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How to exercise your dog when you are injured?
  • McYogiMcYogi
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    I am laid up in bed indefinitely from an old back injury that has returned with a vengeance, so I'm wondering if we could compile a list of activities to do when you can't play with or walk your dogs to keep them, at the very least, non-destructive, when you are an invalid like me. This might be good for other people too, like a woman who is at the end of her pregnancy, or a person who is fighting a bad illness.

    So far, I have upped the intake of bones/chewy things and alone time. It seems they are particularly snarky with each other the less they see of me... kind of like if they throw a fit, I have to come and at least break them up, which is more attention than they were getting before.

    Your significant other or another family should be walking them in your stead... but around my house, it seems like my husband is allergic to the idea. He did change his tune when he found the youngest munching on his shoes, but it's still a huge chore for him.

    Try to incorporate your dogs into your recovery. They can tell when I feel bad, so when I am up for it, I try and lay on the couch with them so they can at least cuddle with me for a little bit.

    Does anyone else have any ideas to help entertain my buddies until I can get back on my feet again?


  • AnnaAnna
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    Do they play fetch? On days where I've felt really under the weather or exhausted, I found I could entertain Hammond by laying on the couch half asleep and throwing a tennis ball out of the room. He'd bring it back and get impatient when I didn't take it from him, so he'd push it into my hand. Then I could throw it again.

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    There are mentally challanging toys that they have to problem solve to get the treat from.

    Thinking out of the box are there any remote controlled toys that you can control that they could chase after?
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Flirt pole on an extra long pole in the backyard?
    Sorry to hear about your back injury!
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
  • brscrnsbrscrns
    Posts: 447
    Cat laser toy.
  • shibamacishibamaci
    Posts: 65
    Exactly what I was going to say, laser pointer. We have one and Maci is so obsessed with it. We can keep her off leash at night in a safe area because if she starts taking off I just point it in front of her and she comes back. I'll make her run laps back and forth outside, really gets her going!
  • notoriousscratnotoriousscrat
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    Flirt pole and fetch with a squeaky can inspire a Shiba 500 from my little one and that tuckers him our really nicely. So does playing with the dog in the mirror, although I'm not sure how you actually get a dog to do that!
    Posts: 1507

    I'm bumping this thread due to the circumstances I find myself under. This Friday surgery is scheduled for my left elbow to reattach a ruptured distal bicep tendon. Post surgery, my left arm will be immobilized for 3 weeks and rehab will take a minimum of 3 months. Hopefully, with a full recovery in 6-12 months.

    I've adjusted to walking Penny and INU separately using a hands free leash. But I am not walking them as long as I used to. It's freezing and the cold is affecting me. I am thinking about using a dog walker but a bit apprehensive about trusting them.

    At home we play fetch and have extra long cuddle sessions. Since I am not working I've been able to spend more time with them.

    Maybe I am feeling too guilty about cutting down their outside time.
  • BootzBootz
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    I think the short walks are fine since you are spending more time with them indoors, especially with fetch and cuddle sessions.

    I mainly like to do long walks on work days, or days I'm going out since it'll tire them out, and they will sleep throughout the day.

    With days I'm off/at home, I don't do as long as a walk so we can play/train indoors.

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