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  • I was wondering what collar size a full grown female Shiba needs? Emi is only 10 weeks old, but I found a site that makes beautiful collars and engraves their name and contact number right into the buckle (No jiggling tags!!!) I want to buy it now to have it as soon as she can fit into it.
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    Sounds great! Mind putting the website up so we can take a look at the collars? From what I heard, a medium works well for Shibas. Try asking the breeder the collar size of the puppy's parents, maybe that can get you a more accurate idea.
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  • This is the site. It is called Mimmi Green and they sell all sorts of cool things for dogs.

    Thanks for y'alls help! They had a medium long size that is 12-18 inches so that should be perfect!
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    Do kitty collars work on puppies? I found these super-duper cute japanese kimono collars. If they don't fit, I'll put it on my naked cat.
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    Since you have a use for it regardless, I say try it and let us know :D I think they would probably fit. I had bought a cheap tiny dog one that seems very similar to cat sized ones. The breeder gave me a very gentle collar to use, so I opted for that one. But just recently I reached into my winter coat pocket and found the old collar I had bought!!! SO TEENY! :((
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    @Lilikoi I'll be sure to post if it works! I specifically wanted something break away since my puppy is too young to walk on a leash, and it would be safer in the off chance the puppy gets the collar stuck on the crate haha.
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    They are super cute! I've been through 3 collars now with my little girl and finally ordered her an adult collar from kninecouture that I get today :D. I started with a kitten collar, then I got an xsmall RC buckle one, a small RC buckle one, and now a martingale. She is 7 1/2 months and her neck measures 12in.

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