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smell of burning charcoal
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    I have had to put two fans outside, unfortunately it takes a while for the smell to go away. even when I can't smell it anymore he's still bothered by it til its completely gone I guess. I'll try dap and thundershirt to see how he reacts. It's been a nightmare the last few days with the nice weather out, one time my neighbors were out til almost 1/2 am bbq on the entire time and poor jasper went crazy til about 3am when the smell was gone.

    It might be their instinct I dont know, I know he starts barking whenever I cook inside and the alarm goes off, he goes crazy.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Many dogs are sensitive. I have one that hates the smell of wood smoke, fire place, or grill when it is burning. Acts very strangely to smoke.

    You might want to consider a whole house HEPA filter system to run in your home, or attached to your AC or furnace system.


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