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Shiba found Ann Arbor area (needs his original home or a new one!)
  • On the Kai Ken FB page, someone found a Shiba and is trying to find his home. He is now at the Humane society and will be up for adoption if his family isn't found. Male cream Shiba who is a stout looking gentleman, looks well cared for and was found in his harness (no tags). They think he is about 6.

    Here he is: link

    (scroll down a bit in the "stray dogs" to see him.)
    Oh, here is his HS id number: 15968701
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  • He looks well cared for. I really hope his owners find him. He is so adorable!
  • Looks like he's been reunited with his person! Yay!

    (A bit wierd though, because he's been missing for three days, and apparently the person was not that concerned that he was gone and hadn't called shelters or anything like that. Poor boy! :( )
  • Good to hear!