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Shiba Inu in NY/NYC?
  • momochanmomochan
    Posts: 11
    I live in NY and I actually don't see many Shiba Inu. My shiba inu is just a puppy and she plays a little too rough with my other friends dogs. (Most of them are toy-sized). Someone told me that perhaps getting a shiba inu play mate would help. I'm trying to socialize her with other dogs, but none of the other dogs seem to want to play with her. Suggestions??
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  • momochanmomochan
    Posts: 11
    I live in Queens and I work in Manhattan.
    Thanks! I'll check out the websites :)
  • franklinfranklin
    Posts: 28
  • MomotaroMomotaro
    Posts: 62
    :) We're in brooklyn too - South Side. Our Momo is 1yr and 3 months :) We'd be happy to meet up - but don't expect love at first sight - our Momo needs some time to warm up to other dogs.
  • momochanmomochan
    Posts: 11
    Yes that would be awesome!
  • vnovikovavnovikova
    Posts: 532
    we live in Howard Beach, but we lost our Nami...Hopefully, if we find her we would be able to meet up!
  • KitsuKitsu
    Posts: 765
    I hope Nami is found! I wish I could help find her but unfortunately I'm no where near Brooklyn.
  • MikoMiko
    Posts: 225
    @momochan im also in Queens! Id be more than happy to see how our Shibas get along. My 6 month old Miko hasnt gotten a chance to play with any other shibas yet. How old is your pup?

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