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Bama native?
  • I live in a suburban part of southeast Alabama (Dothan), and I haven't met anyone with a Shiba.
    Any Alabama owners?
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  • Bumping this, Hopefully there are more AL owners now? I actually live in Huntsville area and going to some pet stores, i've been told there are a few in the area! Of course, in the future I wouldn't mind a drive to bham area or Nashville/TN area.
  • I'm not in Alabama, but I'm in Georgia, Atlanta specifically for my program, however I do spend a good bit of time in the Columbus, GA/Phenix City, Al, area since that is where my parents live. Once I get a car this summer, I wouldn't mind driving that way for a meetup with some AL members.
  • That's awesome. There are some events in ATL and Nashville that I would love to go to in the future, depending on how well my shiba does in the following months with strangers and such.

    Since you're an ATL native, here's something that sounds kinda cool in your area...
    It's not till nov. though.
  • I had not heard of this! Thanks for sharing it! I will definitely try to go this year when it rolls around!