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shiba teeth
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    My husband is being a little paranoid. So I just wanted to double check with fellow forum members just in case there might be something we should know.

    Unfortunately I do not have any pictures. When Bootz sleeps curled up like a ball, she usually rests her head on/against her paws. Sometimes this will push her lips up, so her teeth would show. Occasionally, My husband would walk into the room while she is sleeping, she would lift her head up, and her teeth will show on the side.

    Also the other day, she was sleeping with her head in between her paws, and when my husband came home, Bootz lifted up her head and her teeth was showing like a little grin...

    I just wanted to make sure this is normal, if not, is there something I should be worried about?

    Edit to add: My husband is worried because "the look" reminds him of stroke patients he's seen before, Where one side is perfectly normal, but the other side has a crooked smile.

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    Oh that is nice to know. I will tell my husband that. **regarding stroke symptoms**
    -Although, we personally witness my sister's rescue dog getting a He should know better!

    Yes she corrects it herself. It happens only once in a while. When it does happen, it is only when she lifts her head from a sleeping position-and when her head was resting on her paws.

    I hope that makes sense!
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    Thanks! I thought so. But he just needed that confirmation for reassurance.
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    Good to know. Its so weird though, don't remember seeing it when she was younger!
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    Hi all!
    In regards to teething puppies, how can you tell if their back teeth are puppy or adult teeth? Today Sanji was chewing a toy and then started grinding and licking his teeth like something was caught in his mouth. I noticed knee of his back molars bleeding and if felt wobbly. Is this teething or could the toy he was chewing on hurt his tooth? I've read articles about that happening so I'm concerned that they toy is too hard and could've done something. I just can't tell if it's an adult tooth or not.
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