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7 week old puppy has Heart Murmur
  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience or information regarding heart murmurs in puppies. I just got a call from Maiya's breeder about her 7 week check up and the vet found a grade 2 heart murmur. She says it's minor but I'm still concerned about the longterm implications. Any information would be much appreciated.
    ~ A very worried Julie
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  • Thanks very much for the info. I'll be contacting Maiya's vet to get more specifics on what he found.
  • TengaiTengai
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    Great info on murmurs!
    There are different types of heart murmurs. Some are just the sound of turbulant flow through one of the heart valves. These rarley ever cause any health issues. Atrial septal defects(ASD) or Ventricular septal defects (VSD)Patent ductus arteriosis(PDA) are holes or communications between the atria or ventricle or Aorta/pulmonary artery that all mammals including people have in utero. The lungs aren't functioning therefore the blood doesn't need to go to the lungs so it basically bypasses the lungs through the ASD / VSD/PDA. At birth with a pups or humans first breath the pressure changes from the lungs causes the holes to close. Sometimes they don't close fully and hear a murmur and what you are hearing in the blood swishing through the hole. Most ASD's and VSD's close or at least get much smaller after a short amount of time. In people can take up to a few years, dogs much less. Those that don't close if it stays very large can become problematic. Small ASD's usually don't cause any issues throughout a dogs or persons life.
    My daughter was diagnosed with a small VSD at birth,at her first check up at 1 month old it was closed.
    If your pup does start showing signs as stated above then a more complete workup may be needed.
    Murmurs sometimes are difficult to hear due to panting, increased heart rates in nervous dogs etc. Sometimes what is thought is a murmur is not, due to the same issues as above.
    I'm not an MD, but do work as a Cardiovascular Perfusionist.

    Hope I wasn't too technical!

  • My vet thought Miso had a heart murmur as a pup, but it turned out to be nothing. Like Phil said sometimes they are hard to diagnose because of the dogs actions while listening to the heart.
  • Phil, thanks so much! Not too technical, it's very helpful information. I will have her checked out again by my vet once she comes home. Which is in two days! :D
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    Coming here from my previous post:

    Just to clarify, I have not received the dog yet, it is still with the breeder, and we are supposed to bring it home in 2-3 weeks, but the breeder had advised against us taking that puppy, and wait for a new litter and choose a puppy from the new litter..

    My question is to know if there is any major side affect for the health and longevity of the dog as it grows older, I know you stated: At grade three or four, you may notice your dog tires quickly after exercise, and there may be a persistent cough that indicates some extra fluid is collecting in the lungs. is more for grown up dogs, but what about in puppies, and the ramification of those puppies later on in life?

    I also heard that the murmur may get resolved by 4-6 months. Should I take that chance and wait that long before taking the puppy home (which won't be a puppy anymore) or should I look at picking up a new puppy from the new litter?
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    @Kira_Kira thank you, I really appreciate your opinion and advise, and even the details you go into, I really just wanted to make sure I'm not making a rash decision about this.

    There is always the What-If scenario, maybe it will get better, what if it gets worse? I just wanted to ensure that if I choose to not select this puppy (no matter how cute and adorable he is) it is not because I am a bad owner, or bad to-be owner.

    It's always nice to have some confirmation from an outside source. I know of a friend that after a year and a half, needed surgery for a heart murmur that came up, and another that has puppies that has this minor heart murmur and it turned out to be fine.
    I read a lot about this condition and it is mostly geared towards dogs that are older, but nothing about puppies and what are the outcome down the road.

    My breeder has a few puppies for me to choose from her new litter - one of them is a crème shiba (my first choice) but I've grown fond of the black and tan.... but I digress, Thank you again for your response.

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