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Shibas in the garden.
  • Hi everyone, I'm on the process of getting a new house with my parents and since in the one we live today, we couldn't have a dog for a long time, my mind is set on getting one now and it has to be a Shiba if you ask me. Therefore my question is as follows:
    My parents are putting me one condition that I can't bend, the dog has to be in the garden/backyard at all times. He's not going to be allowed in the house except for going out through the front door for his walks and maybe on special occasions after his bath (so being absolutely clean). Since most of the Shibas I've seen here and on videos are in the house with crates I started worrying if my Shiba could deal with a life on the garden in his doggy house like my german shepherd did (the only dog we've had in the family so far). I'm very concerned about this, since I'm dying to get a Shiba Inu but this is something I can't overlook, I've read Shibas are very good at getting used to small spaces like apartments but I've seen nothing on outside living. The house is still under construction so I don't know the exact dimensions of the garden yet but it's not going to be dead small, since it's bigger than any of the other houses we visited. Another thing is, I live in Puebla, México; the climate here is temperate, basically hot in the day (under the sun) with fresh wind (so very fresh under the shadow of a tree) and fresh at night with cold nights on winter. Hope this can paint the picture.

    I hope you can help me, I'm begging for your opinion.

    Thank you all!!!
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    I know how you feel. After a 1.5 years of research, I decided I wanted a shiba puppy however I realized in my current situation and apartment it just wouldn't be ideal for the puppy and myself. Thus I have waited about another 2 years. Now that I will be moving to a bigger place with family close by to help me take care of it, I can finally say that the conditions are right to own a puppy (even if my parents are strongly against it, afraid I won't ever get married. Hahaha!)

    Now I'm waiting on the breeder, although I have been on the waiting list for over 6 months, but there is a time and place for everything. I know it's hard, believe me I dream about owning a Shiba all the time. However, it is our responsibility to make sure that the environment is best for everyone. You wouldn't raise a child by letting it stay only in the backyard

    Like @Knoxtheshiba said, wait until you can give it the life it deserves. Trust me, after digging through many (about 2 years worth) of forums and watching youtube videos, it'll be worth it.
  • I completely agree with all the previous posts. Your Shiba would NOT be a happy dog unless he's able to have access to YOU at all times when you're home. Although, they like their independence, they do tend to get very attached to you (at least in my experience). I agree with @konpeito unless you can convince your parents to allow you to keep the dog inside, at least until he's properly trained (remember that the early stages are critical in teaching your dog how to behave and Im afraid you won't be able to do so properly if you're gonna let him outside. That will just lead to an untrained puppy who will most likely have problems in the future. If its a matter of cleanliness about keeping your dog inside for your parents, you should be aware that Shibas tend to be very clean and very fast learners so any boundaries you want to set inside the house can be taught at an early age as well as potty train patterns. My puppy was created since he came home with me and thought about boundaries within the house, however after a few months of training, he has now full freedom inside the house. He knows his boundaries, where he can and can't go and as of now. I have NOT had any issues with him. He is amazing! . As far as the temperature in Puebla, I don't think there's issue there with being uncomfortable for a Shiba, I've lived there before and I visit often and I know the usual weather. Shibas could def. hang outside for long periods of time and perhaps sleep there but only like I said after being properly trained BUT of course having access to the house is important for a lot of different reasons even including the weather itself, there might be some days where it could get too hot or what if its raining? you wouldn't leave your kid outside if its raining for long periods of time right?.

    Sorry for the long post but I feel this is really important to address, if you do not have the freedom to make decisions like this or have the support from your parents to allow you to do this then I think perhaps it is best for you to wait longer until you can provide your Shiba the Perfect environment, believe me in the end it will worth it! not only for your puppy but for you as well!!

    Best of Luck!
  • Our Shiba spends quite a lot of time outside by choice, but also has full access to the house when we are home. She comes and goes as it pleases her. Perhaps your parents are concerned that the house will get messy or smelly because of the dog, which I can understand, but as others have pointed out, they are very clean animals indeed and don't mess in the house or have a strong 'dog' odour. Umi has also learnt the 'rules' of the house very quickly, which she abides by very well. I live in Perth, Western Australia, where, in summer it regularly gets over 100 degrees F - we have a hot, dry climate. The dog is fine in this climate providing it has shade and access to the airconditioning on the hotter days.
    The only thing that is a must with these dogs is that you have a very secure, well fenced backyard.
    Our dog also sleeps outside as well.
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    Thank you all for all your feedback it really helped me a lot. Things seem to be changing in my life very fast right now and for now I'm suddenly looking up to at least another 2 to 3 years to get my shiba and I can't wait but if things don't change or should I say don't change enough by then, then I'll wait even longer as you all recommend. Thank you again and see you around! ^_^
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