firewolf....yes she is very knowledgeable and puts a lot of love and time into her dogs with handling etc. Good luck : )

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  • Serkle kSerkle k
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    it's ironic that this thread popped up. I am almost ready to purchase a Shiba Puppy, and I have already spoken to one breeder. She has a Female that was born in October. So when I was looking for names, I found this, and thought it was appropriate.

    AKIKO (1-??, 2-??, 3-??): Japanese name meaning 1) "autumn child" or 2) "bright child" or 3) "sparkling child."
  • okironokiron
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    I have 2 favorite but I'm saving them for myself :P lol. Nah, I don't care. I like Ryu(dragon) but's very popular and son's middle name is Ryuichi so that got thrown out the window. I like Arashi(storm) and Kyoki(insanity or madness). I think it suits the personalities of a Nihon ken :)
  • lol, those are awesome names. You should name him Arashikage, StormShadow like in GI JOE. Damn, I totally forgot that when picking out names. I so could have slipped that on by Dawn.

    Kyoki is cool too.
  • Arashi sounds really good and I could use that full name for the registered thing. Even normal sounding names would be good.
  • okironokiron
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    I'm glad I could be of service :) I'm positive the little hellion..err I mean angel will live up to its name.
  • KitaKita
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    Oh I wish I'd thought of Unchi - Little Shit!! LOL! Perfect!

    As we're in Japan, I had to be careful not to name Kita after anyone we knew ;-) So names like Yuki and Akiko were out.
    I had a list of names I liked (but can't find them now). I really liked Kaki - which means Persimmon and this orange fruit was out everywhere on our trip to get her. But in English, it sounds too much like cacky ie "ugh"!

    As far as I'm concerned, she HAD to have a Japanese name.
    Most Japanese dogs (as in - owned by Japanese people) I've met have also got Japanese names... but I did meet a Corgi called Kevin the other day!
  • toecaritoecari
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    Hoku-star (Hawaiian)
    Hoshi-star (Japanese)
    Koa-type of hawaiian wood
    Pono-good (Hawaiian)

    I like these names. We named our little monster Kage. People see it and call him KAH-gee, pronunce it like cage, and if you use the Japanese pronounciation it kinda sounds like "take a shit" in Spanish. I live in SoCal so a lot of Spanish speakers find it funny.
  • My girl is Sake (rhymes with hockey) because of the drink. It's a family tradition---all the dogs in my family are named for alcohol. We have a Guinness, Lager, Soco, Stoli, Pinot, and Cabo.
  • Incidentally our India does have a semi connection to India Pale Ale (IPA) beer also... But just for the record, as a Japanese American, I specifically DID NOT want a Japanese name (haha) because to me it sounds as typical as "Spot".
    I guess there is something about the novelty aspect of a name that either makes it or breaks it.
  • Kuma I can agree with that. I'm half Japanese, and I wanted the dogs to have Japanese names. There was definitely a novelty to having a unique name. I wanted to avoid what I felt were common Japanese words in America like Sushi or Wasabi. I think their cute names for shibas, just not my shibas. Katsu isn't as uncommon as I first though, and is actually more of a guys name. So far though I don't think I've seen any dogs named Tanuki though.
  • Hey guys!

    So I'm doing my research on breeders right now and am hoping to get a Shiba sometime early Spring. I'm excited! I just finished college and this is gonna be my first pup! I also did some research on names and found some pretty cool ones I thought I'd share...

    Hajime - beginning
    Satoshi - Clear thinking, wise, quick witted
    Toshi - bright, intelligent

    I like Toshi...get it...TOSHIba. TOSHIBA lol

    ok maybe that sounded funnier in my head. :)

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